T.J. Ward chastises Ron Rivera for wanting his players to get vaccinated

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Washington coach Ron Rivera survived cancer last year. With so many of his players refusing to get vaccinated against COVID, Rivera (who is at risk of serious complications given his cancer battle), is understandably frustrated. Former NFL safety T.J. Ward expressed no sympathy for Rivera on social media.

“Just park the Riverboat,” Ward said. “His health is beyond that of COVID. Maybe it’s time to let it go. Don’t blame the players for your life long health decisions.”

Cancer, Dr. Ward, isn’t an STD. In many instances, it’s genetic. While some behaviors increase the risk for certain types of cancers, the idea that sympathy for cancer patients should be tempered because it’s their fault is offensive to many.

Ward had more.

“At some point you gotta pay for them vices,” he said. “Cancer runs in my family like many American families. But also bad diets and cigarettes do as well. Except responsibility. Don’t blame and be disappointed in your 23 year olds cus they have they own bodies and opinions about their health.”

Ward later deleted those tweets and added a new thread.

“Gonna address this one time more,” Ward said. “I was not trying be insensitive to anyone effected by the cancer. I know you don’t chose to get cancer. And I tried to clear that up. If you know me and my career you know what my support is for cancer people dealing with it. I’ve been effected myself closely. I didn’t mean to offend you. God bless.”

It’s just another example of the strong feelings that are making it hard if not impossible for some teams to get all players to get vaccinated. Whenever a strong argument for getting the vaccine is made, there always will be a way (clumsy or otherwise) to turn the tables in order to justify the persist refusal to do what everyone should do.

19 responses to “T.J. Ward chastises Ron Rivera for wanting his players to get vaccinated

  1. By reading TJ Wards’ “apology” tweet, it’s clear that he doesn’t use his head for anything other than a helmet holder.

  2. It’s interesting how his criticism of Rivera sounds thoughtful while being completely ignorant and lacking the full context of the situation.

    Rivera isn’t asking the team to get vaccinated because of his health situation, that’s a tangential issue. Rivera wants for the team to compete and be available.

  3. My most vivid memory of Ward’s play was when he purposely took Gronkowski out at the side of his knee, causing serious injury.

    Instead of being a trusted messenger to younger players, educating them on the limited risk of vaccination versus the individual and social benefits of getting vaccinated, he choses to reinforce disinformation and attack a cancer survivor.

  4. Just park the Twitter account, TJ. Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to tweet and to remove all doubt.

  5. TJ Ward needs to learn that sometimes its best to keep your mouth shut. People that put all sort of substances into their bodies to enhance perform, things that aren’t legal so they don’t really know what they are getting, are balking at a vaccine. It find that proposition ludicrous.

  6. The amazing thing is the last five years have opened my eyes to just how stupid and selfish our nation is.

    This is just crazy.

  7. “Tis better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt”

    Words to live by, TJ.

  8. I think Tj Wards life decisions cost him some brain cells. What an absolute moron.

  9. Mr. Ward, I don’t think those words mean what you think they do. Rough read at times.

  10. He is just proving his ignorance spouting uneducated comments. As a cancer survivor I find it extremely insulting. Their are multitudes of cancer types that have basically zero to do with how you live your life and are strictly hereditary. As far as getting the vaccine studies show that the majority of the people who do not believe in it or not very educated in general. The typical more educated people understand the pros and cons better and do not follow misinformation. So we know which one of those MR. Ward is now.

  11. One of the strong motivations to get the vaccine is concern for others. Some people have that and clearly a lot of others don’t. Attacking Rivera because of his health situation is pathetic. But such are the times we live in.

  12. Honest question: have people always been this stupid or is just becoming more apparent since everyone has a voice?

  13. TJ Ward is a foolish man who needs to understand empathy.

    Perhaps visiting a cancer ward (virtually) would help?

  14. Dr. Ward?

    Seems to be a ton of other doctors online these days as well, telling people they don’t know to go and take a shot without knowing anything about them personally or their health.

  15. Usually the competition for “Idiot of the Year” isn’t settled until November/December.

    But you can engrave TJ’s name on the trophy right now.

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