Micah Hyde: When I left Green Bay, Aaron Rodgers told me how frustrated he was

Buffalo Bills Training Camp
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When Aaron Rodgers addressed reporters for the first time after reporting to Packers training camp, he conducted an airing of grievances that included listing several good players who left the Packers, whom Rodgers says the team should have kept. One of those players was Micah Hyde, who was drafted by the Packers in 2013, played in Green Bay four years, and then left for Buffalo in free agency.

Hyde said on Thursday in Buffalo that he considered an honor “To hear him say something like that, a Hall of Fame player, one of the best quarterbacks of all time.”

Hyde also said that Rodgers’ frustrations have been bubbling up for years. When Hyde signed a five-year, $30.5 million contract with the Bills in 2017, Rodgers let him know that he was upset the Packers hadn’t kept him.

“After leaving that place, I remember him reaching out to me and letting me know how frustrated he was,” Hyde said of Rodgers. “His presser yesterday was a well thought-out conversation he had with the media. I think he was speaking a lot of facts. Hearing him say my name was a blessing. If a guy like that thinks that highly of myself, I know I’m doing something right.”

Hyde has done a lot right in his four seasons in Buffalo, and Rodgers is making no secret that he’s unhappy he isn’t doing it in Green Bay.

58 responses to “Micah Hyde: When I left Green Bay, Aaron Rodgers told me how frustrated he was

  1. Just more proof of the complete ineptitude of Packer management. These guys couldn’t run a lemonade stand yet alone the Packers. The Goats frustration is clearly understandable. Brady and Montana both had great coaches and supportive management. Still the Goat has produced incredible numbers and wins.This year will be a Superbowl victory for the Goat.The current players will rally around him.

  2. The Browns and Packers fumbling on Poyer and Hyde built the foundation of what the Bills are today.

    Before there was Big Baller Beane; McDermott did a damn fine job getting his guys… Milano, White, Hyde and Poyer.

  3. Boo how. Time to move on from Rogers. The trouble that surrounds him daily is just not worth it. It is not possible to enjoy a Sunday Packer game while watching him act out on the sidelines. He’s a bum.

  4. For supposedly being a smart guy Rodgers seems to be missing something here…like you have a salary cap to work within. He should have provided a list of players they should have cut instead, or better yet, like Tom Brady, take less himself.

  5. I gotta agree about Hyde. Liked him a lot when he was with the Pack. Most of the players that left Rodgers mentioned made sense in one way or another ( age, injuries, too expensive, ect), but Hyde didn’t. But, you also have to remember that Ted Thompson was in charge when a lot of those players left. Murphy let’s the GM do his job unlike an awful lot of team owners in the league

  6. If Rodgers signed a contract that light, the Packers could have afforded to keep almost everyone he mentioned in his presser. Not enough money to go around. How much of a cut was Woodson willing to take? Or Nelson?

  7. I understand Rodgers’ point of view on Green Bay letting Micah Hyde walk, but the following year Green Bay drafted Jaire ALexander, arguably the best corner in the league.

    It doesn’t always work out that well but the bottom line is Green Bay has had a very strong track record of knowing when to let a player walk.

  8. Aaron forgets that the Packers needed to let players go in order to pay him the nearly $80,000,000.00 ($57M signing bonus, $7.8M roster bonus at signing and $13.4M roster bonus payable in March of 2019) he received in his August 2018 contract fleecing of the Green Bay Packers.

    Aaron was still under contract for two more years at the time of that deal. Had he waited to get his new deal instead of forcing the Packers to make him the highest paid QB in the NFL, the Packers would not have had to let players leave in FA.

    Aaron’s greed is the biggest reason why the Packers couldn’t keep players that could have helped the team.

  9. Note to Aaron Rodgers:
    You don’t own, nor is it your job to manage,
    the Packers organization.

  10. Every intelligent analyst has stated how well AR presented himself and his issues at his press conference. Many have stated that it was the best press conference ever by an athlete. And almost all of the reasonable observers have agreed with points raised by AR.

