Aaron Rodgers opens up about his issues with the Packers


Aaron Rodgers has returned to the Packers. At some level, the Packers may be wishing he hadn’t.

Rodgers has swapped months of (mostly) silence for complete and unvarnished candor about his concerns. In his first press conference of 2021 training camp, Rodgers reviewed his issues with the organization.

At the core, and as widely believed, Rodgers thinks he should not be treated like a mere employee.

“The organization looks at me and my job as just to play,” Rodgers said. He explained that, given his unique circumstances, he should have “a little more input.”

He expressed frustration with the team’s failure to seek his opinion on matters such as players who will or won’t stay with the team.

“At least to be in the conversation makes it feel like you’re important, you’re respected,” Rodgers said.

Rodgers said that his overriding goal was and is “trying to be a resource for the organization.”

He said he was offered more money, but that it wasn’t about the money. He admitted that he wanted more of a commitment, which meshes with what we’d said all along — he wanted the Packers to be tied to him beyond 2021, breaking the year-to-year approach that the Packers are currently taking with him. However, he said that the team had no conversations with him about a contract extension that would extend the commitment beyond May

Ultimately, he was asked whether he wanted to be with the Packers.

“I do,” Rodgers said. “I love my teammates, I love the city, I love my coaches.”

He nevertheless had his doubts. Rodgers admitted that retirement is “definitely something I thought about.” Recently, however, he decided to stay put.

“We got some things figured out in the last few days and now I’m here,” he said.

Rodgers, despite saying so many things that meshed with so much of what was reported regarding his situation, tried to blame the media for making too much out of his situation. He insisted he leaked nothing and that his agents didn’t, either. (I’ll believe the former, but not the latter.)

So what about 2022?

“I really don’t know,” Rodgers said. “Things in that direction haven’t really changed at all. . . . . There’s gonna be a lot of tough decisions at the end of the year. I’m just gonna enjoy this year.”

He admitted that he’s received no assurances that he’ll be traded in 2022.

“I’m not a victim here at all,” Rodgers said. “It’s a business.”

It definitely is. And he hasn’t been happy with the way the Packers have done business. Whether the Packers change the way they do business will go a long way toward determining whether he wants to stay.

55 responses to “Aaron Rodgers opens up about his issues with the Packers

  1. Are these guys playing too much Madden? All of a sudden half the signal callers in the league want to be co-GM too. Is this some kind of inferior complex brought on by Tom Brady’s success?

  2. Rodgers has every right to his desires for influence in team direction. The Packers have every right to tell him to stay in his lane. And I have every right to think all this breathless coverage of the drama is boring.

  3. Again he wants to be the GM. It was listening to someone going thru a mid-life crisis. Good Grief.

  4. Hey Aaron, So what if all 53 players want more say in how the team is managed? Is that ok or are you the only player afforded this luxury ?

  5. Rodgers doesn’t seem like the easiest person to get along with, but his criticism is fair. If you have a league MVP caliber player on your roster and that player has piloted your offense for the last decade, probably not wise to ignore his professional opinion on personal whether you use that information or not.

  6. He wants more input, and security. The Packers want to run the ship however they want. Seems logical from both ends. I don’t blame either side. How many times has it been said that X player was wasted on a team because they didn’t get players around them. Rodgers is trying to avoid that and the packers are trying to look toward the future. That’s between the two sides.

  7. “GB is not a vacation destination, people come to GB to play with me”

    100% true, hopefully management understands that.

  8. What he’s basically saying is “fire the GM because you have me” and I know everything about the players we need. What a prima donna…

  9. I can’t wait to see all the concessions, given to a single player, play out. Especially one who bad mouthed the front office prior to the concessions

  10. And I used to think that Favre was the ultimate diva. Trade him to Houston.

  11. How dare the Packer look at a player as someone who’s job it is to play. Well I see Rodgers has set them straight. Welcome back mr. Cobb into the starting lineup

  12. I wonder how much of the negative feelings carry over to 2022.anyway it’s great to get football started.

  13. In other words: the Jeopardy producers told him he wouldn’t be the new host, so here he is reporting for duty.

  14. 3 teams in NFC North who’d l like to see him take his business elsewhere

  15. I’m not even the key team member in my company, but any time any personnel changes are being contemplated that affect me or my work I’m in the loop – ESPECIALLY when it comes to hiring. That doesn’t seem to be an unreasonable ask.

  16. I don’t know. Rodgers has one championship. After an 8-8 season as a wild card team. Lots of players have one championship.

