Aaron Rodgers shows up for training camp

Green Bay Packers Training Camp
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It’s just a matter of time before he says to reporters, possibly with a wry smile, “What’s the big deal?”

The big deal is this. After months of carefully and strategically manipulating the news (while hardly saying a word), quarterback Aaron Rodgers has reported to the Packers for training camp. That’s significant because, once a player shows up, it becomes much harder to walk away. (Although if anyone could find a way to do it, it’s Rodgers.)

Presumably, Rodgers is all in. We’ll see if that’s the case, when he inevitable speaks to reporters. Every word, every facial expression, every adjustment in demeanor will be scrutinized.

How can they not be? I’ll break it down in further detail in a subsequent post, but it’s hard to characterize this as much of a victory for Rodgers. He caved. He buckled. He cried uncle. And unlike Russell Wilson, who is wired to set aside his concerns and start rattling off “Go ‘Hawks!” like always, Rodgers can’t turn it off. Which means that it’ll be important to turn on every occasion when Rodgers speaks in 2021.

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  1. Rodgers created all this off-season drama just to eventually show up to work. That’s funny

  2. Rodgers has effectively controlled his own message (so did the Packers,) contrary to “manipulating the media.” In this age of saying anything you want, anytime you want, now, now, now and truth be damned……we must give credit where credit is due. Hats off to the Packers and Rodgers for not succumbing to the madness. They’re working something out and it’s their business.

  3. How sweet. Ask and answer your own hypothetical question. My view of this is both the Packers and Rodgers bought some time with this contract modification to see whether they can play nice together. We’ll see. But trying to read tea leaves is pretty unsatisfying and has proven inaccurate by events over the last day or so.

  4. No, the only “loser” here is the media after months of embarrassing speculation articles based on NOTHING. Not a single shred of FACT or quote from Rodgers to back up their claims.

    There was a time when journalists actually had integrity and reported news when it happened. Now the only goal is to be first to put it out on social media and have a “hot take”.

  5. Well, well,well. Are you kidding me? This diva is a piece of work that just wants the attention. Jerk. I hope he gets what he deserves. I hope the rest of the league kicks his ass.

  6. “He caved. He buckled. He cried uncle.”
    How do you figure? He was under contract – show up or he doesnt get paid. Sounds like a disappointed Viking fan.

  7. “After months of carefully and strategically manipulating the news (while hardly saying a word)”

    That’s ascribing a lot of power to AR. How does it feel to admit that you have been manipulated by a player that you have acknowledged having total contempt for?

  8. Really?

    You are going to “scrutinize” every movement of his body?

    Get over him.

  9. yeti says:
    July 27, 2021 at 10:07 am
    Rodgers created all this off-season drama just to eventually show up to work. That’s funny
    No, the failing fake media created the off-season drama to drive it’s pathetic ratings.

  10. “After months of carefully and strategically manipulating the news”

    That’s one way of putting it, and no doubt the first choice of the reporters/bloggers who hung on his every word and spat out theory after theory concerning “what he really means” and “what he really thinks”. News is news, you can’t manipulate it, you manipulate the newsmen and women who’ve chosen to be paid to report on what’s said (or often in this case, not said).

    As you clearly fancy yourself to be a newsman Florio, how about you stop pretending and say it like you mean it:
    “After months of carefully and strategically manipulating me.”

    Just try it, you might find it feels better that you anticipate. Unless it doesn’t.

  11. So sick of the reporting on this. 95% media frenzy. Painting him like he’s TO (locker room poison), Elway or Eli (forced draft day trades), Favre (years of wanting something else), or Brady (forcing the Garoppolo trade). This dude just wants to win and the franchise is content with good enough.

  12. I am glad he is back with GB this year. However, I believe he greatly hurt his credibility with his tactics in the media. Fortunately for us fans, it’s only a couple more years and we won’t have to read about him everyday.

  13. nhpats2011 says:
    July 27, 2021 at 10:03 am
    We can all sleep now

    We’ll be sleeping much better than Patriots fans, that’s for sure. Perhaps you guys can get some winks once you find a decent quarterback.

  14. I sure hope they had the red carpet, brass band, and 21 cannons ready in time.

  15. Will he be in Denver or Tampa next season? Say what you will, but either is a SB team with him. The Packers are a .500 team without him. For gosh sakes, get the guy a #2 WR.

  16. This entire “drama” was media manufactured to keep people clicking through the dead months.

  17. Is anyone else not surprised? No Way Prima Dona Aaron was going to sit and lose millions of dollars.

  18. The media is so disappointed. Now what do they have to write or make up about the whole situation.

  19. Gee. Now I can go back to worrying about the Olympic men’s basketball team…

  20. You can say he caved, but Green Bay is ripping up his contract when it didn’t have to at all. This was truly a 50/50 compromise.

    The loss in trade value for Rodgers in 2022 is offset by the fact Green Bay gets another year of his prime. They only lose if Rodgers plays poorly or gets injured then demands a trade to a specific team.

  21. I don’t really think Rodgers “caved” or lost at all. He aired his grievances and was able to get a little control of his future back.

  22. If I was a Packers fan, I’d be done with the turd. That was as bad as Brady’s antics on his way out the door.

    The diva disease is not an attractive trait for any player.

  23. If Rodgers doesn’t win the SB this year . . . again . . . do we have to go through another year of Rodgers-apologists blaming others?