    Yet the overwhelming reaction of commenters here has been negative. Most have defaulted to the simplistic “he’s an employee, he should act like one” mentality. It is absolutely amazing how so many people believe that they should have no control over their lives. They whine about the government allegedly controlling them, yet they happily accede to having no say about what happens to them in their daily lives.

  11. This is all been self-serving and ego driven drivel.

    Rodgers apparantly never wants the packers to let any of his friends go but also wants all the money.

    When that happens look no further than the Eagles. They hired Wentz’s BFF as QB coach Press Taylor who told him whatever he wanted to hear and they played XBOX in the evenings. They catered to him and kept players they shouldn’t have.

    I don’t expect every player to be happy when the GM makes the decision to not pay them millions of dollars. You can’t keep everyone, regardless of what the QB thinks.

  12. I hope everyone realizes that Aaron’s big contract is one of the reasons They couldn’t sign free agents, even their own. Ironic isn’t it?

  13. Rodgers should have been far more frustrated with the way the Packers misused Hyde than he was with the fact they didn’t keep him. Hyde never would have become the player he is now under Capers’ scheme, and I can’t say it was a mistake for Green Bay not to let him go.

  14. There is this pesky thing in the NFL called tge salary cap. Cant keep everybody.

  15. Rodgers is spot on about the pack letting talent go and not getting good free agent help. Not ponying up to the bar and replacing people with late round draft picks,undrafeds, and never moving up in the daft for talent.
    The answer is easy, you’ve had two hof qbs eating away at the salary cap for 25 years.
    Brady gave discounts to allow the pats to put talent around him, Rodgers refused to do this.

  16. When the QB makes top dollars, it’s hard to field a high end team at other positions, or they have little depth. Only teams with QBs below market have ‘complete’ teams. Brady gets it. Rodgers and Manning never did.

  17. Local Detroit radio had a fantastic take yesterday on the Lions and their relationship w Calvin Johnson compared to the now known internal issues Green Bay has had for many years with many of the their stars. The take basically said the Lions take a ton of heat for how they handled the retirement of Megatron, but here are the Packers – a great team – with the same problem of past players feeling mistreated by the organization. Point being that these kinds of problems are not exclusive to the bad teams like the Lions and happen to everyone, even the best teams like the Packers. You just don’t hear about it as much because winning typically cures everything, even if just temporarily.

  18. If I’m not mistaken, Hyde wasn’t a full time starter in GB so it seems like they didn’t know how to use him anyways.

  19. Front offices make mistakes and if GM’s would ever admit mistakes I’d bet Hyde would be near the top of the list. Staying in the secondary, Casey Heyward would also be there. Maybe that’s why the GM for those decisions (TT) is not around anymore, time will tell with this GB (BG) but nobody makes every correct personnel decision – likely not even Aaron Rodgers.

  20. Does this remind anyone else of what takes place between spouses after they have checked out of the relationship. Making it work for the kids is not cutting it here.

  21. The diagnosis is now official. The entire planet is suffering from Aaron Rodgers fatigue.

    Time to let it go.

  22. It’s like Rodgers conveniently forgets about the salary cap (and his impact on it) every time the Packers have to let a player go into free agency. The Packers didn’t want to let Hyde go, they had to.

  23. Maybe if Rodgers was paid less there’d be more for all these other players that he wants. Sounds to me like he wants to be GM as well as QB.

  24. Frustrated with what? Frustrated he had a clear friggin path to the end zone and didn’t take off w/the ball? He always has someone else to blame.

  25. How does this not affect the season the Packers will have? Rodgers was already surly, when they were winning games. Wait until they start the season 1-2. The pressers should be a lot of fun.

  26. When current and former star players are trashing your organization, that’s saying A LOT.

  27. I was perplexed at that decision myself. Hyde could play a lot of positions and did them all well, so of course we let him go because $6m a year I guess is more important. And we have Kevin King. Flmao.

  28. If Packers fans want to have future players want to stay there, they better start supporting the players a little more instead of management. All of the guys Rodgers named were valuable to the Packers success and weren’t treated as much. If you want to support management so much, then keep going to your shareholder meetings and pretending like you actually have a say. It’s only a matter of time when you don’t have a QB and no player wants to be there.

