Mike Gesicki on Tua Tagovailoa: Now, it’s his show

Miami Dolphins Mandatory Minicamp
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Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa‘s rookie year was a mixed bag.

He and the rest of the league’s first-year players were thrown in under difficult circumstances, with no offseason program, a limited training camp, and no preseason games due to the pandemic. Once Tagovailoa was inserted into the starting lineup, on multiple occasions head coach Brian Flores replaced him with Ryan Fitzpatrick as a “relief pitcher.”

Now Fitzpatrick is in Washington and Tagovailoa is the undisputed starter entering his second season. Reporters at Miami’s Wednesday practice noticed the quarterback brought the offense together after the session and spoke to the group.

“[He was] just kind of giving his evaluation of practice, things that were done well, things that weren’t done so well, what to improve on, just the basic stuff like that,” tight end Mike Gesicki said in his Wednesday press conference. “And I think that’s the steppingstone that you’re talking about, bringing the whole offense together at the end of practice, being a leader. So just continue to build on stuff like that. So I’m happy he’s taken that role.”

Gesicki praised Tagovailoa for his growth in all areas over the offseason, including that kind of leadership.

“And then just decision-making, kind of seeing things before they happen,” Gesicki said. “And then just kind of the communication aspect of it being the quarterback out there, getting guys in the right spot. You can tell that he’s super prepared both mentally and physically. He did a great job today and just continue to build on it.”

But it’s those things like huddling up the offense that illustrates how last year’s No. 5 overall is entering this year with a different mindset.

“I think last year he was building on that,” Gesicki said. “And now, he feels comfortable. And now, it’s his show. I’m happy that he’s in that position and comfortable enough to pull the whole offense together after practice and give his evaluation. And it was just a good day.”

10 responses to “Mike Gesicki on Tua Tagovailoa: Now, it’s his show

  1. It’s his show. It just won’t be very good and the network isn’t going to pick it up for next season.

  2. It’s funny that Tua has been written off by some already. Those people are in store for quite a surprise from this club. Those paying attention know Miami is about to explode onto the scene. We’re the only team in the league that has the DB’s(for now) to slow down our WR’s.

  3. I like how all the writers and so called experts are bashing Miami and Tua, just like last season and all of the sudden they win 10 games and barely miss the playoffs. I prefer them to be the underdog and quietly have a great season and shock all the naysayers.
    This is a solid well built team from the ground up. There are alot of good teams in the AFC but Miami will be in the top portion of that list this season and be a playoff team.

  4. No ill will toward Dolphins fans, but I think Tua is already a bust. He just seems so overwhelmed, like the game is too big for him. He will make a good backup in the league, but I don’t think he’s starting material, or will he ever be superstar Super Bowl caliber elite. Justin Herbert, on the other hand, is going to be a yearly candidate for MVP, because he has “it,” everything a QB needs to be great in this league. The game is not too big for him. He proved that last season.

  5. Drafting Tua over Herbert is already one of the biggest draft blunders of all time and is only going to get worse as time goes on.

  6. The dolphins have made 2 blunders 2 drafts in a row. Drafting Tua over Herbert was a big mistake. Trading down this year to get Waddle over Jamarr Chase will become another critical error. How does Chris Grier still have a job? Miami has so many first round picks and Grier is blowing them all.

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