Brian Flores believes “there’s a way” to work things out with Xavien Howard

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Dolphins cornerback Xavien Howard wants a trade, but head coach Brian Flores doesn’t think it’s impossible for the two sides to find a way to continue working together.

Howard issued a statement on Tuesday he reported to training camp to avoid being fined and that the Dolphins have “refused everything we proposed” to adjust his current contract in ways that reflect the production that Howard has provided the team. Howard said he does not feel “valued or respected” by the team and wants out as a result.

During a Wednesday appearance on WQAM, Flores said “the plan is to continue to have discussions on our part, continue to have talks with him and his representation” and that he believes those conversations can lead to a workable solution for all parties.

“There’s a way,” Flores said, via Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald. “I think we just continue to have discussions with him, his representation, and keep the lines of communication open, continue having dialogue and, hopefully, work something out. At the same time, we’ve got 90, 89 other guys that we’ll be working with, to include X. Try to build this team and improve on a day-to-day basis, build team chemistry. That’s where most of our focus is. The X thing is something we’re having discussions about, as well.”

Howard’s statement didn’t show much optimism about a resolution that would leave him happy and a member of the Dolphins, but there’s also no sign that the Dolphins are planning to trade him so there will likely be more to come from Miami on this front.

7 responses to “Brian Flores believes “there’s a way” to work things out with Xavien Howard

  1. Guarantee the kid some more money, tie in some winning based incentives and call it a day.

    Xavien Howard changes games. Miami would be looking for 2 1st’s to trade this kid to a contender.

  2. X is a great ball hawk but gets injured every 2 seasons. Will he still feel unappreciated when the dolphins pick up his wages and medical costs for 8-10 games this year?

  3. We already lost all pro Minkah for peanuts, lets not lose another all pro.


  4. At a time when the Dolphins were unloading talent to clear cap space and load up on draft picks they chose to sign Xavien Howard to an extension. Then he gets injured and missed the remaining 2019 season. 2020 he has probably the best season any Dolphin cornerback has had. If a restructure could be done to guarantee more money and include an incentive clauses seems to be smart. In this league you’re as good as long as your productive. If not try to trade out of conference.

  5. So he had huge trade value last week. Now he’s in camp creating a distraction and the trade value for him drops every day he stays and makes comments to media. The Dolphins have had all off-season to make him happy and haven’t. The reality is playing under his current contract isn’t going to help this team,it’s going to be a distraction in the locker room! It also tells players if you want to get paid your value you have to go somewhere else! Miami allowing him to come to camp without a contract he’s happy with is a failure! They should have worked it out before camp or traded him.

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