Bills want new stadium to be completely funded by taxpayer money

New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills
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For most new stadiums funded by public money, taxpayers don’t foot the full bill. In Buffalo, that’s what the Bills want the citizens to do.

According to Tom Precious of the Buffalo News, Pegula Sports and Entertainment has made a $1.5 billion proposal for a new Bills stadium and renovation costs for the arena in which the Buffalo Sabres play hockey. Per the report, the proposal asks for the full cost of the new Bills stadium to be covered by public funds.

Per the report, that’s a “non-starter.”

And here’s the kicker from the article, the thing that will be met with a loud and hostile reaction from any Bills fans in Buffalo who refuse to acknowledge the reality that football is business: “The team has made no overt threats, sources say, to leave Buffalo if it doesn’t get the full funding request, but it has made clear to government negotiators that there are other cities elsewhere that desire an NFL franchise and would pay handsomely for it.”

Here’s the basic reality when it comes to stadium politics. Owners ask for free money to keep the team where it is. If that money isn’t available, they look to other cities that would be willing to foot the bill — either as leverage or as a true and genuine alternative.

That’s why the Raiders left Oakland. They couldn’t get much (or any) public money to stay where they were. They got a huge amount of it to move to Las Vegas. So they did.

And if a team will be paying for its own stadium (Bills co-owner Kim Pegula previously has said they can’t afford to do that), it makes sense to pay for that stadium in a larger market and/or one that will allow the venue to host as many other events as possible.

That’s why the Rams left St. Louis. Stan Kroenke, who could have gotten significant public money in St. Louis, decided to write the check for his own place because he believes that it will pay for itself and then some.

In Buffalo, it’s too early to suspect that the Bills may move. However, the Pegulas may need to persuade state and local officials that they’re willing to move the team in order to get the kind of public money they want.

It’s also entirely possible that the 100-percent proposal is merely an opener, and that the Bills are willing to partially fund the stadium with Pegula money or PSLs. Regardless, the bottom line surely falls somewhere between 100 percent and zero; the fact that they want it all to be covered by taxpayer money suggests that the drop-dead amount is closer to 100 than zero.

We’ll see where it goes from here. The Pegulas reportedly want a quick resolution. The current lease expires in 2023. So the clock is ticking, and the battle lines are beginning to come into focus. At a time when Bills fans have a reason to be excited about their team, they soon may have to begin worrying about its potential exit.

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  1. Buffalo residents should tell the Pegulas to pound sand. If they have “extra” tax money, give it back to the individuals who overpaid. If they don’t, then they can’t afford to pay for a new stadium. Perhaps the Pegulas should sell the tram to an owner who can afford the build his own stadium.

  2. The taxes that an NFL team brings to an area certainly justify the expenditure. And the Bills may be one of the major industries in Buffalo. Buffalo should decide to offer 3/4 of the expenses.

  3. The city itself will benefit monetitarily by funding the stadium which brings the crowds and their cash to the area.

    Otherwise option 2 is to let the bills move to a different locale and let that cities businesses reap the rewards.

  4. This is how billionaires stay billionaires, get someone else to pay for everything. Tell them no. The tax money spent is never recouped by the City and there’s several studies that prove so.

  5. Looks like the Bills will indeed be moving out of Buffalo. Welcome your new Toronto Bills!

  6. If you want to be a big time city, you have to have professional sports. Just build the stadium. No crying. No handwringing. Do you think the citizens of Buffalo will be happier without the Bills? Of course not. Yes it is corporate welfare, but sports teams aren’t like any other corporation. They are a part of the fabric of a city. Just build it and move on with a clear conscience.

  7. Dolphins owner Stephen Ross paid for their stadium renovation and new practice facility out of his own pocket because the City, County, and State didn’t want to help.

  8. The city should counter with agreeing to pay for the stadium in exchange for a 50% stake in the team.

  9. Buffalo definitely needs a new Stadium. That said, as the owners, you assume all business risks and profits, and EXPENSES. If they want a new Stadium then pay for it. Cities need to stop the billionaire welfare.

