Khalil Mack: You have only so many chances, so you cannot waste time

Chicago Bears Training Camp
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Khalil Mack is entering his eighth NFL season. He has appeared in 110 regular-season games but only three postseason games.

The Bears pass rusher has never been on a team that has won a playoff game.

“You don’t get too many years in the NFL, too many chances to win ball games and too many chances to get to the playoffs and go all the way,” Mack said Wednesday, via Patrick Finley of the Chicago Sun-Times. “Charles Woodson told me a long time ago — he was like, ‘You cannot waste time. This [stuff] is very valuable.

“I understand that now, going into year eight. And [I’ve] only been in the playoffs three times so far — and losing in the first round every one of them. [Stuff] is very valuable. Time is of the essence.”

The Bears defense, which has had back-to-back mediocre seasons, needs to play better. The Bears defense will play better if Mack’s sack numbers increase.

Mack made only nine sacks last season and 8.5 in 2019. He averaged almost 15 sacks a season in the four seasons before that.

He has not made All-Pro since 2018.

“For me personally, I know I can play better,” Mack said. “So ultimately, what I can control is what I can control. . . . But what you bring to the table, we’ve got to bring it all together and be what we know we can be — and that’s a great defense.”

9 responses to “Khalil Mack: You have only so many chances, so you cannot waste time

  1. Mack has to play better, but he’s not been the problem. Quinn needs to not be a lump on the other side, and Goldman and Hicks to do their part, along with the rest of the rotation. And stay healthy.

  2. If he and Quinn could have good years, it would go a long way toward serious division participation. Gonna have to step up to take the Pack.

  3. If Mack sounds beat down, it’s because he is. For about five months everyone around him assured him Aaron Rodgers was leaving Green Bay.

  4. The Bears wasted Gayle Sayers & Dick Butkus. Mack should be looking for a way out.

  5. Gruden getting that haul for this guy is the biggest heist since the great train robbery

  6. Mack pads his stats against bad teams and disappears when it matters the most. Zero sacks in 3 playoff games pretty much says it all! His best years were in Oakland!

  7. This team and defense is definitely on track to regress even further. Eddie Goldman is going to have a tough time this year and I don’t foresee him getting back to his old self after so much time away from football. The secondary is going to be a liability as well. I don’t see Mack eclipsing reaching double digit sacks after failing to do so for several years. Every year they tell us how great Roquan Smith is at rushing the passer, yet the results just aren’t there.

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