Tony Buzbee tees off on NFL over Deshaun Watson situation

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The NFL reportedly has not had access to many of the 22 women who have sued Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, to any third parties who may have relevant information, or to the evidence gathered by the Houston Police Department.

Attorney Tony Buzbee, who represents 22 women suing Watson, doesn’t buy it.

“To suggest the NFL hasn’t got enough information or has not been provided access, that’s just demonstrably false,” Buzbee told Mark Berman of FOX 26 in Houston. “I think if you ask the NFL directly they would have to admit that.”

Buzbee addressed the notion that the NFL doesn’t have enough information, acknowledging that in some respects there may be deficiencies but insisting that when it comes to the persons making complaints against Watson, the NFL has what it needs.

“I don’t control the corroborating witnesses,” he said. “Maybe they reached out to witnesses who do not want to cooperate. I don’t know. Obviously, the NFL has no subpoena power and everybody’s doing this voluntarily. I don’t know who the sources are or what they’re saying, but I do know my staff has spent many, many, many hours voluntarily, because the NFL asked us to, and these women have went out of their way to provide information. . . . My question would be how many times do you need to hear the same thing over and over until you draw a conclusion? That’s my problem with this whole thing and I don’t [care] if Deshaun Watson plays or not. That’s not my issue. That has nothing to do with this case. . . .

“It seems like most people are spending their time guessing whether Watson will play and with whom he will play and ignore the big elephant in the room, which is what about the 22, 25, 26, whatever the number is women, who had contact with him who are making some incredibly serious allegations?”

Buzbee’s remarks underscore the fact that these allegations aren’t going away, and that civil litigation could soon be supplemented with criminal prosecution. As explained earlier today, the NFL can put Watson on paid leave at any time.

Regardless of what the league does or doesn’t know, it hasn’t yet felt compelled to use paid leave as a tool for tucking Watson out of public view. Maybe it eventually will. Buzbee’s point is that he believes the league knows enough to make some decisions about Watson’s status.

12 responses to “Tony Buzbee tees off on NFL over Deshaun Watson situation

  1. Regardless of what the NFL knows or doesn’t know– it’s not up to Buzbee what the league does regarding Watson’s employment.

  2. The NFL has no legal power and cannot compel anyone to speak with them. Further, no competent attorney would encourage their client to speak to investigators from the opposing parties employer.

  3. It sure seems like Buzbee is more interested in stopping Watson from playing than he is in getting justice for the women.

    Something stinks about this whole deal.

  4. titansgreat says:
    July 28, 2021 at 2:39 pm
    Regardless of what the NFL knows or doesn’t know– it’s not up to Buzbee what the league does regarding Watson’s employment.

    Right. It’s now up to Aaron Rogers. Apparently he wants a say in all things NFL now. In his mind, he’s earned it!

  5. Tony is fighting the good fight for his clients, but he is coming off like Michael Avenatti 2.0. He needs to fight this in the courts and not the the court of public opinion.

  6. I figured out why Buzbee is upset that the NFL hasn’t stopped Watson from playing.

    Buzbee knows that if the NFL punishes Watson, that Watson is more likely to settle out of court..and sooner, too.

  7. Mr. Watson has not been arrested, charged, tried or convicted of any crime. None of the “victims” in this situation went to the police on or around the time when the supposed incidents took place. Mr. Watson is the victim here.

  8. I think Buzbee should let it all play out in court, not on social media. The real facts will then be known and not a bunch of he said she said. As much as I agree with most people in so far as the NFL being high handed, I think the way they are handling this is the correct way…

  9. It’s not about letting his clients speak to the opposing party’s employer, it’s about Buzbee providing tons of evidence to the NFL himself! He’s right!!

  10. Not exactly sure how he’s on the practice field? The NFL is being run just like another organization that deals in hypocrisy. Did we forget Zeke got a 6 game suspension for having a girlfriend accuse him and being at a parade? Don’t forget he wasn’t charged before or after the suspension. So, why does Watson get a pass?

  11. If they was gonna arrest him they would have something is absolutely wrong here I don’t blame the NFLsomething is wrong

  12. Now you know why they have courtrooms, judges, and juries. I think Buzbee feels his case slipping away, and he’s acting out of desperation. The Court of Public Opinion has zero convictions. I don’t think a lawyer with a strong case would act out like this. I mean, 22 women and not one phone call to police. That has to be a world record.

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