  10. Toronto is not paying for a stadium for the Bills. The Calgary Flames can’t even get the stadium built that they were promised when they moved the team. That was a 50/50 split in public and private money and it’s on hold over a $70 million projected cost overrun. A NFL stadium would be 3 or 4 times as much to cost and Canada won’t be paying for it.

  11. The Pegulas ruined the Sabres for area fans, and it looks like they’re now doing the same with the Bills.

  12. I’d rather see my favorite NFL team walk than jeopardize the financial future of my City. What an insulting proposal by the Pegula’s.

  13. And once again, the NFL ownership model looks for a public handout, For the vast majority of citizens tickets are not affordable for a stadium their taxes would buy. I’d rather see them sell share of theam to raise cash to let the people who actually consume football pay for it.

  14. Sometimes “taxpayer” funded stadiums make sense, for instance, the stadium build would be funded by municipal bond issues by city/state at far lower interest expense than the football team could obtain; then the football team has an agreement to pay lease payments to the municipality for use of the stadium. In addition, the municipality can have an agreement to use the stadium for events outside of football to hold other sporting events or concerts/events outside of the football schedule which also pays the municipality leasing fees for use. In addition this creates a lot of employment opportunities for the local economy as well as entertaining for the local community and tourist attractions for the local economy. If properly designed and managed not only can the municipality be made whole on the bond issues but create profit as well. The probably with this is expecting the government to properly manage anything.

  15. Kraft paid 100 percent to build Gillette. There was some infrastructure paid by the state.

  16. Ya, and the fans would like an owner funded Super Bowl but we can’t always get what we want.

  17. If the city agrees to this, they should get a 100-year guarantee that the team will not move.

  18. Buffalo is a small market, and yes Football, is a business. The goal of business is to maximize profit for its shareholders. Nothing wrong with the Bills asking for a fully paid stadium. At the same time, there is nothing that says that Buffalo needs to spend a penny for the Bills.

    Companies relocate offices and headquarters all of the time – it just typically isn’t reported in the sports pages. If there is a community that is willing to offer the Bills the money to relocate, the Bills should investigate it.

    This is all negotiations for now…. Ask for the moon, regardless of what you would be willing to settle for. Lets see what happens.

  19. 70dolphinfan says:
    August 1, 2021 at 11:43 am
    Dolphins owner Stephen Ross paid for their stadium renovation and new practice facility out of his own pocket because the City, County, and State didn’t want to help.

    So the State of Florida should help build the Dolphins a the new practice facility too?
    Ross was supposed to pay for everything,
    it’s his business.
    I’m a Dolphins fan.

  20. All of you who put the Green Bay Packers down for their ownership set up, we do it the right way.

  21. I don’t live in Buffalo but have been a long time Bills and Sabres fan. Still, don’t trust the Pegula’s at all. While I’m thankful that they stepped in and bought both franchises at an uncertain time about their future in the city, what they have done with the hockey team is cause for concern. Maybe they got lucky and recruited the right people to run the Bills, but what they have done with the Sabres scares me. While I recognize the importance of both franchises both emotionally and financially to a large area of northern New York, would I buy them their new stadium with taxpayers money.? Honestly, not sure. Perhaps I would if I get assurances tied to performance. And maybe that’s not possible.

  22. Ask the people in Hamilton county how they like paying for Paul Brown stadium. Its highway robbery. Don’t do it Buffalo taxpayers.

  23. The average American football fan does not attend his or her favorite team’s game every Sunday. They watch on tv. The ticket price for a nosebleed at most all stadiums is ridiculously overpriced. All this amounts to is corporate welfare. The only jobs this creates are seasonal low paying jobs, the only way the stadium workers could afford a game is by working it. Sure, construction jobs are created, but only until the job is done. If the Pegulas love the Bills so much, they’d pay for their own stadium, afterall they’re the ones who reap all the benefits.

  24. And if a team will be paying for its own stadium (Bills co-owner Kim Pegula previously has said they can’t afford to do that).


