Kyler Murray loved the honesty from Aaron Rodgers on Wednesday

Arizona Cardinals Training Camp
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Plenty of people not employed by the front office of the Green Bay Packers liked Wednesday’s unvarnished press conference from quarterback Aaron Rodgers. That group included Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray.

People like to sugarcoat shit,” Murray told reporters on Friday, via Darren Urban of the team’s official website. “I Iove how honest he was.”

It’s an intriguing comment from Murray, because even with only two seasons in the NFL he has explained that he has influence over the team’s draft decisions, as he believes he should.

And he’s right. Rodgers, Murray, Russell Wilson, Tom Brady. Any true franchise quarterback deserves a seat at the management table, because their teams already expect them to behave like management — arrive early, stay late, hold teammates accountable, deliver messages that will have more potency from a teammate than from a member of the coaching staff. It’s unfair to freeze those players out from significant decisions regarding the players who will be on the team.

This doesn’t mean that players like Rodgers and Murray should be given final say or anything close to it. It does mean that they should have a voice, a voice that isn’t ignored or politely listened to but not heard. A real voice, and a real chance to use it.

Rodgers, after 17 years with the Packers, has gotten sick of his own voice not being heard by the Green Bay front office. So he’s using that voice elsewhere. It won’t improve the fractured relationship between Rodgers and the powers that be, but it definitely will win him respect for quarterbacks who are or will be in similar predicaments, now and in the future.

43 responses to “Kyler Murray loved the honesty from Aaron Rodgers on Wednesday

  1. Kyler knows Rodgers is the Goat, Everyone knows. Stop with Brady ,Montana nonsense. Not even close.

  2. In a contract negotiation, what Rodgers wants is called “meaningful consultation rights.” It means you’ll listen to what he has to say, give it fair consideration, not just blow it off, but then, make a decision.

  3. I don’t think Murray has quite earned that yet. To be honest, I don’t know if Rodgers has either, though I do think Brady has earned the right to ask for Gronkowski and AB. I do think Rodgers has the right to be furious that the Packers TRADED UP to draft Jordan Love, which was colossally stupid imo.

  4. Please don’t put Murray in the same sentence with Rodgers, Wilson and Brady.

  5. No they don’t deserve a seat at management table. And Murray doesn’t qualify to be mentioned in the same breathe as the others

  6. Incorrect, they do not deserve a seat at the table. That is why teams have scouts. 90% of the guys Rodgers wanted to keep were washed up.

  7. Rodgers, after 17 years with the Packers, has gotten sick of his own voice
    So has anyone watching those awful state farm commercials.

  8. “…because their teams already expect them to behave like management.”

    No, because their teams PAY THEM to behave like management.

  9. Players do not earn a place in management, sorry. What’s the risk for them? Just do your job, your handsomely paid job. If you want control and influence, buy your own team or retire and join the ranks of other stressed-out managers.

  10. Yeah that is a recipe for disaster. Give them the belief that they have a seat at the management table and when you don’t draft a player that they want they start to throw a hissy fit. Sorry, but when you open up pandora’s box it is just another outlet of stress that you take upon yourself. Now there is nothing wrong in asking a veteran qb’s input on certain players and things like that as long as they know where they stand and that is it is just a conversation between coach and player and not gospel. I think if Aaron Rodgers had a problem with the gm or ownership he should have went up to them like a man and said as much. The fact you seen Rodgers purge himself at that news conference yesterday was him holding everthing in for god knows how long only ends up bad. Management is not innocent of this either but Rodgers playing the passive aggressive card doesn’t fly when you are supposed to be the guy.

  11. Fans are idiots just read the dribble they write they listen to collin coward and
    then he’s smart…lol

  12. Oi enuf. Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes and see what do and don’t deserve.

  13. The proof will be in the pudding. The ‘standard’ in Green Bay right now is minimum 13 wins, and NFC Championship game appearance. If the Packers take this new approach of ‘listening’ to Aaron Rodgers, and they fall short of that… well then Mr. Rodgers is out of excuses. And that’s the one thing that Aaron Rodgers loves more than himself – excuses.

  14. Ok I’m not going to sugarcoat it Kylier. You are too small and not good enough at reading NFL starting defenses. The Cardinals will hang on for another year or two before they reluctantly admit you aren’t the answer to bringing home a championship. The only way you will get a SB ring is as a backup. Is that keeping it real enough for you?

  15. Murray is an incredible qb! Now that he has an O line finally with Hudson and a defense that won’t give up 35plus….cards are going to be very very good.

  16. It’s going to be a long season listening to the whining of the limousine liberal from Cali. Just don’t expect the real Packer fans to be too understanding if you don’t win or you or your friends get hurt. It’s all on you this year. Then hopefully your gone for a kings ransom. If your not watching the Packers week after week, watch AR storm past his coach’s spitting something out over his shoulder as he heads for the bench alone. Sick of his looks.

  17. Fact is GB had two receivers in mind for their first pick when they took Love. Both receivers were gone by the time they drafted, so they went for the guy to Simms rated the number 3 QB prospect coming out that year. When a team is on the clock time moves fast. But I am sure AR was sitting at home waiting for a call in every round. Play QB and win, or your all talk.

  18. Hmmm, I wonder if Kyler Murray will “love” the honesty coming back the other way in a press conference if management or the coaching staff calls him out publicly for a careless fumble, a poor decision interception, or a bonehead play at the end of the NFC Championship game that GB front office personnel have miraculously kept their mouths shut about during this whole dramatic offseason.

