Randall Cobb announces return to Green Bay

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The much-discussed return of Randall Cobb to Green Bay is officially happening.

Cobb himself announced on Twitter that he is “COMING HOME,” with a picture of himself in a Packers uniform.

It has not yet been reported what the Packers are giving up to acquire Cobb in a trade with the Texans.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who has never made a secret that he hasn’t been happy with the team’s personnel decisions at the wide receiver position, has been lobbying behind the scenes to get Cobb back. Cobb was drafted by the Packers in 2011 and played with them through 2018. He then spent 2019 in Dallas and 2020 in Houston.

In Cobb’s best season in Green Bay, in 2014, he caught 91 passes for 1,287 yards and 12 touchdowns. It seems unlikely that he can approach that level of production again, but he should get plenty of playing time, while giving Rodgers both another receiver to throw to and a sense that he finally has a voice in the Packers’ personnel.

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  1. Caving into a player is just the dumbest thing a team can do. Shoulda just let the weeping diva do State Farm commercials. Right, Jake?

  2. “finally has a voice in the Packers’ personnel”,.. And he used it to bring back Cobb, a once-very-good receiver who is “unlikely” to reach that level of production again. Especially given the sense that Rodgers will want to throw to him. Which defenses will key on.

  3. So apparently Cobb and jordy leaving was the underlying issue this whole time with their qb, that and replacing them with a qb drafted 2 rounds too high.

  4. Those 25-30 receptions will be key. At some points you might even notice he’s on the field.

  5. So, by “caving,” Rodgers got a year off his contract and one of his Best Buds back. Not a total loss for him. Of course there’ll be another one of the WRs who won’t be thrilled, but I guess management can assure them they’ll be brought back when Cobb gets injured, as he probably will – going by the past two seasons. The world spins on…

  6. Awesome, the guy that got old at 25 is coming back. The final piece is in place! Maybe they can drag the ghost of Jordy Nelson off of his farm in Kansas. What’s Donald Driver doing these days? I think Greg Jennings is a free agent.

  7. Welcome back Randal! Only 30 and had the past 2 years off for the most part.

    Between Adams, Cobb, Lazard, Funchess, Valdes Scandling, pro bowl TE Tonyan, receiving RB Jones, and rook Amari Rodgers…this is going to be an impossible group to stop in the air.

  8. If this is the carrot that brings Rodgers back into Green Bay, so be it. But watch what happens next, the Packer’s 3rd round draft pick is a slot receiver and if playing time is dictated by production, I suspect that Cobb will see less and less of the field as the season goes on.

  9. Wonderful news with Cobb and Adams we are now a dangerous team at the WR position welcome
    home Randall .

  10. I’ll be freaking out if Randall gets 75+ receptions and 1,000+ yards. That’s highly doubtful, but it would be fantastic.

  11. Welcome HOME Cobbie!

    It was time..

    Randall being being very close to Amari Rodgers is another reason Randall being back is a huge positive.

    Amari Rodgers: “He’s like a big brother to me.”


  12. I remember the Chiefs drafted 1st round Bust Jon Baldwin when Randall Cobb was still on the board.

  13. Back in Green Bay, Randall Cobb can also mentor his long time protege, Amari Rodgers, Green Bay’s third round draft pick, up close and personal. That’s a win for the team and for Amari.

  14. Let me see if I understand this. 2 years ago Green Bay didnt resign Cobb after a solid season. Cobb signs with Dallas for 1 year $5 million. After another solid year Cobb signs with Houston for 3 years $27 million. Green Bay weren’t even considering signing him.

    After a BAD year in Houston Green Bay trades for him and his $8.25 million salary this year.

    This is a BAD move by the Green Bay organization if you let players dictate personnel decisions they will screw it up every time. Rodgers should just play the game and shut up

  15. Will the Packers need Rodgers to sign off to cut Cobb before final rosters are set? Will Rodgers admit Cobb has nothing left when he can’t get open when covered by a linebacker?

  16. I guess this a feel good story, but I find it hard to believe he’ll make too much of an impact on the field at his age.

