Dan Campbell announces the Lions’ four team rules

Detroit Lions Mandatory Minicamp
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New Lions head coach Dan Campbell has raised plenty of eyebrows this offseason with his unusual approach. But his team rules are fairly straightforward.

Campbell told reporters that he only has four rules for his players, and those are:

1. Don’t be late.
2. Keep your weight in check.
3. Don’t disrespect your teammates.
4. Don’t disrespect the game.

Some would argue that it’s disrespecting the game to kick opponents in the teeth and bite their kneecaps off, as Campbell said at his introductory press conference the Lions would do. But for Campbell, the expectations are simple: If you show up on time, you’re not overweight, and you’re not disrespectful, you’ll have a place on Campbell’s team.

5 responses to “Dan Campbell announces the Lions’ four team rules

  1. The Lions are one of the most exciting storylines of the 2021 season. They might not win a bunch of games but I have a feeling they’ll all be wars and they’ll upset a few good teams along the way.

  2. If the list doesn’t include “Eat lightning and crap thunder,” I can’t acknowledge its authority.

  3. lyinfan says:
    July 28, 2021 at 10:23 am
    Rule #5: Don’t expect me to be coaching here long

    I guess I don’t understand the hate for a guy who honestly has a pretty good coaching Resume and has assembled a what looks like a good staff.

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