    Well if you can’t afford to build your own stadium without completely relying on public funding then you shouldn’t be owning a team.

  25. Tell me that you’re desperate to move out of Buffalo without saying that you want to move out of Buffalo.

  26. This level of greed among billionaire owners is turning me away from professional sports. Once the Broncos relocate, I will leave the game.

  27. Buffalo doesn’t have the economic infrastructure to justify a billion-dollar football stadium, regardless of who funds the project. As a Buffalo Bills fan, I’m hoping the Pagulas and future Bills owners, are satisfied with their financial returns, and do not look to maximize their NFL investment.

  28. Build the stadium by taxpayers and rent it to the football team so the taxpayers have access to it outside of football season. Treat the stadium like an investment for the CITY.

  29. Yeah let’s have the middle class taxpayers put up all the money instead of the billionaire owner, classic NFL

  30. chuckshontaspads says:
    August 1, 2021 at 12:18 pm
    Kraft paid 100 percent to build Gillette. There was some infrastructure paid by the state.

    Pats got 72m in infrastructure, and they paid it back.

  31. And I want my new boat, my new car and my new girlfriend to be completely funded by taxpayers money.

  32. Buffalo needs to do market research and crunch the numbers. In Denver it made sense because they draw fans from surrounding states who stay the weekend. Decades ago Toronto payed nearly 3/4 billion dollars for a domed stadium for the Blue Jays without doing their homework. The Blue Jays are now the WDC Nationals, and the stadium was sold for a fraction of the construction cost just to cut their losses. The stadium was eventually sold to another group for 40 million. He who forgets history…

  33. Vegas is funding around 40% of the Raiders stadium and Los Angeles stadium is completely private funded. So what makes the Pegulas think they can get a stadium in Buffalo or any city for that matter completely taxpayers funded, when 2 of the biggest vacation destinations are not even half funded by taxpayers?

  34. The hilariously ultimate kick to the groin to Bills fans would be the team moving and the following year they win a Super Bowl.
    It’s funny because of the cruelty…

  35. Buffalo should tell them to go pound sand and invest that billion dollars on roads, schools, hospitals, infrastructure. Taxpayers should never fund sporting venues for billionaires.

  36. The city of Buffalo should pay the entire bill and once the stadium is done raise the taxes, utilities and anything else they can get away with on the Pegulas. It’s just business.

  37. Does that make taxpayers part owner of the stadium and allow them free entry for any event?

  38. Hate to see public financing for sport arenas/stadiums, but Fiserv Forum has been an absolute homerun for Milwaukee.

  39. Stadiums don’t bring in the business or give the benefits some would lead you to believe. It supplies very few local jobs that pay well. The ones that do get paid well don’t tend to live in the community that hosts the stadiums. The neighborhoods around the stadium rarely gain value as no one wants to live next to a circus. Tax payer money would be better spent trying to bring in a engineering firm that brings in good paying jobs to the people that live in the community year round. No city should tax their citizens for their stadium. Let the billionaire build it.

  40. Sure. Buffalo and the Bills fan base is rabid and foolish enough to agree. The NFL takes so much unfair advantage of the cities it resides in and the Billionaires that own these teams only get richer.

  41. Taxpayers should only agree to a new stadium when it can also buy into the team. Greedy owners need to sell all of their teams to its generational fans.

  42. 70dolphinfan says:
    August 1, 2021 at 11:43 am
    Dolphins owner Stephen Ross paid for their stadium renovation and new practice facility out of his own pocket because the City, County, and State didn’t want to help.
    Because of Jeff Loria and the Marlins ripping off the State and the County for Marlins Park or whatever they call it now.

  43. Most of you are missing the point here. The biggest public financier of the project isn’t going to be the city of Buffalo (for the record, the city itself won’t pay a cent, because the stadium is going to be in Orchard Park). It’s not going to be Erie County, either.

    The vast majority of the public money is going to come from the state. The Bills are the only NFL team located in New York, and that fact is not remotely lost on the state government in Albany. The league headquarters are in New York. It would be a massive black eye for the state government to lose their only NFL team. They’re going to pay up, and the Pegulas and everyone else knows it.

