NFL: Deshaun Watson investigation ongoing, no restriction on his participation

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
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Many have wondered if the NFL would put Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson on paid leave due to the 22 civil lawsuits and 10 criminal complaints he faces from women alleging misconduct.

On Tuesday, the league said that they would not be moving Watson to that status. A statement released by the league says that they continue to investigate the allegations against Watson, but that they are not moving to limit his participation in football activities at this time.

“The NFL’s review of the serious allegations against Deshaun Watson remains ongoing and active,” the statement said. “We are working cooperatively with the Houston Police Department and ensuring that the NFL’s inquiry does not interfere with their investigation. As we continue to gather additional information and monitor law enforcement developments, we will make appropriate decisions consistent with the Collective Bargaining Agreement and the Personal Conduct Policy.  At this time there are no restrictions on Watson’s participation in club activities.”

PFT has learned, via a league source, that the league has not been given access to many of the plaintiffs in the civil suits or other parties with relevant information. They also don’t have access to evidence in the criminal complaints as those cases are currently open.

While Watson wants to be traded to a new team, he reported to training camp to avoid daily fines of $50,000. His availability is of obvious impact to any chances of a deal coming together, but the league could still move to place him on paid leave should the information available cause a change in their approach to Watson’s case.

14 responses to “NFL: Deshaun Watson investigation ongoing, no restriction on his participation

  1. Cue on 1, 2, 3 for all the SJW’s to bemoan all of Watson’s “victims”.

  2. Sounds like the police are telling tha NFL to back off and stay out of the way so they don’t muck up their investigation.
    Authoritarian Goodell is probably furious.

  3. Good. Watson wants his day in court (or public admission in a settlement) and he should have it BEFORE any punishment is determined.

    Get the NFL out of the investigation business as they NEVER get it correct.

  4. The NFL does not owe Watson any timetable. Watson put himself in this situation, not the NFL or Texans. Why are we ignoring the weight of the allegations (now up to 24 women with 10 criminal complaints) and the coverage painting Watson as a victim? Why is no one talking about suspension potential and only focusing on his “right” to paid leave?

  5. The NFL and Texans are really going trot this guy out on the field huh?? I bet he’s on the exempt list by the end of day tomorrow.

  6. It’s innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around. Ya’ll need to get off your high horses before you fall off.

  7. alvinmack says:
    July 27, 2021 at 7:21 pm
    The NFL and Texans are really going trot this guy out on the field huh?? I bet he’s on the exempt list by the end of day tomorrow.

    Thats a bet I would take in a heart beat.

  8. So the NFL has access to it and Goodell’s Article 46 vanishes again?

    Not a good look to call the victims liars over tv ratings.

  9. But Trevor Bauer is suspended and not allowed near the diamond??? Double standard much pro sports?

  10. I understand a player being innocent until proven guilty in the criminal context, but didn’t the NFL suspend Rothlisberger and Elliot without completed criminal investigations? Seems to me the NFL powers that be don’t apply the investigation and suspension criteria with much consistency.

  11. If he’s showing up to camp then he is suiting up right? Make him take first team reps and if he then doesn’t want to play then you don’t have to pay him correct?

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