Brian Flores: I think Tua Tagovailoa has gotten off to a good start

Miami Dolphins Training Camp
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It sounds like so far, so good for Tua Tagovailoa‘s 2021 training camp.

That at least feels like a shortened version of what Dolphins head coach Brian Flores had to say when asked about the second-year quarterback during his Monday press conference.

“Tua, I think he’s gotten off to a good start,” Flores said. “Still a long way to go, still very early. Good command of the offense, his techniques and his QB mechanics, fundamentals. Trying to work those every day and get them where they need to be so that his footwork, his timing, that all kind of plays into his accuracy as a passer. But also ball handling with the backs and things of that nature. So I think he’s off to a solid start. It’s still very early.

“We have a long way to go. We just have to continue to string good days together. That’s always my message to the team — one meeting, one walk-through, one practice, one play at a time. He’s taken that approach and seeing small improvements on a daily basis and hopefully, that continues. It’s not just Tua — it’s Jacoby [Brissett], it’s Reed [Sinnett]. And a lot of players offensively, defensively, and in the kicking game.”

As Flores was somewhat alluding to, the Dolphins haven’t even put on pads for practice yet, so it’s difficult to make any definitive statements. But as long as Tagovailoa is continuing to make steady progress, he’ll be in position to prove the Dolphins have a franchise quarterback after drafting him at No. 5 overall last year.

5 responses to “Brian Flores: I think Tua Tagovailoa has gotten off to a good start

  1. He’s the HC what do you think he’s going to say “this guy isn’t going to make it as an NFL QB”?

  2. Look at Tom Brady, and see what he does well. It’s all between the ears. That’s what wins in the NFL. There’s absolutely nothing you can see in pre-season that shows you anything close to how a QB is going to perform under pressure. That doesn’t mean Tua can’t become a winning QB. He just hasn’t shown any of that yet. So they’re hoping he can do something he’s never done before. And praying, maybe. No choice.

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