    This is all negotiating. The state has the money, we’ll see how much of it the Pegulas are able to get.

  44. So basically, the Buffalo Bills are asking the taxpayers to invest in their business for absolutely no return on their investment.


  45. People love to make bad jokes about the Giants and Jets really being from New Jersey, but when it comes to public stadium money, that actually does matter. A LOT.

    New York State doesn’t see a penny of tax money from those teams. They do see it from the Bills, which is why they’re absolutely going to pay up for the stadium (to some degree, at least).

  46. Utterly disgusting. The Pegulas are reprehensible. How much is enough for people like this?

  47. This is so sad I feel for the Bills fans. As a Cleveland fan we know your pain. Just remember if you lose the Bills you won’t get another team! But public money just isn’t right! I now reside in San Diego and watched those scumbag owners try to hold up the city again! They moved to a privately own stadium, they don’t own it and if they don’t win they won’t have any fans and they will move again! It’s just a shame what these Billionaire owners can do!I don’t like Buffalo fans but I did have good time when your cheap owner hosted us Cleveland fans for a heritage game. We had our team ripped from us then had watch our former team win a Superbowl! So buck up you little buckaroos and I hope you can save your team!

  48. So let me get this straight, you want tax payers to not only pay the bill for a billion dollar stadium, for a billionaire owner and then they way they reward the fans will be with raising the ticket prices, making every hotrod $20, every beer $30 and let’s not bring up parking costs since its an upgrade and a nice new shinny stadium. That is a great business model!! If only tax payers were foolish enough to think that’s a good idea..

  49. Are there enough woke people in Buffalo? Last I heard, Buffalo is a blue collar town with working folks living there. The same working folks that are demonized in every way today. So, good luck with that demand

  50. The comments about the taxpayers getting their ROI are real head scratchers. When was the last time you heard about a $1B plus publicly owned facility getting a full return on investment? It doesn’t happen because it would take decades, and longer than that when you consider the frequency and costs associated with “necessary” upgrades, etc. Footing the bill for infrastructure upgrades around the stadium, and maybe even a low interest construction loan are one thing, but expecting the taxpayers to cover the full freight and be happy for it is a slap in the face when the request is coming from a BILLIONAIRE. If you can’t afford a $1B stadium, slum it and settle for $800M.

  51. If the Pegulas do decide to move and I hope they do not, but believe they have the right to, they better do a better job than Kroenke/Rams did. Ask Stanley how that is working out for him right now. And don’t rely on the league to help you. They couldn’t get out of their own way with several year’s notice.

  52. oldgrouch says:
    August 1, 2021 at 1:43 pm

    Buffalo needs to do market research and crunch the numbers. In Denver it made sense because they draw fans from surrounding states who stay the weekend. Decades ago Toronto payed nearly 3/4 billion dollars for a domed stadium for the Blue Jays without doing their homework. The Blue Jays are now the WDC Nationals, and the stadium was sold for a fraction of the construction cost just to cut their losses. The stadium was eventually sold to another group for 40 million. He who forgets history…


    Ummm… you’re thinking of the Montreal Expos. The stadium was built for the 1976 olympic games, and then the Expos took up residency even though it was less than ideal for baseball. An often struggling team with low fan turnout (though they played well their last couple of seasons there) drove the move to D.C. along with the city and province’s understandable position of not wanting to invest more public funds.

  53. Or the state legislature can pass a Cleveland Browns law that ensures that any professional team located within it’s boundaries be offered for sale to people that will keep the team where it is before it is allowed to be moved or transferred to new ownership.

    See….Columbus Crew for reference.

  54. As a long time AFL and AFCE fan, I have appreciated Bills fans and have supported that they stay in Buffalo. But this call by the Pegulas for a FULLY publicly funded $1.5B stadium is just greed personified. Any locality that kowtows to owners like these needs to have their heads examined.

    The Patriots have PROVEN that a smart owner can build its own stadium with 100% private money, with the taxpayer only footing the same kind of infrastructure costs that any major building project costs.