  29. If they had kept him, they maybe never draft Alexander or Savage. Life is change, even when a salary cap isn’t involved.

  30. The media wanted an explanation from Rodgers. They got one, unvarnished.

    I looked at GB’s draft history and I can tell you, they never went out of their way to get weapons for him in the draft – at least not since picking Davante Adams in rd 2 in 2014.

    They LOVE them some DBs though. DB after DB after DB in the first 2 rounds.

    And of course, the QB in 2020. With the trade-up to get him. Could have stuck where they were and had Tee Higgins. Or one of the other 2nd round studs who blew it up last season.

    You know, they came REALLY close to taking out TB in the NFCCG. Maybe Tee Higgins could have been the difference, because Jordan Love most assuredly was not.

  31. For someone who claims to be smart, Rodgers says a lot of dumb things. The NFL has a salary cap. Teams can only spend a certain amount of money on players. And when your QB is one of the highest paid players year in and year out, there is not a lot of money left over to spend on other players. Hard decisions have to be made, and teams end up letting players go to other teams that they wouldn’t if there were no cap. I’m sure the packers would have wanted to keep Micah Hyde, but they choose to spend $30 million to keep another player. Hey Aaron, the higher your price tag, the more of the burden of winning you must shoulder. You can’t take in $40 million per year and expect to be surrounded by a lot of play makers to make your job easier. The math doesn’t work out.

  32. If only Rodgers had a great GM like BB. Brees, same deal in NOs. Terrible GM work by Thompson and Loomis who both lived off the 1 ring.

    You need a D and STs beyond stats from the qb on offense.

    Blowing off cap health, what it means, not drafting for depth and generally overpaying in certain spots, comes back to haunt.

    As a Pats fan, it makes me appreciate BB the GM and Coach. I am sure Peyton Manning wishes he had BB, too.

  33. I got an idea…..Rodgers plays for free and we use his $34M salary to sign all of his buddy’s back….problem solved !

  34. What we witnessed this off-season with Aaron Rodgers is evidence of why he only has one SB win. He is an excuse maker. He blames everyone else when the team fails. He takes no ownership of the problems. Every team that has won SBs has made mistakes in free agency and the draft. No team is run perfectly. Tom Brady lines up and wins Super Bowls, Aaron Rodgers bitches and complains, and loses Super Bowls. Waste of a career.

  35. Fans are actually citing Rodgers’ salary when discussing letting this guy walk for 4 years/$30 million. Some of you really are obtuse and side with management no matter what. Fitting that under the cap wasn’t prohibitive. The Packers have notoriously been cheap over the years, and it’s ridiculous because they make the same money every other franchise does. It’s caused them several Super Bowl runs the last 30 years as they’ve had two HOF Qbs they’ve wasted. Unreal. Do you see Tampa worrying about five years from now while they have the GOAT? Do you think Denver fans regret what they did when they had Manning because the last five years have sucked? It’s pure lunacy.

  36. Those other top tier players want paid big money too but when Aaron comes out 3yrs before his current contract is up and demands more than his share(what he agreed to in the contract) this is what happens, the team can’t put top level talent around him because they don’t have the cap space. Those other top players want paid and they won’t work for peanuts just to say “I’m on the same team as Aaron Rodgers”, Aaron just can’t seem to comprehend those things!

  37. toothfairyretributionmanifesto says:
    July 30, 2021 at 9:23 am
    When current and former star players are trashing your organization, that’s saying A LOT.

    YEP it tells me those players know nothing about building a team and doing it with a salary cap in place, it’s easy to say “they should have keep so & so or this other player” but it’s totally different to have to put 53 players on the field and stay under the cap, some of these players act like the teams have unlimited resources!

  38. Ron Wolf’s successors haven’t had his foresight that he brought with him from the Raiders of how to build the last pieces of a contender all of those years ago. Thompson and this current guy wouldn’t have signed a Reggie White. Think about it. The only significant signing Green Bay has made in nearly 20 years is Charles Woodson, and they only got him because Tampa fumbled that courtship. Like even if he made less money, do you really think these dopes that have been running the team would use it wisely. I mean they have a very long track record of not doing so, but some of you have faith anyway. Pretty silly.

