Matt Nagy: Teams are “absolutely” going to look at Nick Foles

Chicago Bears Training Camp
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At this time last year, the Bears were looking at Nick Foles as a potential starting quarterback after acquiring him in a trade with the Jaguars.

With Andy Dalton and Justin Fields on hand, Foles isn’t in the running for the starting job in Chicago this summer. He’s set to be a third-stringer if he remains with the Bears, but his name has come up as an experienced backup option for other clubs who might be interested in trading for his services.

On Saturday, Bears head coach Matt Nagy said he “absolutely” thinks that calls are going to come for Foles before the start of the regular season.

“And you’re talking about a Super Bowl MVP and a guy that’s started a lot of games,” Nagy said, via Jeff Dickerson of “He’s had a really interesting career in so many ways that I just think that he deserves that. I mean, anybody that’s had the career he has is somebody that’s always going to be . . . for all teams, as a third string guy, teams are going to look at guys like him.”

Nagy said he and Foles have not discussed the possibility of a trade because that’s “out of our control” and he credited the veteran’s approach to a role that’s much different than the one he played when he first came to the club.

12 responses to “Matt Nagy: Teams are “absolutely” going to look at Nick Foles

  1. @redlikethepig

    And then there’s Sam Bradford; more coin than both on zero good years.

  2. I felt ever since the Pats resigned Newton, (which I could not believe), that even with a QB from the 2021 draft if Belichick wanted to take a serious run at the playoffs this year he needed a veteran QB, Stidham, Hoyer, Newton and a rookie was not the answer for a contending team. And it’s still very much the case. We don’t know what Cam will do and he often appears one running play away from a major injury. That leaves Mac Jones, who is a complete unknown, (Stidham’s out and Hoyer can’t do anything more than hold a clipboard now. As for Jones, just because he’s a first round pick doesn’t mean he’s ready.

    A Guy like Nick Foles won’t cost much to acquire and his faults aside he’s been there before, is coachable and has won a SB.
    In NE’s current situation they could do a lot worse.
    But sadly, something tells me Belichick wants to prove to the football world that he doesn’t need Brady and can win with whomever he picks to be at the helm, ie Newton.

  3. The Colts should bring in Nick Foles to replace Wentz, just like he did in Philly. Maybe lightning will strike again and Foles can win another Super Bowl….replacing Wentz and having Frank Reich as his coach (OC at Philly…HC in Indy)

    Wentz’s head would explode if that happened.

  4. redlikethepig says:
    July 31, 2021 at 11:35 am

    The only player to make more bank on one good year is Joe Flacco.


    Foles has had more than one good year in this league. Overall, he’s got a great record in Philadelphia.

  5. Lets be real – Foles isn’t good but neither is Andy Dalton.
    It was foolish to sign Dalton when they were on the hook for Foles contract.

    Its not like the Bears will be fine with Dalton if Fields isn’t ready.
    The GM keeps his job if Fields looks good by the end of the season.

  6. The less publicity of any type that Nagy looks for or helps produce the better off he will be. The Bear fans are behind you because they have no alternative.

  7. I question Foles’ work ethic. He obviously has the talent to lead a team to the SB.

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