  17. Anthony Vogt says:
    July 28, 2021 at 2:01 pm
    You are just that.. An employee
    The best owners/managers consider their employees’ feedback

  18. He’s welcome at all of our owner meetings in person or Zoomed. We welcome input from our HOF players at any time.

  19. I believe veteran player input is important in making decisions about personnel when you have been committed to a team for so long but so many front offices are run by egomaniacs trying to protect their turf that sometimes the owner is the only one who can reel them back in.

  20. So the release of a #5 WR (Kumerow) really was a big part of this melodrama. Unbelievable.

  21. Why isn’t the media asking him the real question? If he had input on personnel matters, would he take personal responsibility if signings didn’t work out or would he just dump all of that on the front office?

  22. All started with irsay giving manning complete control over the team. Now every qb wants it. Can’t say I blame em.

  23. trentdilfer08 says:
    July 28, 2021 at 2:47 pm
    Rodgers is washed!!

    3 8 Rate This

    Literally coming off a season where he won league MVP and nearly won the NFC title, but please do go off.

  24. He has lost a lot of fan support. He won’t get it back either because everyone knows he’s gone after this season. I say retire after this year and become a G.M. somewhere else. Then maybe your ego will be satisfied.

  25. Finally! He manned up and came out and said what was eating at him. Agree or disagree with his views, at least he dropped the passive aggressive twittter (Twitter is a bane on society) crap and came out and told everyone a little of what was on his mind. Maybe he has earned a little say in whom he gets as a team mate, but ultimately, that is not the job for which he was contracted.

  26. The Packers and Rodgers have controlled their respective messages from the start, to the chagrin of haters and naysayers and prognosticators. If any player or team wants to know how to do it in the future, that’s how you do it.

  27. Roger’s first fulfilled demand is to bring back Cobb.
    That is why players are not the GM.

  28. If he wants to demonstrate his personnel skills he’ll need to do better than demanding they acquire Randall Cobb and being upset that Jake Kumerow got released.

  29. Nfl even acknowledged the fact. Bucs lose the the tiebreaker to the Pack and they go on to win.

  30. I’d pretend to involve him.
    Make him think I cared what his opinion was.
    At least he could feel like he was involved (even though he wasn’t).

    If he pushed for a player, I’d ask him to take a paycut.

  31. Sounds to me like he still doesn’t understand that he is just an employee & deciding who is on the team isn’t in his job description.

  32. 55 touchdown passes, 5200 yards passing, 4 interceptions, second straight MVP & hoist the SB trophy. Then WHAT? Does he retire? New deal w/ Packers? Get traded for a boat load of picks?
    Gonna be a fun year in TITLETOWN!

  33. Well the Packers didn’t blink first. So the new tactic instead of being vague and cryptic (a Beautiful mystery?) he is being frank and forthright. I don’t think anything changes here, they are just kicking the can down the road for another year. Unless Love is terrible, the Pack will trade Rogers before the next act of this drama begins again in 2022. He is a great QB but sometimes it’s time to start over for both parties.

  34. I agree with Idonotagree. It’s such an easy thing to ask employees for their input and make them feel heard and valued. If a manager can’t be bothered to do that for his most important employee I would wonder what else he sucked at. I would hate to be a Packer fan right now.

  35. As much as I want to say he shouldn’t try to be a GM, he has been great with not enough support. They need better players. If I was the Packers, I’d show him the books and say “OK, Aaron, how much of your money are you willing to give back to get this player you want?” That will probably fix the entire issue because that number is ZERO DOLLARS.

  36. So if the GB GM wanted to take a few snaps under center every game to feel he’s in the loop and respected, I’m assuming Rodgers wouldn’t have a problem with that? He seems to think the QB should also act as assistant GM, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work both ways… right?

  37. If, after watching his presser, you still don’t get it, you never will. I am incredulous at the fact that they didn’t even speak to him regarding the new coach. A simple “how do you feel about MLF?” would have been sufficient. The rest of it is understandable and I can’t judge having never been in that position.

  38. If he is the one who makes the team go, then show him respect! If some stud was available Joey Boss say I think Rodgers could influence it. Jordan Love is not going to get him to come there! Let’s get real here.

  39. You guys are al acting like you know that to this point in time, Rodgers has had absolutely no say whatsoever in personnel matters.

    But who knows how much listening the Packers FO has *already* done with Rodgers?

    Short of saying “okay Aaron, you can come to every personnel meeting,” it still might not be enough for him and his outsized ego.

    Bottom line: there was never a squawk from
    him until they drafted Jordan Love. That’s what this is actually about. So even though it may look like he’s letting it all out now, he’s not. He’s still being passive aggressive.

  40. So what happens Aaron if you get traded to another team and they take absolutely no input from you???

  41. Just GO Aaron!! It’ll all be fine in GB. Jordan Love is the next Bart Starr. 😂

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