Jordan Hicks wishes he had opportunity to compete for starting job

Arizona Cardinals Training Camp
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Linebacker Jordan Hicks is with the Cardinals at training camp, but he’d prefer to be elsewhere.

Hicks was given permission to seek a trade after the Cardinals drafted Zaven Collins in the first round earlier this year. They plan to start Collins next to 2020 first-rounder Isaiah Simmons, which left no room in the first team for Hicks and led him to ask for that trade.

Hicks said on Saturday that he respects that the Cardinals were up front with their plans and their willingness to honor his trade request, but that “there’s a part that just wishes you had had an opportunity to compete.”

“I think at this point, I think I’ve proven that I’m a starter in this league by the resume that I have, by the past two years of being here and showing my leadership, showing my play on the field,” Hicks said, via Josh Weinfuss of “And, so, whether it’s here, whether it’s somewhere else, if given the opportunity to compete, I think I can have a starting job.”

Hicks said he feels he has knowledge about the defense to share and is “going to help whoever needs help” as the Cardinals continue a camp that he’d prefer to be watching from a distance.

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  1. Jordan ~ In my professional career, when anyone told me it could not be done, that simply solidified my resolve to prove them “wrong”… There are two things to consider here; 1) Zaven is a great kid and will have a wonderful NFL career in his own right. However, he is still a rookie and it will take time for him to adapt the NFL standards. Of course the Cardinals would like for him to step in and take over, but we must be realistic. It is good that you are doing what you can to help him come up to speed as much as possible. But you may also be asked to step in if performance goals are not being produced. 2). Injuries. Something you yourself are very familiar with… This is a new 17 game schedule and Murphy is bond to make his presence known.


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