Sean McVay on DeSean Jackson: “He’s a freak”

Los Angeles Rams Mandatory Minicamp
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Before Sean McVay became coach of the Rams, he and receiver DeSean Jackson spent time together in Washington. Five years later, they’re together again.

So does Jackson look like the same guy?

“He’s does,” McVay told reporters on Thursday. “It’s unbelievable. I mean, this guy, he’s a freak. For him to be able to sustain that level of speed. I mean, even when you just look at some of the data, it shows even last year after he came back from the ankle injury, one of the fastest speeds when he catches the long touchdown against the Cowboys late in the year, I want to say it was a couple days after Christmas. He’s a special player. I’ve really enjoyed being back with him again. He definitely looks like the same DeSean that I’ve seen.”

There’s no questioning Jackson’s speed when healthy. The question continues to be staying healthy. He appeared in only eight games during his two years back in Philadelphia.

Jackson turns 35 during the season. If he somehow can stay on the field, he can help the Rams win plenty of games. But can he stay on the field?

13 responses to “Sean McVay on DeSean Jackson: “He’s a freak”

  1. It sounds like he and Stafford have excellent chemistry. Those two connecting on plays have been one of the big stories coming out of camp. DeSean is going to be able to stretch the defense. The big question is how the running game will be without Cam Akers.

  2. Bro is 100% running on empty Soon as he touches that field again it’ll be a wrap for the szn for him

  3. If you believe that, then I own a very popular bridge in Brooklyn that I’d like to sell to you….

  4. I remember when Lesean McCoy was in his prime and thought he was the fastest RB in the league. Vick was probably 32 or 33 years old and the time and smoked him in a 1 on 1 race at practice. It isn’t 35, but some guys just keep the speed.

  5. 😂 Haha! As an Eagles fan, lemme tell you, this book sure sounds familiar. Just wait till chapter 3, “the little hamstring that couldn’t “. Been happening each of the past 3 years. Wish him the best but that Hammy never makes it to October.

  6. He will be injured in game 2, sit for 10 weeks, comeback for two quarters before getting injured again, ending his season.

  7. The big question is how long he’ll be healthy. He played 5 games for the Eagles in 2 years. And caught TDs in only his 1st game and last game.

    The thing that will annoy me most is if he is healthy for most of the season for the Rams after spending 2 years in the hot tub and on twitter collecting paychecks.

    I still can’t believe he turned a 6 wk recovery in 2019 into a 15 game recovery which allowed him to essentially redshirt 2019.

  8. Thumbs up- Jackpot plays 8+ full quarters this season
    Thumbs down- Jackpot plays less than 8 quarters this season.

    -I’m going thumbs down.

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