Carson Wentz out indefinitely with foot injury

Indianapolis Colts Training Camp
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The Colts do not yet know how serious quarterback Carson Wentz‘s foot injury is, but it’s starting to look like a concern.

Wentz missed practice today and now is out indefinitely as he continues to get testing on the foot, according to Adam Schefter and Mike Wells of ESPN.

The Colts traded for Wentz, a favorite of coach Frank Reich, with the idea that they could get him back on track after a disastrous 2020 season in Philadelphia. They’d like to see him get as much work in with the Colts’ offense as he can in training camp.

But for now Wentz is out, and 2020 fourth-round pick Jacob Eason and 2021 sixth-round pick Sam Ellinger are the next two quarterbacks on the depth chart.

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  1. I like Blake Bortles to Indianapolis as a safe Vegas bet. He knows the division, and if Frank Reich could help make him look decent, that should buy him even more job security with that franchise. Plus, he won’t cost you draft picks like Nick Foles would to be pouched from the Bears. Sure, it would make sense because of familiarity with Reich’s system, but if Foles, who also has AFC South experience (albeit less than Bortles) comes in and looks even remotely close to 2017 Foles under Reich, Wentz has been undermined again. That’s the last thing that you wanna do, even if he can’t suit up consistently because he will undo the makings of that lockerroom just like what happened in Philly last season.

  2. They had better start searching for a solid proven backup. Just don’t panic and overpay the 9ers for glassman Jimmy G.

  3. Just the Colts being the Colts…

    This is what karma looks like when your franchise packs up the moving vans and blows town in the middle of the night for another city

  4. Might have to make a bombshell offer for Gardner Minshew. I doubt Jacksonville will deal in the division though. Jarret Stidham may be an option with high upside, but Belichick likely won’t deal with Indy either. Stidham would be the third NE QB to play for Indy. If Mac Jones somehow wins the job in NE, maybe Newton is available. Options are limited at this point, and if Wentz has a longer term injury, it might derail the season. Maybe trade with Miami for Jacoby Brissett lol. How much would it have cost the Colts to trade from #21 to #14 and draft Mac Jones? Hmmm. Woulda, coulda, shoulda.

  5. I think it would have cost Indy a 3rd and a 4th to trade up from #21 to #14 and snag Mac Jones. Hindsight is a mofo.

  6. Foles replacing Wentz would be so sweet on so many levels. Please God, let it happen.

  7. So the Colts bought a toy at the Dollar Store and now they are upset because it broke after playing with it for five minutes.

  8. Trade for any QB in the NFC east , and save their carrers from the WFT defense 😀

  9. Wentz is determined not to give Philly a 1st round pick for playing 70% of the snaps.

  10. Might be a blessing in disguise for Colts. Last season, Wentz was by far the worst starting QB I’ve seen in the last 10-20 years. He made Blake Bortles look like a first ballot HOF’er.

  11. Ever since they started Deflate Gate Nothing but Bad Luck for the Colts Andrew Luck Injured Retired Brissett Bust Phillip Rivers Nothing Carson Wentz looks like another Bust.Curse of Brady my opinion

  12. What’s funny is the two most obvious guys to trade for, Foles and Minshew, almost certainly won’t happen because of the history with Foles and I’m guessing the Jags don’t trade Minshew within the division unless Indy gives up way too much, which they won’t…

  13. If Eason gets on the field he won’t come off! Might have the biggest arm in the league,he didn’t have much to work on when drafted and he’s in year two now!

  14. Foles would only cost a late round pick, his contract is a little high but would be worth it.

  15. Just don’t bring in anyone that would actually challenge him and upset his delicate psyche.
    He doesn’t like that very much.
    Takes his ball and goes home.
    Go Birds.

  16. Free Agent Blake Bortles. Unless Wentz’s foot isn’t as bad as they may fear, and there is someone else better, he’s their guy at this moment. He doesn’t cost anything but his salary.

  17. phinjunky1985 says:
    July 30, 2021 at 1:55 pm
    If Eason gets on the field he won’t come off! Might have the biggest arm in the league,he didn’t have much to work on when drafted and he’s in year two now!


    Just tell me he’s not Tony Eason’s kid

  18. firejerry says:
    July 30, 2021 at 1:59 pm
    Foles would only cost a late round pick, his contract is a little high but would be worth it.

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    Probably could get Haskins from Pittsburgh for a pretty good long snapper.

  19. eaglemd says:
    July 30, 2021 at 12:50 pm
    They should trade for Nick Foles.


    Indy fans better hope Carson doesn’t read this comment. His confidence will be destroyed for the remainder of his tenure with Indy.

  20. I’m guessing the idea was to avoid QB controversy/pressure on Wentz but it’s awfully risky having nobody else who you’d trust to start for any length of time. In that regard a blessing to have this happen now as opposed to during the season where they’d have been forced into starting Eason or bringing in a free agent with just a few practices under his belt.

  21. This won’t be the popular take, but he’ll be back to start game 1 in September. Wentz broke his ribs in TC his rookie year and started 16 games.

  22. Hope this gives Sam Ehlinger a chance. Don’t know him, didn’t follow him in Texas, but he lost his brother this year so I’m hoping something good comes to his life in short order.

  23. It’s becoming increasingly clear that Carson’s injury history is really a major cause for concern. Trading for him will prove to be a huge mistake, hopefully he recovers and returns to his 2017 form.

  24. Blake Bortles had some success in this division. He is athletic, big arm, mobile, and stays healthy. He might be a decent short term answer if Wentz is only going to be out a few weeks.

  25. Assuming he misses a little time but comes back for game 3 he may be rusty because he didn’t have a pre-season.
    In that case the Colts may want to have him split the snaps so they don’t owe the Eagles a 1st round pick

  26. Bet they can get Case Keenum from the Browns if they wanted. Decent QB, enough to hold them over.

  27. I can’t believe only one person thought of Minshew, he was the first one that came to mind!

  28. Carson Wentz is a terrible Quarterback. Eason and Ehlinger are much better options.

  29. In the meantime, Jacoby Brissett is holding the Playbook for Tua in Miami. Irony.

  30. Time to give the Raiders a call. I would rather have Mariota than Foles all day long.

  31. Here we go again..,old team – injuries.. new team – injuries….

  32. its one thing to draft a bad QB. Its an entirely different thing to sign or trade for a bad QB. Not sure what the Colts were thinking

  33. If players get hurt in college, its very rare that injury history doesn’t follow them to the NFL. This guy was hurt in college

  34. Just think of the story lines had the Colts traded up from #21 to #14 and swiped Mac Jones. He wouldn’t be Mac n Cheese, and it wouldn’t be the Mac Attack. He’d be “Indiana Jones” and Lucas Oil Stadium would be known as “The Temple of Doom.” LOL.

    They could have done this because Wentz only cost them a 3rd rounder this year and now a 2nd next year. With Wentz’s injury history, drafting Jones since he was available so late would not have been a bad move. The Colts were short that 3rd round pick they sent to Philly in the trade, but they could have made it work with some other combo of pick exchanges. It might have been awkward at first, but it would look brilliant right now.

    I’d go after Minshew. He’s a baller. And you know that mustache has to be good for winning an extra game or two.

  35. Thats too bad but its the Colts own fault for going after a guy that nobody else wanted when there were better options out there. At least they wont be giving up a first for him now.

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