    Its been about 20 years since the Pats build Gillette and it SHOULD have been the blueprint for every stadium project since that time, but unfortunately its STILL a one off exception, while BILLIONAIRES keep feeding off the public trough. But god forbid someone asks for an increrase in the minimum wage and the cries of socialism will rise from the indignant rich.

  55. I love the owners have the audacity they say they can’t afford it, but want the taxpayers to pay for a stadium for them. These people have no shame

  56. This is disgusting, especially considering how devoted the Bills fan base/Bills mafia has been to that team despite the Bills being garbage for the last 20+ years up until recently when they turned the corner under the new staff and QB Josh Allen. The welfare for Billionaires has to stop. It’s disgusting they want the Tax Payers to foot the bill to foot the bill for a new 1+ billion dollar stadium and then they will turn right around and charge those same tax payers an outrageous amount of money for the average family to go to the games on Sundays. I mean between ticket prices, parking, and the concession stand you’re talking close to $400 dollars for your average family of 3-4 people to go to the game on Sundays.. And they want those same tax payers to fund a stadium? Tell them to get bent. How about a break in ticket prices for Buffalo residents if they fund the stadium? The Pegulas and NFL would never cut into their own profits though, they only believe in welfare for themselves though if the fans cant afford it they can kick rocks right? I mean this crap is almost laughable at this point . It’s time for every major American city to tell these people to pound sand rather than cities under cutting each other to bring a team to town using tax money to do so. Meanwhile those same cities can’t seem to find the extra tax payer money to fund much needed social programs and infrastructure for those same citizens whose money they use to fund these projects.

  57. And I want my house completely funded by taxpayer money. Shouldn’t be a problem right?

  58. We went thru this in Minnesota recently. Things got pretty heated but in the end it all worked out. I don’t have an issue with some public money going towards a new stadium, just not 100%. Heck, not even 75%. Both sides benefit from a stadium. The team benefits are obvious. The public benefits from new tax revenues, new businesses opening in the area of the stadium and so on. I’m sure this is just an opening request in the negotiations. But being so bold as to ask for 100% in this economic climate is gutsy!

  59. Putting 100% on he cost on the taxpayers is not fair. I can see half, but not all of it. STL and San Antonio are options if they cannot get a stadium. But hopefully they get the stadium deal done and remain in Buffalo. The league should kick in $$$ too.

  60. Yes, I gave the Patriots credit for privately financing their stadium. But remember, stadiums cost far less during that time. Nowhere near 1.5 billion.

  61. I have zero problem with teams, or any other business, asking for tax funder assistance. I also have zero problems with the tax payers and local govt saying no. Or yes. It’s called Economics. Supply and demand.

  62. Taxpayer extortion. Classic pay or die threat.

    OK, we’ll go along. If taxpayers pay, half the seats for each home game must be priced at $10 or less. Single game seat sales only. Maximum four per sale. No resales permitted.

    Then, let’s talk.

  63. The Buffalo nothings. They don’t care about you. It’s all about the money. I read a book through an NFL game last year. I DID NOT CARE WHO WON OR LOST. The book was great. Meyer Lanskey was already dead when I read it but it was better then what was on TV.

  64. As a Canadian in the Greater Toronto Area, I would instantly drop my beloved Dallas Cowboys to second place to cheer for the Toronto Bills. I’d help pay for it in taxes too. Let’s go Toronto!

  65. How about a no-interest loan from the city/state to the Pegulas, with 100% of the team proceeds going back to the city/state until it’s paid off.

    Since stadiums are such money-generators that they pay for themselves, it should be an easy deal for these billionaires, right?

    Terry Pegula’s worth about $5.5 billion. Most people couldn’t buy a car with 27% of their assets. Imagine being able to buy a football stadium with 27% of your assets. And then claiming you need help.

  66. I wish I could start a business and the citizens would have to pay for my infrastructure. Not enough zeros in my bank account I suppose.