  39. Pleased to introduce you. Mr. Rodgers, Salary Cap. Salary Cap, Mr. Rodgers.

    I do think the Packers could/should have kept Hyde or Casey Heyward–but you can’t keep them all.

    There is a longer list of veterans who the Packers were smart to let go and the market price they commanded.

    GB leaders have communicated poorly at times for sure, and consulting a player like #12 is reasonable to a degree. But the comments that Packers are a horribly run franchise are hilarious. Just add the W’s and L’s, and the number of other Packers besides Rodgers with Pro Bowl type recognition.

  40. “Aaron’s greed is the biggest reason why the Packers couldn’t keep players that could have helped the team.”

    Dude: The Packer’s offered Aaron more money and he turned it down. He said in his presser that money was not his issue… Where is the greed? Aaron doesn’t have a super rich wife like Brady does.

  41. When current and former star players are trashing your organization, that’s saying A LOT.

    Julius Peppers – “It was a really great experience being a part of that culture.”

  42. Here’s how incompetent Packers management is, they hired Mike Pettiness to be their DC. That guy should be coaching Junior High football. He was a disaster hire that had zero to do with Aaron Rodgers. I wouldn’t hire Mike Pettine to coach a HS team

  43. Top Tier Players need to get paid too? The Packers have 2. Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams. Without those 2, the Packers would go 2-15

  44. When Hyde left there was no outcry from fans or sports media. He had shown so e promise in his four years, but wasn’t impactful and missed too many games to injury. I’m glad he has had a great career in Buffalo, but hindsight is 20-20. Most of the other players he mentioned didn’t make much of an impact on the teams they went to, but he feels they were either owed something for their previous years of stellar play, or were valuable locker room guys. But the past is the past, and you win games on the field, not in the locker room. Mentoring is great, but when you can no longer get it done on the field, you can’t afford to give up a roster spot so a veteran can give you g guys pointers. That is the coach’s job at that point. Everyone in the football business knows that the Packers treat their players as well as anybody. When Rodgers talks about how they treated CWood or Jordy, he is engaging in projection, an ego defense mechanism. He’s really thinking about the end of his time in Green Bay, and how he’ll be gone the moment there is a better option for the team. To quote Hyman Roth, “This is the life we’ve chosen.” I don’t fault Rodgers for being human, and there are times when a little butt kissing doesn’t hurt anybody. He’s poured his heart and soul into the Packers. He’s a good guy and a great player. He’ll be long celebrated after he’s gone. But he will be gone, and there will still be laundry marked with a G.

  45. How did the Packers do those years that Rodgers got hurt? If they’re such a well-run organization, why did they suck when he got hurt? The Patriots still won without Brady when he was out. The Chiefs kept it together during their Super Bowl run while Mahomes was out for a month. It’s no wonder Packer management takes the dopes who root for that team for granted. One championship in nearly 25 years when you have had the biggest riddle in the NFL solved all of that time, the QB position. Just tell them something about the salary cap and how they’ll compete again next year for another exit where their suspect defense takes them as far as a HOF QB can take them without help. SMH.

  46. Well if rodgers is such a problem in green bay why didnt they trade him before the draft to sf like they said they would and got rid of the salary cap issue and have love start? Plus when Adams and Smith leave next year, have fun trying to draw free agents to green bay without rodgers there. There are probably 10 to 12 nfl teams that would be more than happy to take him, his salary, and all the other baggage to acquire a hof qb like him.

  47. While the cap is a hurdle to be managed, the GB management plays moneyball looking to dump anyone without a rookie deal.

    As long as the team is winning, then keep dumping veterans for rookies.

    It doesn’t get you championships but it keeps a GM employed. What QB wants to be a part of that for 20 years? Between Ted and Gute they both are managing to tick off a HOF QB.