  19. Seat at the management table? He’s lucky to get a seat at the adult table at Thanksgiving dinner.

  20. Its a little early to be celebrating Rodger’s comments.

    IF and I recognize its an unlikely if but IF Rodgers and the packers fall flat on their face, either through injury or just Father Time catching up to him, owners will point to that for decades as being exactly why players should stay in their lane.

  21. “Rodgers, Murray, Russell Wilson, Tom Brady. Any true franchise quarterback deserves a seat at the management table.”

    Really? Why? What level of expertise in evaluating players, managing rosters and salary caps do they have. Do you think Aaron Rodgers will look at the big picture when making managerial decisions or will he only do what is best for Aaron Rodgers?

    When Jerry Jones influences play calling or draft decisions, we say that he’s wrong. When coaches like Bill OBrien influence the draft or free agency, we say that’s wrong, but have players making draft decisions and influencing who is signed is good. Absolutely wrong. He is the starting QB. Focus on that and maybe you’ll win more.

  22. Too many commenters here obviously didn’t watch the presser. Rodgers wanted to be in on recruiting FA’s and re-signing good locker room guys for less money if they would take it.

  23. Everyone loves honesty until someone is honest about them. Then it’s disrespect.

  24. cheeseisfattening says:
    July 30, 2021 at 4:34 pm
    So has anyone watching those awful state farm commercials.

    … why do you?

  25. You gotta love all these fans who couldn’t hold an NFL qb’s jock on their best day, but they talk smack and spout opinions like they’ve somehow earned the right. You haven’t. Shut up and watch your team play.

  26. They don’t deserve a seat at the management table, but if a QB tells you how comfortable he is throwing to a certain WR, maybe you don’t cut that guy the next day…

    The Packers are cheap. Obviously, you can’t keep everybody, but at some level you need veteran leadership on both sides of the ball…

  27. Yeah because management is so competent they hired Mike Pettine as their DC then had to fire him because I knew what they waited to find out that he couldn’t coach his way out of a paper bag. I wouldn’t hire Mike Pettine to coach a HS team and these dopes hired him as their DC. Its a sign of an insecure and horrible manager not to listen to their most important, competent employees.

  28. Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Joe Montana and a handful of other QBs have forgotten more about football and the talent needed to assemble for winning seasons – than the majority of ‘managers’ inside executive offices at many league headquarters.

    If those front line career football performers don’t deserve to be consulted when putting together teams to contend for titles – than who does?

  29. Packers will never win the big Prize because they have an incompetent GM Brian Gutenkurst. Im not sure why the guy has an ego because if it wasn’t for Rodgers and Adams they would be 4-13 every year

  30. Come on, there is hardly a key employee in any business that doesn’t have at least input into management decisions. Why not take advantage of all expertise available? How in the world can the input of a multiple time pro bowler, MVP, 15 yr vet who plays the most important position not be valuable? Teams that follow dated and archaic management philosophies and don’t value employee input are less likely to succeed. It’s why dictatorships so often fail. They don’t have to do what he says, but they should value his opinion.

  31. ‘Nobody is coming to GB because it’s a vacation destination, they’re coming to play with me.’

    Rodgers gets high end FA’s to consider coming and gives the draft picks a chance to thrive and a reason to stay… Just know, these are guys who would never step foot in GB, otherwise.

  32. In my workplace the guys on the shop floor are more knowledgeable than the managerial people. Do they listen to us? Nope,because they believe a college degree makes them smart.

  33. If you’re going to give QB’s a seat at the table then the same thing needs to be given to the unquestioned leader of the defense, when there is one. Example might be Bobby Wagner for Seattle.

  34. Did I miss something? How is Murray considered in the same breath as Brady Rogers etc? He is still learning how to read a defense he has no time to evaluate players

  35. donnymacjack says:
    July 30, 2021 at 10:55 pm
    If you’re going to give QB’s a seat at the table then the same thing needs to be given to the unquestioned leader of the defense, when there is one. Example might be Bobby Wagner for Seattle.

    Spot on.

  36. Brady is so COMPLETELY the GOAT that Rodgers and about 5 other QBs are all tied for 6th place.
    Remember, Greatest doesnt mean how good your arm is or what your passer rating is. It is about your mind and the intangibles of winning.
    Bart Starr has 5 championships and won 9 straight championship games. But in his own words, “Brett Favre can throw better on his knees than I ever could standing up”.
    Winning is mental, that is what makes you the GREATEST.
    If you want the GOAT list. Just count SB wins and you have it.

  37. I’ve always noticed smart people listen more to the input from others. Smart people have away of uplifting others. Smart people have a way of making everyone feel important. Smart people have a way of getting key people to want to be there. Smart people figure out a way to succeed. If Green Bay had an actual owner, they’d probably try to hire a smart person to run their team. Oh, and smart people don’t waste a first and fourth round pick on a QB, when they already have a current MVP QB, and those picks could have been used to bring in another Lombardi Trophy.

  38. campcouch says:
    July 30, 2021 at 6:27 pm
    Everyone loves honesty until someone is honest about them. Then it’s disrespect.

    So true. Human nature. Ever notice how everyone thinks they are a good driver, are a good person, and have a wonderful sense of humor?

  39. I read many comments about how great QB’s have more knowledge than many GM’s and they should be taken into account. There is a perfect example of being a great QB doesn’t make you a great GM. I think his name is Elway.

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