  67. mikereacts says:
    August 1, 2021 at 8:06 pm
    As a Canadian in the Greater Toronto Area, I would instantly drop my beloved Dallas Cowboys to second place to cheer for the Toronto Bills. I’d help pay for it in taxes too. Let’s go Toronto!
    As another Canadian also in the Greater Toronto Area, there is no chance in the world that I would drop my beloved New York Football Giants to second place. My love for Big Blue runs deep and I would take great joy in watching the GMEN beat Toronto’s franchise (although the chances of Toronto getting a franchise are nil, it’ll never happen). I’ve lived through the highs and lows of the Giants and my loyalty will never change. The only really question is – what would I enjoy more, beating Toronto or beating Dallas? Also, no interest in my tax money going towards a Toronto NFL team.

  68. Considering the state of the economy,employment, inflation and the fact that NY state taxes is among the highest, why demand the full funding of a new stadium come from tax payers who are already stretched financially to the eye balls already?. The NFL is a multi billion dollar corporation who has more than the wear with all to help the Bills owners out financially with building a new stadium. Hell, Wal Mart is a multi billion dollar corporation too, but they don’t ask for the people in the communities they wish to put a store(s) to pay for a building for them to hock their wares in. Bills fans just like Charger fans supported their teams through years, some times decade long periods of out right rotten teams. It may be business, but the ownership and the NFL should show some sense of good taste if not a modicum of shame before asking hard working, financially taxed citizens to buy their multi billion dollar league a stadium which they will then charge those same people who footed the bill, higher ticket prices and stupidly high prices for hot dogs and flat beer. Hell, the NFL already gets tax breaks from the government already. How about the owners and the league show some loyalty, appreciation and good taste for the fans for a change and do the right thing and buy the stadiums their teams play in and that they are more than capable of paying for.

  69. If the cities are expected to build the stadiums, why not have them just hire players, coaches and create a league. Why bother with these NFL middlemen?

    After all, without owning a stadium, what do the NFL owners actually own other than the rights to have a team in the NFL?

  70. The L in NFL does not stand for Loyalty asked the fans of San Diego, St. Louis and Oakland

  71. I never viewed the Pegula’s as good owners they have completely destroyed the Sabres

  72. Step up Buffalo, or you’re going to lose the Bills. It’s sad, but that’s the way things are going. I’d move to San Diego if I had to go somewhere else.

  73. The Bills have been a successful professional football team – when? They’ve won nothing in the modern era and have demonstrated they aren’t serious. Let them play in the dump they have or clear the highways so their moving vans can get out of town as quickly as possible. Either the ownership bears at least half of the cost of the stadium or they can bite it. The nerve!

  74. cletuspstillwaterjr says:
    August 1, 2021 at 3:00 pm
    If the NFL has its way it will be the London Bills.

    36 9 Rate This


    Beijing Bills

    Jax to London

  75. I too would like to run a business in Buffalo at the expense of the city, where do I sign up?

  76. Great way to ensure the team moves. That would be a sad day. Talk to San Diego, Oakland or other places about how this will go.

    This is a private money making enterprise and the owners can afford to pitch in. Say what you want about Bob Kraft, but other than some local infrastructure, he found a way to finance a whole new stadium.

  77. malcomreynolds says:
    August 1, 2021 at 2:00 pm
    The hilariously ultimate kick to the groin to Bills fans would be the team moving and the following year they win a Super Bowl. It’s funny because of the cruelty…

    As a Browns fan, we know what it’s like. That’s what happens when your greedy owner betrays the team’s fans for a buck. What gets me is that the Ravens replaced the Colts, then the Browns came back into the league – so why do teams move? It’s not about fan loyalty or whether a city can support a team, it’s about owners cashing in when they can.

    The NFL shouldn’t allow this kind of extortion from owners. Or how about this: if taxpayers fund the stadium, then the taxpayers get 100% of the stadium revenue, since it’s THEIRS! These deals where a stadium is publicly funded but the team gets all the income are ridiculous.