  17. He always seems to be dealing with soft tissue injuries. Turf toe cost him the last 6 games of the season. Although how much the Cowboys stunk last year may have contributed to his missed time.

  18. So letting your QB walk away after forcing you to make bad moves is the way to go?

  19. Welcome back Mr. Cobb.
    Randall is a good comfortable fit in Green Bay and for Aaron Rodgers.
    If this is the gesture it took to get back on track for the 2021 season so be it.
    Cobbs presence may be a bit redundant in the receiving room, but I honestly don’t care how we divvy up 4,000 yards, I only care that we keep converting 3rd downs.

    And quite honestly, there isn’t a WR drafted last April that would be more excited and receptive about this acquisition than Amari Rodgers.
    Amari and Randall have a history together due to the draft pick’s father and was a big reason why he was hoping to be selected by the Packers last April.
    He’ll now get a chance to be mentored by his old friend.

    The only thing that really bugs me is the fact that I kind of wish Aaron had more run stopping friends around the league, Oh well……

  20. The packers have been pretty good at letting players leave in free agency when they think they’re las their primes (Nelson, matthews, Kuhn, Cobb, perry, Burnett, Daniels, several offensive lineman)…

    You know the front office hates this move.

  21. Since Aaron is now also the GM, is he getting a GM salary on top of his player salary?

  22. He was a heck of player back in the old days, very old days. Lots of injuries, lots of missed games, loss of speed.
    The pack got his replacement in the draft, I’m sure that guy is happy to be replaced on day one of camp and will appreciate Rodgers not wanting him on the field.
    No wonder a lot of players dont like Rodgers, its all about him not team and winning.

  23. So Rodgers is the GM now? So when he fails in the NFCCG is QB Rodgers to blame or Gutey Rodgers?

  24. Such a waste of Packers money,do they need Rodgers permission to cut him before final cut down or does Gutes still hold that power with the team.

  25. Carl Gerbby says:
    July 28, 2021 at 9:49 am
    Getting the band back together baby!
    Rarely works in music and even less in football. Cobb will be lucky to make the team. This is sure a good way of telling your receivers, my new plan is to pass short sure passes and let you guys twiddle your thumbs out there.

  26. Unacceptable. He is getting old and missed 6 games last year to injury. The Packers caved. My attitude towards both the Parkers organization and their so called QB is changing big time.

  27. In an article yesterday it was argued that Rodgers got nothing. Rodgers got freedom after 2022 and now Cobb.

  28. Having Cobb split reps with Amari will help the rookie learn the pro game. Rookie receivers tend to struggle the first year.

  29. 50Stars says:
    July 28, 2021 at 9:57 am
    Welcome back Randal! Only 30 and had the past 2 years off for the most part.

    Between Adams, Cobb, Lazard, Funchess, Valdes Scandling, pro bowl TE Tonyan, receiving RB Jones, and rook Amari Rodgers…this is going to be an impossible group to stop in the air.


    So what will be Aaron’s excuse when he flames out early in the playoffs again?

  30. 2 years and $18 mil left on is contract?! Can that be right? For a 400 yard a year receiver? Wow.

  31. Aaron’s first big decision as “Asst GM”. Let’s not repeat the Devine/Starr years”.

  32. Wonder what the Packers had to give up trading for a player that they “had” to get. Hopefully the Texans fleeced them good.

  33. so 12 wants to be surrounded by weapons, complains he isn’t, and of all the options this is his choice? i hope it works out.

  34. I wonder if Rodgers is going to force feed him passes to prove he was right about adding him to the roster.

  35. Young players will be waking on egg shells in the locker room hoping not to offend the GM. Imagine if the young players even believe they belong on the same field with Rodgers’ aging clicke

  36. 2018 was Cobb’s last year in GB. It was pretty obvious to me that the overall poor play was basically a coup of the McCarthy regime. Many players were no longer motivated and Rodgers played like a rookie. The coup was accomplished and I have a feeling that Cobb and Rodgers may surprise a lot of people with what they can do together when the goals are different. I liked McCarthy as a good man but sometimes a change is needed, no matter how it happens.

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