Robert Saleh: When Zach Wilson’s contract gets done, it gets done

New York Jets Mandatory Minicamp
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As the Jets report for training camp, there is one player who’s noticeably absent:

Quarterback Zach Wilson, the No. 2 pick ini this year’s draft.

The reason? New York and Wilson have yet to agree to terms on the quarterback’s rookie contract. These are slotted deals, so there really isn’t much to haggle over. But the pen has yet to hit paper all the same.

Head coach Robert Saleh told reporters in his Tuesday press conference that every Jets player has reported but the rookie QB. Saleh noted that General Manager Joe Douglas is working on getting the deal done as soon as possible. But even as a first-year head coach about to start his first training camp, Saleh said he isn’t frustrated by the situation.

“No, I mean, this is business,” Saleh said. “And Joe’s got a great handle on everything. When it gets done, it gets done.”

Saleh added that if Wilson does miss practice time, it’ll be something the quarterback has to navigate through.

“I’ve got a lot of faith in Zach, too,” Saleh said. “He’s incredibly intelligent, he’s got a tremendous drive. So when he does get here, I know that somehow, some way, he’ll make up for it.”