Carson Wentz to undergo foot surgery, out 5-12 weeks

Indianapolis Colts Training Camp
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As of Sunday afternoon, reports out of Indianapolis were that quarterback Carson Wentz would not have immediate surgery and would instead try to rehab his foot to get it better.

But those plans have changed.

Colts head coach Frank Reich told reporters on Monday that Wentz will have surgery later in the afternoon. The issue is with Wentz’s left foot and Reich said that it stems from a previous foot injury. According to Reich, the surgery will be to remove a piece of bone from Wentz’s foot that became loose and caused pain.

Reich said the timetable on Wentz’s return is a very wide 5-12 weeks. The Colts will know more about the timetable following the surgery.

The head coach added that the team was not that close to having Wentz simply rehab the injury, in part because it could come back midseason and take him out for the rest of it.

If Wentz is out for as many as 12 weeks, that could have significant implications on the conditions for the trade that sent the QB to Indianapolis. The Eagles are slated to receive a Colts first-round pick if Wentz plays 75 percent of the team’s 2021 offensive snaps, or 70 percent if the Colts make the playoffs. Otherwise, Philadelphia will receive a 2022 second-round pick to complete the deal.

48 responses to “Carson Wentz to undergo foot surgery, out 5-12 weeks

  1. He lasted 1 practice with new teammates and a new offensive system. Coming back after the season starts, which sounds like the most likely outcome, is going to put him way behind in building chemistry and reps.

    I am going into the season expecting Mr. Glass’s playing time to not meet the criteria to give the Eagles a 1st. A 2nd isn’t bad and if it turns into a first it’s a bonus.

    I can’t see how this ends well for the Colts at this point.

  2. Avoids getting a Mike Thomas burn and still minimizes what has to be given to philly. Folks,we have a winner!

  3. This sounds too much like Sam Bradford! Always had potential to be a top line Qb but just never could stay healthy. How long before you just retired as the bust you are Carson!

  4. Nick Foles is available. Although he’s a statue in the pocket, he would fit nicely with the Colts behind that offensive line and in Frank Reich’s system. They would be nuts to go into the season with Eason or another inexperienced QB to start the year.

  5. Either way with or first or second round pick Eagles are ahead by dumping Wentz contract.
    Colts made a very poor decision and are already paying for this broken down qb with his injury history from high school to college to the NFL.

  6. gbpforme says:
    August 2, 2021 at 12:22 pm
    This sounds too much like Sam Bradford! Always had potential to be a top line Qb but just never could stay healthy. How long before you just retired as the bust you are Carson!

    Bradford at least looked good when he would actually play. Carson….not so much.

  7. If this injury stems from a previous injury, that likely happened during his time with the Eagles. So if the Eagles’ pick goes from a 1 to a 2, It’s kind of on the Eagles anyway.

  8. Aside from all the hate, I truly wish coach Reich and the Colts fan base the best with this difficult sitch. Easy to hate on the trade and the player but there are good dudes who have to pick up the pieces. Hope it works out

  9. The Colts Game One opponent and fans of the Seahawks, will be following with great interest.

  10. And you guys constantly talk about Lamar Jackson getting hurt. Players that get hurt, have a history of getting hurt, and obviously, non-running QBs get hurt more.

  11. Ballard should get on the phone and trade for Deshaun Watson…because everyone knows…two wrongs make a right! On a serious note..Ballard is a good GM, I was honestly shocked when he traded for Wentz.

  12. Wentz will come back for game 9, play 4 or 5 games get but really well. This will tease Colts into keeping him for another season. CW is what 6 years into a career and his greatest success getting paid really well in hype and hope. For my money i would rather have Winston, Cousins or Carr.

  13. Nice guy, but he has the fragile tag, no doubt about it. Being a somewhat mobile qb, he’ll be out for 12plus weeks if i were betting on this.

  14. Could the Colts make an appeal to void the trade since this was apparently an injury that existed with the Eagles and was not diagnosed/disclosed? Probably not – just wondering whether they are having buyers remorse.

  15. What i cant believe is all the Niners gave up for a kid who went to the same school as Wentz and barely played a season and a half and barely played any competition. Wentz had one great season and then poof.

  16. I used to think Wentz just had a ton of bad luck, but its becoming increasingly clear he’s just injury prone. Bud Grant always said that a player’s ability to stay healthy was a much underrated skill.

  17. Missing all of training camp is not ideal for a quarterback that is new to the team. If the Colts are going to make a move for a replacement, then it should be happening very soon.

  18. The AFC South could be wide open with this injury to Wentz and the issues with Jones of the Titans. Look out for the Texans with a 9-8 record to win the AFC South.

  19. This trade wasn’t about the pick for the Eagles, it was absolutely about shedding that salary.

    Eagles lose nothing here the way I see it.

  20. Poor chap. I truly empathize with this young man. Battling injuries constantly isn’t easy. This kid is especially snake bit.

  21. The dude had a stretch of 1 partial season (13 games) that was very good. That’s it. In his career.

  22. This likely ends Wentz’s tenure as a starter. He’ll be backup material from here.

  23. Dang. And they could have bundled a 3rd and 4th with their #21 pick and traded up to #14 ahead of the Pat’s and taken Mac “Indiana” Jones, and renamed Lucas Oil Stadium “The Temple Of Doom.” Woulda. Coulda. Probably Shoulda.

  24. Actually, the Colts have two stud QBs. Wentz and Jacob Eason. Eason has the talent of an elite franchise QB. Frank Reich is a QB’s dream coach. I’m not losing any sleep over this injury. In fact, I’m excited that Eason will get an opportunity. You can’t say for sure how a young talented kid is going to do in the NFL, but Eason’s overall QB talent is way up there. I’m not expecting greatness week 1, but I’m very optimistic.

  25. Amazing what a half azzed QB in the NFL can make now days, TOTALLY UNBELIEVABLE!

  26. Which NFL QB gets the most wins in 2021 ?
    Eagles with Jalen Hurts
    Colts with Jacob Esiason

  27. Acorns don’t fall far from trees. If Jacob Eason is the QB, the Colts season will collapse faster than Tony Eason is Super Bowl XX.

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