Report: Jets aren’t likely to budge in Zach Wilson talks


The Jets are gonna Jet.

Ralph Vacchiano of SNY reports that the Jets are “not likely to budge” in the standoff with quarterback Zach Wilson, the second overall pick in the 2021 draft.

Vacchiano characterizes the fight as focusing on offset language. As PFT reported on Tuesday, payment of the signing bonus has become a major impediment, too. The Jets want to defer millions into 2022. Team precedent (with Sam Darnold) and league precedent (for quarterbacks taken in the top two spots of the draft) points to all of it being paid out within 15 to 30 days.

Meanwhile, the Jets have James Morgan and Mike White at quarterback. They’ll need one or two more quarterbacks in order to fully handle practice reps, unless members of the coaching staff will be throwing the passes in individual drills.

It’s unknown whether Wilson is likely or not likely to budge. The fact that a deal isn’t done yet suggests he’s not preparing to blink, either.

Through it all, Wilson is missing opportunities to prepare for his rookie season. That doesn’t help him, and it definitely doesn’t help the Jets, a team that has begun to show signs of changing for the better but that quite possibly will be no different than they’ve been.

19 responses to “Report: Jets aren’t likely to budge in Zach Wilson talks

  1. Typical Jets. It will get done, the week before the regular season and wash out any chance of success, his rookie year.

  2. At least the Jets planned ahead and have other good veteran options at QB.

  3. This is one of the most Jets things the Jets have done in recent years, and that’s saying something, considering they’re the Jets.

  4. Call them the Yets because they’ve yet to accomplish anything in this lifetime.

  5. Draft a guy you expect to be your franchise QB and then immediately try to stiff him with a worse-than-usual deal. Brilliant.

  6. I don’t understand deferring the money he is due. He isn’t the Jets’ bank, he is their QB. Go ask your bank for a loan.

  7. I am with the player when it comes to offset language. What I do if/when you cut me has nothing to do with you. I wouldn’t agree to that either.

    But as far as the signing bonus, I don’t really get this. Unless I am missing possible tax implications, what do I care if I get $25M right now or, say, $8M today and $17M in 2022? Is this really something to hold out over?

  8. It would be amazing if Wilson just walked away from the league and did Disney movies and shows as a high school QB instead. Bortles SZN in NYC?!

  9. DEFINE IRONY: Jets want to give themselves outs if their QB pick turns out to suck earlier than he should so they are haggling and keeping him out of camp as a result, which of course INCREASES! his chances of sucking. Well done.

  10. Just as I thought they were backing away from the edge, it was just to get a running jump into the abyss.

  11. This makes the Bronco’s ownership squabble and QB carousel we have seem good.. At least our squabbling sisters and the trust pay the players what they are do.

  12. Brilliant Jetsian plan must be to accelerate ruining Wilson’s development as an NFL quarterback to reduce their own performance pressure to actually develop a quarterback. Keep Jets gear in the closet for another year.

  13. kennylc629 says:
    July 28, 2021 at 1:50 pm

    “But as far as the signing bonus, I don’t really get this. Unless I am missing possible tax implications, what do I care if I get $25M right now or, say, $8M today and $17M in 2022? Is this really something to hold out over?”

    Because of inflation and lost opportunity costs, money received today is worth more than money received five years, or even one year from now. And yes, when you’re talking about payments in the millions, it is worth holding out over.

  14. I really don’t see/understand how Jets fans can support this team at this point. When you have a circus level clown show in the executive offices running the show nothing is ever going to change regardless of what QB you sign, what coach you bring in etc. This move is beyond moronic, drafting a rookie QB and immediately trying to stiff him declining to give him the same signing bonus all of his peers received in year one. And without the young QB in camp learning the offense this puts your first year head coach & first year OC in a serious bind as well. You think Saleh & LeFleur are happy the QB they picked 2nd overall is at home on the coach rather than at practice learning the offense and taking valuable practice reps all because ownership is to cheap to pay this kid? Woody Johnson needs to sell the team, that entire executive front office is nothing but a clown show. Worse actually, because at least clown shows are entertaining from time to time. This is just sad.

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