    Already got rid of McCarthy & a bunch of other coaches;
    Tried to get rid of Brian Gutekunst
    Hope Rodgers remembers when he goes to another team that he won’t have the Green Bay weather or the Bears, Vikings & Lions to give him easy wins each year.

  24. “it’s hard to characterize this as much of a victory for Rodgers.”

    How many more millions is he making this year vs the rest of us combined? Not sure I’d call that a loss. His grievances have been made known to the higher-ups. This is his last year here (see: Twitter), so he’ll do what he can for the Packer fans to get them one last SB before a long drought. After that, adios amigos y amigas. Where to? No idea, but it’s clear he’s done w/ management. Denver? Miami? Who knows. It’ll be an interesting year and even more interesting off-season next year – who will overpay? Will it be worth it?

    All of that and it’s a loss on his part? His name’s been plastered across the internet for the past few months. You’d think he’d killed someone. He’s probably gotten more media attention for saying nothing the past half year than he has in the past 10 years all together. Aaron’s losing? Oscar Wilde begs to differ.
    “There is no such thing as bad publicity”.

    Florio, the amount of articles you’ve put up here on ridiculous supposition and heresay… A. Rodgers should be paying you for having been his 2020 marketing team.

  25. I’m disappointed. I wish he would’ve retired or sat out. I’d sacrifice this year to see what Jordan Love can do. I’ll repeat this again…Rodgers has NEVER beaten a team with a winning record when trailing in the 4th quarter. 1-4 in NFC championship games. Brady hasn’t always had the most talent, but he comes through when it counts. Rodgers does not. When you make yourself bigger than the team, that’s a problem.

  26. He never said anything publicly. This was all ADMITTEDLY media driven from the jump. I dont think there was any possibility he was ever not going to show up. No one should be surprised by this. Is everything all well and good? Probably not, but it hardly really matters.

  27. Rodgers got his point across to everybody and will now do what he is paying handsomely to do,play football.he caved?he buckled? we will have to wait until next year to see if thats true,if he gets his wish and the Packers trade him he got his wish and wins.he did the right thing by coming back to play this year as there was no gain by him sitting out or retiring .

  28. It’s hilarious watching Adam Schefter acting and talking so “defensive” yesterday and today. It’s his own fault. Starting a news crap-storm like this, four hours before the draft, was ridiculous. Now he’s mad because he looks like an idiot. Rodgers does, too. Narcissism isn’t a quality human trait. But Schefter takes the cake.

  29. He might be all in but are the Packers all in? They need come together to win a Super Bowl to wash out the bad aftertaste of this episode.

  30. Just as I said in posts here a month ago, 3 weeks ago, two weeks ago, last week. This is all pre-preseason media hype, and speculation and not based on any facts. It’s worse than the National Enquirer and gossip rags. Focus on real stories.

  31. What did shifty Shefter really get out of all of this BS? What happens with the next “breaking news” from Adam??

  32. Was there any doubt? This was more media drama than anything. We owners already knew this was happening long ago.

  33. What an off season of ridiculous antics by the media and Rodgers. I’m just excited I get to see Aaron play the Vikings at US Bank stadium again. Maybe the last time. I will be there with my son rooting for a Vikings victory.

  34. Wow. All the media conversations, posts, talking heads…for nothing. Drama everywhere. Kind of reminds me of some big happening in the world today… hmmm.

  35. Why doesn’t anyone refer to the Aaron Rogers media blow hards as conspiracy theorists? I think i’ll start doing that now. People here use the term ‘manufactured news’ but won’t let that sentiment spill over in to other world news.

  36. Just pull the band-aid off now and start preparing for the future. He’s had how many chances to bring GB another Superbowl? You really think you’re going to get one this season or next? What brilliant Rodgers playoff performances give you confidence in that?

  37. dejadoh says:
    July 27, 2021 at 11:52 am
    Just as I said in posts here a month ago, 3 weeks ago, two weeks ago, last week. This is all pre-preseason media hype, and speculation and not based on any facts. It’s worse than the National Enquirer and gossip rags. Focus on real stories.

    Its a “beautiful mystery” ring a bell, the opportunity at the Derby or on Kenny Mayne’s show ring a bell? His “We’ll see?” What are people and the media supposed to think?

    Him arriving at camp in no means guarantees another MVP season, nor doe sit guarantee another division title or another 13-3 season. Packers fans prancing around PFT like Jesus has returned. The post says it all with the Jordan and Pippen pics he an Adams posted, this is the “Last Leap” enjoy it because next year he will be gone.

    So why not hang out for a year keep your skills sharp, looks to me the Packers organization said we are not trading you so you can sit out the whole year or you can play. Its just another season long audition for Rodgers.

  38. Well boys and girls, aka vikings, bears & lions fans (none deserve to be capitalized) The 13 Time World Football Champion Green Bay Packers are LOADED again this season and with the CAPTAIN ARod12 at the helm LOOK OUT Baby! & hey R-E-L-A-X!

  39. Yes! CAPTAIN ARod12 at the helm…prepare space for our NFC participation trophy and get ready to put up a division banner!!!

  40. sosayweall says:
    July 27, 2021 at 5:07 pm
    Yes! CAPTAIN ARod12 at the helm…prepare space for our NFC participation trophy and get ready to put up a division banner!!!


  41. You gave me a thumbs down and then say I was triggered? Unlike you I don’t have a dog in the this fight. I’m just watching it unfold.

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