John Harbaugh confirms Lamar Jackson tested positive for COVID-19

Baltimore Ravens Mandatory Minicamp
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Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson didn’t practice on Wednesday and word was that his absence was “a COVID-related case the league still is trying to process.”

After the practice session, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh provided a clearer explanation for why Jackson was not on the field with his teammates for the first workout of training camp. Harbaugh said that Jackson tested positive for COVID-19 and will be placed on the reserve list.

Unvaccinated players have to spend at least 10 days on the list and away from the team before having a chance to return to work. Jackson missed a game due to a positive test last year and declined to say whether he was vaccinated when asked about it in June.

Harbaugh also confirmed Tuesday’s report that running back Gus Edwards is on the COVID reserve list as a result of a positive test.

17 responses to “John Harbaugh confirms Lamar Jackson tested positive for COVID-19

  1. Outbreak coming up. Goodell get ready to only slap them on the wrist. But if any other team has an outbreak, they will lose draft picks.

  2. What a moron. The guy thinks he deserves a new contract and he’a instead sabotaging his team’s season by missing practices for being selfish and dumb.


  3. Players who choose to put their teams and teammates at risk through ignorance are going to start being stigmatized by those choices.

  4. So if Lamar Jackson is still un-vaccinated then this should show him that he should be. He tested positive last year which he had to miss against the Steelers, also had another test that the NFL flagged last year. Now he tested positive again, you’re the QB of the team and the player that can least afford to miss a game.

  5. How can that be? All the anti vaccine commenters said having a past infection prevents getting Covid-19! You mean they were wrong and in fact you do need to be vaccinated??
    COVID -19 is now a disease of the unvaccinated! Those hospitalized and dying from COVID-19 are the unvaccinated.
    Stop the pandemic-Get vaccinated!

  6. Twice. Second one, 100% totally preventable…and they are going to give him the keys to the franchise. It’s reckless, dangerous and selfish for a player not to get or have gotten the vaccine. The pandemic continues with the unvaccinated.

  7. You just cant make this stuff up! If Lamar is unvaccinated, then he has no one to blame but himself. The vaccine hesitancy is just mind boggling especially knowing what’s at risk. Please stop the madness and get the jab! I guess we’ll find out if he is vaccinated or not soon enough.

  8. To all the skeptics, anti vaxxers, and armchair researchers, here’s a case study right here. Proof positive you CAN get Covid twice even though you had the antibodies. Oh, whoops, the old antibodies don’t elicit the same immune system defense against the new strains. How many people did Jackson spread it to because he thought he was invincible? How many elderly? Coaches are also very obese. Get the vaccines and wear a mask, folks.

  9. JK Dobbins better be vaccinated or get it quick. Hopefully a roster bubble running back like Justice Hill is vaccinated and steps up big here in training camp. The best ability is availability, especially with the delta variant ramping up.

  10. If it’s delta he may miss the entire preseason. This is the man the Ravens want to rest the franchise on?

  11. The vaccine doesn’t prevent infection, the vaccinated who are testing positive have significantly reduced symptoms, are staying out of the hospital and not dying. That’s why everyone should get the vaccine.

    Was Lamar testing positive preventable? I don’t know. I know more than a handful of people who tested positive after engaging in normal non-risky behavior, They we’re all vaccinated so it ranged from no symptoms to a mild cold.

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