Sean Payton: Michael Thomas surgery should have happened sooner

New Orleans Saints v Tennessee Titans
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Saints coach Sean Payton seems to be unhappy with how long he’s going to have to wait to get wide receiver Michael Thomas on the field this season.

Thomas had surgery last month on the ankle he injured during the 2020 season, and Payton said today that the surgery should have been done earlier in the offseason so that Thomas would have had more time to recover and get ready to start the 2021 season.

“It appears we’re going to have to spend some time without him,” Payton said, via Amie Just of “We would have liked that to have happened earlier. Quite honestly, it should have.”

Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis also said the team wishes Thomas’s surgery had been done earlier. But at this point, Thomas may miss the first half of the season while the Saints wait to get the 2019 NFL offensive player of the year back on the field.

20 responses to “Sean Payton: Michael Thomas surgery should have happened sooner

  1. When it comes to money and performance, players are just as unreliable as the owners. That’s the irony in this.

  2. If you want to maintain your salary, you shouldnt be able to take yourself out for 8 games by waiting to get surgery and still get paid.

    Take back his money

  3. It honestly feels like a cowards way out of playing during what is expected to be a down year. No excuse for that.

  4. Would be interesting to hear from Thomas as to why the delay. If the delay was unjustifiable, punitive actions should allowed and taken by the saints. It is blatant and subversive undermining of the season.

  5. I like Thomas’s game. His early production speaks for it self as far as potential and talent go, TO A POINT. But I believe he’s got a bit of seperation anxiety with Brees gone. Maybe feeling the pressure of proving he is the same beast without Brees. In this scenario, as it pertains to the late surgery and missing start of the season, he gets to kinda kick back and observe the Saints post-Brees, and maybe decide if he doesn’t like what he sees, he could potentially force a trade (ala Antonio Brown, T.O., Doe’s 1-20. Lol). Not saying the situation is at that juncture presently, but could be something to watch. I know there is some reasonable cause for concern this season and Thomas’s absence certainly doesn’t help the QB transition to Winston or Hill either.

    Love ’em man because thats my hometown but I might take the under on the Saints this year.

  6. I completely and totally understand a player wanting to do everything humanly possible to avoid surgery… Especially ankle surgery on a WR who does sharp cuts, stop, starts, and, ankles are a big component in speed.
    But there’s no doubt he should have been communicating with the Saints Staff… You just have to know that is required… And if someone says “maybe Thomas doesn’t trust the Saints medical team”… OK, but even if you’re doing everything your way (Which i believe he did) you still have to keep the Saints Organization in the loop on where you are recovery wise.

  7. Fairly certain every other team in the NFC South approves of Michael’s decision.

  8. A player who cared would not wait for surgery. He’s obviously just in it for the money now.

  9. Life without Drew….
    I’m really going to enjoy these wupins they take.
    Let’s see how great your coach is now.

  10. The biggest head-scratcher is Loomis saying the team was in-the-loop and supported waiting. I get taking a bit of time hoping surgery could be avoided but to let June roll around and still not have taken care of it was nuts.

  11. Who has the final say on treatment, the player, his doctors, or the team’s doctors?

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