  48. Do people not realize that roster building and talent retention is a zero-sum game – for every Micah Hyde the team has to let go, there’s another player on the roster whose spot on the roster is just a little more justified. He could be the guy sitting next to you in the locker room, or catching your passes, or blocking for you in the trenches. NFL teams don’t have unlimited resources and no constraints. Green Bay is going down a VERY slippery, slippery slope with this catering to 1 player who thinks he’s above everyone else on the roster. The goal of a team isn’t to protect players, overpay them and keep them on the roster longer than they need to be. It’s to win. The goal of a team isn’t to make players happy, or give them warm fuzzy feelings. It’s to win. The goal of a team isn’t to make ESPN, and PFT, and all the media outlets “proud” of how they handled the AR situation. It’s to WIN. Period. The Packers were a beautiful little republic in the NFL, and Aaron Rodgers is trying to usurp management like Caesar crossing the rubicon.

  49. Rodgers is trashed for keeping his mouth shut in the off-season and now he’s trashed for giving an honest, non-cliche-ridden presser. The guy can’t win. And the Pack could have fit Hyde under the cap and played him with Alexander — I think that was one of Ted’s last great mistakes out of many in his last 2-3 years.

  50. jg2040 says:
    July 30, 2021 at 9:58 am
    For someone who claims to be smart, Rodgers says a lot of dumb things. The NFL has a salary cap. Teams can only spend a certain amount of money on players. And when your QB is one of the highest paid players year in and year out, there is not a lot of money left over to spend on other players. Hard decisions have to be made, and teams end up letting players go to other teams that they wouldn’t if there were no cap. I’m sure the packers would have wanted to keep Micah Hyde, but they choose to spend $30 million to keep another player….

    Salary cap this, salary cap that. AR is greedy this, can’t pay other players that. Blah, blah, blah.

    Everyone wants to express their salary cap expertise anytime paying the franchise quarterback becomes the discussion. They become salary cap gurus, dispensing wisdom such as “if the QB makes $30 million, the team can’t pay other players”.

    These people fail to understand that NFL teams employ multiple people to study the cap. Those NFL people actually understand how the cap works, much more so than the average commenter.

    The truth is that teams understand exactly what they are doing when signing the franchise quarterback to a large contract. The teams know that the mega-talented quarterback provides a much better chance of winning than having an average quarterback and spreading that money among other average players.

  51. For both parties, you get what you tolerate. If you are ok with Aaron wanting to buy some of the groceries (Shades of Bill Parcels) the Packers can press on. If they are not open to him meddling, cut him loose and move on. This situation will not get any better until a firm line in the sand is drawn. Same goes to Aaron, what are you willing to tolerate? Is it all about the money for you? or are you a team first guy? Do you have no faith in the current management? If that is the case, nobody benefits from a hostile work environment. It either changes or it implodes.

    The Vikings were in a similar spot last year with Cousin’s contract making it difficult for the team to retain talent. Look what happened. Fire sale and some unfortunate injuries and they got their rear-ends handed to them. This year, the management found a way to bring in talent and drafted a player they hope can be a successor for Cousins. On paper the strategy seems sound, but team dynamics and player fitment is always a huge risk.

    Setting up a 53 man roster and considering the salary cap, player fitment, emerging and Declining talent, can be very very difficult to solve. I’m not making excuses for the Packers front office because they could very well be bumbling fools. Right now, the Packers may be in for a bumpy ride like the Vikings were last year. But who knows until they play the games….

  52. People like to comment based on only half the truth. Yes, Rodgers makes a lot of money, but why not mention the fact he also turned down more money the Packers offered him? I absolutely believe him when he said its not about the money. Sorry people, but your “greed” narrative is busted!

  53. Rodgers want every penny he can squeeze out of the Packers then can’t figure out why the Packers can’t keep Ever one. Why do people keep repeating Rodgers is smart?

  54. When you have one player making so much money, it’s going to to be tough and the team will have to be creative to stay in the upper echelon. This will be interesting to watch going forward if they are reluctant to cut/trade player’s that are Aaron’s “friends” going forward.

  55. Do people not realize that roster building and talent retention is a zero-sum game – for every Micah Hyde the team has to let go, there’s another player on the roster whose spot on the roster is just a little more justified.

    Please justify Ha Ha Clinton Dix or Moran Burnett as starters over Hyde.

    .. I’ll wait, patiently

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