Pete Carroll says all Seahawks coaching staff, all but one player to be vaccinated


The Seattle Seahawks were the only team in the NFL last season to not have a single positive case of COVID-19 hit their roster between training camp and the end of the season.

With training camp for the 2021 season getting underway on Wednesday, the Seahawks are again doing their best to keep the virus from disrupting their upcoming campaign.

Head coach Pete Carroll said after practice on Wednesday that all of the coaching staff is vaccinated and all but one player from their 91-man roster has had at least one shot of a COVID-19 vaccine.

“By the time we get everybody processed we’ll have one guy that isn’t vaccinated so we’re really thrilled about that,” Carroll said. “Our guys made an extraordinary effort to take care of one another. The statement they made, particularly the guys who were uncertain about what to do, they made a decision based on their team as well as themselves and they wanted to do what was best for everybody and what would be safest for everyone and so that’s a marvelous statement that our guys made.

“Now there’s a couple guys yet that have to get their second shot and there’s a couple waiting for the time frame to catch up here but within, I don’t know, eight or nine days or something like that (they’ll be clear).”

Carroll said that the one player who hasn’t elected to get the vaccine has personal reasons against doing so.

“He’s got real personal reasons why. It goes back to the family and stuff and so we’re gonna take care of him throughout,” Carroll said.

In addition to the vaccinations, Carroll said they are going above the recommended testing for players to ensure the team is in a good place as camp begins. They are testing all of their players for the first five days of camp to make sure none of their players picked up an infection in their travels to Seattle for camp. He also said testing they will test more frequently than the 14-day standard set in place by the league currently.

“We’re deep in the fighting to get this thing done in the very best way possible,” Carroll said. “Our guys are willing to make the strides and the steps that they got to make and and the sacrifices, and whatever, but they’re doing it for the right reasons and they’ve got really good information that they’re going on and I’m really thrilled about that response.”