Lamar Jackson wants to win a Super Bowl wearing No. 8, then switch jersey to No. 1

Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals
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Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has worn the No. 8 jersey throughout his NFL career and in college as well, but he has a goal to wear No. 1 eventually.

First, however, Jackson wants to win a Super Bowl.

If we win the Super Bowl, I’m going to No. 1,” Jackson said on the Ravens’ official podcast, via ESPN. “I want the No. 1. That’s my first number ever. My dad told me, ‘Get No. 1 because that’s the best. You’re the best.’ And it always stuck with me.”

Jackson said he hopes to accomplish so much wearing both No. 8 and No. 1 that the Ravens retire both numbers.

“I want to retire No. 8 and No. 1,” Jackson said. “I want to do that here at the Ravens. So, I want to win a Super Bowl with No. 8 on, do as much as I can with No. 8 on, then come back and do the same thing with 1 on.”

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  1. Guys & Gals, let be completely honest. He’s really not a bad QB, I think he gets labeled because of the franchise he plays for. They’ve been known since 2000 as a smash mouth, ground and pound team. Think about it, if Lamar Jackson was with the Rams instead of Stafford, that would be a special team! Yet people will still say Stafford is the better QB. I disagree.

  2. Gotta be a good QB first…. He’s a GREAT running back who can throw, but not a great QB

  3. Lamar has truly surprised a lot of people around the league, but that doesn’t mean the scouting reports on him were either unfair or inaccurate. They were based upon what he had shown/done in Louisville and to that extent, they seem to me to have been fair. Except that he plays for the Ravens I do admire and root for him to do well. But…

    There is still the fact that he rushes for more attempts/yardage than most every quarterback. In particular, he “runs it” more than most quarterbacks who I’ve seen enjoy long and prosperous careers. Very few exceptions. (Fran Tarkenton? Michael Vick?)

    It’s an emerging trend for sure (RG III, Kyler Murray, e.g.) but not a proven long-term tactic yet. In other words, the detractors who say he won’t last in the league may not be wrong, even though they aren’t right yet.

    (And I’m not rooting for him to be injured: I wouldn’t do that even to a rival. I’m just saying…)

  4. 90% of the people on this site hate Lamar Jackson for literally no reason. “He’s run first” proven wrong. “Doesn’t go through his reads” proven wrong lol. “He can’t throw” proven wrong. I just don’t understand it. Dude literally had a better season than 85% of QBs on his “down” year. Just accept that he’s a good QB and congratulate the man. Sheesh.

  5. If he’s more likely to switch to “0” if he’s basing it on how he’s played in playoff games so far.

  6. The fact that he plays for the Ravens is the only reason he is still in the league. They are a run first defensive team.

  7. Remember when Vince Young said he would be in the Hall of Fame, yeah this is almost just as stupid!

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