18 teams have at least 90 percent of players vaccinated

NHS health worker prepares to administer Pfizer/ BioNTec
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On Tuesday, it was 14. On Wednesday, it’s risen to 18.

Via a league source, PFT has learned that there are now 18 teams who have at least 90 percent of their players vaccinated. The same source indicated that 86.9 percent of players have received at least one shot of a COVID-19 vaccine. That figure was at 85 percent on Tuesday.

With all teams now practicing for training camp, it makes sense that the numbers will continue to rise. Players are now experiencing firsthand the restrictions that come with being unvaccinated in the team facility, like not being able to eat with teammates in the cafeteria.

The vast majority of players in the league have now received a vaccination shot, which indicates the success of the effort by the league and NFLPA to keep players and staff safe. With vaccines safe and widely available, more players may elect to get vaccinated when they start to experience more inconveniences throughout camp.

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