Patrick Mahomes card sells for $4.3 million

Houston Texans v Kansas City Chiefs
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Patrick Mahomes may break some of Tom Brady‘s career passing records some day, but he broke an off-field record of Brady’s today.

A 1-of-1 National Treasures autographed rookie card featuring Mahomes sold at auction today for $4.3 million. That makes it the most expensive football card ever sold, topping a record set by a Tom Brady autographed rookie card, which sold for $3.1 million last month.

PWCC Marketplace announced that it brokered the sale to LJ’s Card Shop.

“The 2017 National Treasures NFL Shield Patrick Mahomes Rookie is truly a piece of art and we are honored to add this card to our collection,” LJ’s Card Shop said in a statement.

In the last year, the sports card market has exploded, with very, very rich people spending very, very large amounts of money for rare cards.

10 responses to “Patrick Mahomes card sells for $4.3 million

  1. And the award for “most ridiculous thing I’ve read in a long time” goes to

  2. And to think as a kid I would put player cards in the spokes of my bike for a cool sound…

  3. I remember card collecting used to be fun and something you can do with your Dad or friends. Now it’s all gimmicky and out of reach. It’s a piece of cardboard.

  4. Like betting a ton of money on LA in the NBA playoffs… what could go wrong?

  5. My son and I went out and bought every Patrick Mahomes rookie card we could in 2017. Just because it was the first QB that KC took in the 1st round in 30 years. I had no idea I would be able to put him through college with them. Now, you can’t even find a pack of cards in a store. That part sucks.

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