Brian Gutekunst: Aaron Rodgers has same input, working to incorporate it

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Packers General Manager Brian Gutekunst met with the media on Wednesday morning and the topic of conversation was quarterback Aaron Rodgerspresence at training camp after working out a revised contract with the team.

Gutekunst didn’t delve into the details of those changes because nothing has been finalized, but said that he became confident that Rodgers would be with the team for the 2021 season over the last week. He said he felt that way based on conversations that showed “our goals were the same” when it comes to winning a championship with the Packers.

Rodgers’ issues with the organization included how they listened to his views on personnel matters and their commitment to him in future seasons. Gutekunst said the team is focused on 2021 right now and that Rodgers’ level of input has not changed, but that the team is working to better incorporate his thoughts.

“He’s earned that seat at the table to have a voice,” Gutekunst said. “He always has had a voice, I think it’s just kind of incorporating that.”

One way the Packers appear to be incorporating Rodgers’ views is a move to trade for wide receiver Randall Cobb, who played for Green Bay from 2011-2018 and announced that he’s headed back to the team during Gutekunst’s press conference.

24 responses to “Brian Gutekunst: Aaron Rodgers has same input, working to incorporate it

  1. If some general input worked for Brady and the Bucs, I will take it. Go Pack Go!!

  2. When signing Randall Cobb is an example of your input you really don’t have much input.

  3. Great presser from Gute today.

    This is why you saw several Packers jerseys at the shareholders meeting with Love Gute as the nameplate on #10 jerseys.

    There was also a chant of: In Gute We Trust!✊
    I can’t confirm or deny I started it.🤙


  4. packers76 says:
    July 28, 2021 at 10:01 am

    Wonderful now Arron fire Gutekunst for being the worst GM in the NFL .


    Foolish comment. That “worst GM in the NFL” has built a formidable team primarily through the draft, that has made it to the NFC championship game two years in a row.

  5. Usually when you get back together with a crazy ex-girlfriend or give her another chance; she’s still crazy and you should’ve moved on.

  6. If Rodgers bombs this season, what happens next? Does he get traded or do the Packers keep him for as long as he wants to play for them.

  7. It’s a well-planned fortunate circumstance that not only did Rodgers suppress innuendo, suppositions, and outright fabrications by limiting how others can manipulate his message, kudos to the Packers for doing the same thing. It’s called “business,” and it’s theirs.

  8. Last year D Adams had 63 receptions MORE than the number two receiver on the Packers. All Rodgers really wants is another guy to throw to.

  9. Pretty funny how much they obviously hate each other. Can’t fix this relationship after Rodgers dragged this dudes name through the mud for 3 months.

  10. Dude wants to win it all, period. The org is geared to put butts in seats and fill the new fan district, which only requires winning just enough to keep the dream alive.

  11. “Then why did they trade away his favorite players in the first place?” They knew that they were not getting much bang for their buck anymore at the time and they wont be now either buck Rodgers wants his best drinking buddy back because he has only a couple good friends on the team.Cobb wont contribute much but he will be a great mentor for his young protege they drafted this question is,what if Cobb isnt good enough to even make the team,will they keep him and cut a younger,better reciever to please Rodgers?

  12. If Rodgers has GM duties (lol) what will Gutekunst do? Run Rodgers errands?

  13. Thank goodness the drama is finally over… until Gute doubles down and cuts Cobb at the end of August.

  14. 50Stars says:
    July 28, 2021 at 9:52 am
    If some general input worked for Brady and the Bucs, I will take it. Go Pack Go!!
    Can Packer fans really tell us that trading for Cobb’s 2 year and $18 mil contract is what you all were looking for? That this is a good move? Maybe at 1 year and $2 mil that would have been worth the look, but seriously, for that contract? The Texans have to be laughing so hard right now.

  15. Earned a seat at the table with input? Is that what you were incorporating when you traded up and used a 1st round draft pick on his replacement without telling him? Packers fans can defend this guy all they want, but regardless of how Rodgers has handled this offseason, he should have been told they were using multiple picks on his replacement instead of drafting someone who could help them win a Super Bowl.

  16. I never imagined it would turn out like this…what a total cave in by management.

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