    I also think Austin is a really weak city to use for leverage. How many Cowboy/Texans fans will switch loyalty to a team whose owners have proven they’ll sell out their city for a buck? When the first 20 year lease is over, the Pegulas will be crying for a new stadium and threatening to move again.

  78. So if the tax payers are going to fully fund the stadium, does this mean the tax payers get 24 hour access to the stadium?

    Can we go and use the owners personal bathroom anytime we want?

  79. If the Pegulas want to threaten to move they need to come up with some more viable options in order to get people to take them seriously. Toronto isn’t going to spring for a stadium and the Austin threat is a total non-starter because there’s no way the Cowboys and Texans would allow that. They may as well threaten to make the Bills the third team in LA.

  80. sportsfan says:
    August 2, 2021 at 10:09 am
    The Toronto Bills vs The Miami Dolphins
    Just curious, who exactly is going to pay for this NFL stadium in Toronto? The taxpayers? No chance in 2021 Canada, no chance at all. A lot of people talking about the Toronto Bills, no answers regarding the stadium. The idea of PSL’s selling in Toronto for an NFL sized stadium is laughable. Sure, corporations would gobble up the first 20 thousand seats, then good luck with the rest.

  81. Somebody mentioned this above which makes all of this sickening. The Bills get good and now they use the leverage of demand to shake the city down for a new stadium. Sort of like what the Chargers did to San Diego. I live in San Diego by the way.

    I get it. Business but unless the Bills are bringing in more money than they are getting for what?…a billionaire dollar stadium? Tax the non sports fan. I would say 50/50 but the other owners will protect their guys so they can do the same thing.

    As my father would say…he who has the gold makes the rules. Well it sure seems the owners have the gold and screw everyone from players to fans.

  82. If the Bills move, Ill be done with the NFL. That being said, they aren’t moving.

  83. I like them mentioning Austin Texas. It’s obvious none of the managers have EVER been to Austin.
    First off, it’s 160 degrees in thew sun…. oh wait… I made that up.
    You read that right. If you park your black painted Mercedes on the street in Austin, the roof will be 175 degrees with in the hour. You do not want to know how hot lil Skippy will be if you leave that dog in tthe car.
    Texas Food Health law requires only 165 degrees at the buffet table to serve hot food.
    Those yankees better stay yankees.
    What it will cost to build that stadium here ?
    And the enclosed air conditioned practice field?
    and the triple air conditioned weight room?
    Think I’m kidding, one Dallas area high school has a 30 million Dollar stadium complex, just for football.
    Oh Wait, I lied about that, it’s 60 million. For HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL.Allen Texas Eagles.
    Everyone in commercial construction knows you have to build at night for steel construction. The steel is too hot to install.
    Extra $$$$
    I guess they think everyone wants a bunch of yankee managers in Austin, like THAT will go over big time.
    PS Austin isnt a football town, it’s a College Town with a TEXAS TEAM.

  84. PS there were never Buffalos in Austin. Ever.
    No one is gonna drive to Austin to watch a strange team play.
    Nobody IN Austin wants to watch Sunday football.
    San Antonio tho, ummm that might work better. it is only 2 hours down the road to the South.
    If your a current Bills fan, San Antonio is a better environment, plus the downtown is fantastic.
    Downtown Austin is already packed.
    Whatever you think it will cost in NY to build, it will be 1.5 to 2x in Texas.

  85. What is it with billionaires? Disgusting, considering the Bills are now a top team and their fans are among the most loyal and finally have the team they deserve! disgusting the Pegulas who screwed over the Sabres are now screwing the Bills, their fans and the city of Buffalo. PLus, one advantage the Bills have is their cold winters; one reason they clobbered the Dolphins last year week 17 was Tua had never played in freezing weather before. So if they move to Austin, there goes that advantage…when the Bills are a top team and might actually win a Super Bowl one o’ these days. I hate to see fans, Bills or otherwise, get screwed by their team’s owners. At least Fins owner Ross paid for his own renovations…good on him! Billionaires need to follow Ross’ example.

  86. NFL greed gets worse and worse, They have enough money to build themselves. I bet all the owners hate Stephen Ross for spending his own money.

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