Report: CDC paid NFL Alumni Association $3.5 million to promote COVID vaccine

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The federal government has been trying to get people to get the COVID vaccine. Those efforts have met a surprising (but maybe not) amount of resistance.

Along the way, the CDC reportedly paid the NFL Alumni Association $3.5 million to promote the COVID vaccine, according to TMZ.

“The [CDC] intends to award a sole source firm fixed price purchase order to The NFL Alumni Association (NFLA),” the notice of intent regarding the grant explains, per TMZ. “The overall purpose of this contract is to facilitate collaboration among NFL Alumni and federal state and local public health officials as well as other local leaders to address vaccine hesitancy through communication and engagement with communities less likely to get vaccinated. . . . The CDC Vaccine Task Force will work directly with the NFLA to promote community-level and national COVID-19 education outreach and vaccination acceptance.”

Some of the efforts of the NFL Alumni Association can be seen here. The obvious goal is to get former players to buy in to the vaccine, hopeful that they will then influence others to do the same.

The article refers to the payment as a “whopping” amount and a “windfall.” Without knowing full details about the efforts utilized by the NFL Alumni Association to promote the vaccine and other related expenditures by the CDC to promote vaccination, it’s difficult if not impossible to conclude that something untoward or improper has occurred.

Payments like this happen with an abundance of transparency. Surely, the CDC issued many other similar grants this year. And whatever the federal government has done wasn’t enough to bust through the inexplicable stubbornness of too many Americans who refuse to get the vaccine.

Frankly, articles that contain vague whiffs of corruption or waste will do little to help get those who have an irrational distrust of the government to do what’s in the best interests of all Americans and get the damn shot.

17 responses to “Report: CDC paid NFL Alumni Association $3.5 million to promote COVID vaccine

  1. there are many reasons to distrust the gov’t, the vaccination is not one of them- but the gov’t has shown time and again for decades that what is in the best of interest of corporations supercedes the interest of individuals, that alone is enough to distrust, it certainly is not a=irrational as you suggest

  2. Why do you make it sound like anybody who has any hesitation to take it is the bad guy and anyone who writes anything but “Go get your vaccine right now” is spreading pandemonium and lies???

  3. Active players and/or teams would likely have much move visibility and impact. Why was the alumni chosen instead?

  4. Mistrust of the government is quite rational, since the government has a long history of lying, covering up, and spreading misinformation. Now, with socialism at the doorstep, there’s really no reason to trust anything the government (or its lackeys) says at all.

  5. This is rancid corruption. I guess the science needed quite a boost in PR. Hollywood runs on such pay for message schemes, so why not sports?

  6. You do not need million dollar marketing campaigns for medications that work. The people do not trust the government or big pharma, for very valid reasons.

    Vilifying those that choose what to do with or put into their body (my body, my choice) will in no way, shape, or form get them to entertain the idea of getting this vaccine, which we’re seeing now as much less effective than originally stated by both the CDC and the President of the United States.

    Further attempts to mandate or forcefully administer this vaccine will only further the divide.

    If the federal government wants buy-in, then their only course of action should be to cease the vilification of their political opponents in every respect in order to earn back the trust of the American people.

    Had they been trustworthy all of these years, people would not question their requests now.

  7. Satan says “now with socialism at the doorstep”

    Made me laugh harder than I have in awhile.
    Look, no one has regretted getting the vaccine. 600,000+ Americans wished they had.
    Get the damn shot

  8. Over 4 billion people have been vaccinated and vaccinations started over a year ago. If you haven’t got it by now, you are on the wrong side of Darwinism.
    Get the damn shot

  9. If the federal government wants buy-in, then their only course of action should be to cease the vilification of their political opponents in every respect in order to earn back the trust of the American people.


    This… so much this. Everything has become trying to one-up the other side and in the end America loses.

  10. Here in San Francisco they’re giving out free weed for vaccine incentive. True story

  11. After watching how my fellow Americans have behaved over the last four years and have treated each other so badly, I can see no reason to do anything to help or protect this society. Nobody here believes in freedom anymore. Just their brand of freedom. I used to love Americans and distrust our governments. Now I despise all of you.

  12. I worked for a large, multinational, engineering-construction firm. We sometimes had projects in remote parts of the world – jungles, deserts, all of that. If you were going on location to work on a project in certain regions, you had to have all of your vaccinations up to date. It wasn’t a big deal, but it was mandatory. No one complained. This is a company that does defense contracts and employees lean conservative politically. Everyone agreed that requiring vaccinations was just good business.

    What’s happening right now has nothing to do with this vaccine or this virus. It has everything to do with people trying to remain loyal to someone who decided early on to downplay the virus and refuse to acknowledge a global pandemic.

  13. My political leanings have nothing to do with my decision to not get the vaccine. I am using the data that has been provided. My interpretation of that data means it isn’t really necessary. Some people interpret one fifth of one percent of the population dying means everything needs to shut down. When 10% of the population starts dying, I might get worried. I either didn’t catch it the first time or barely got sick. Either way, it never felt necessary to test. It still doesn’t.

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