Mike Mayock diagnosed with COVID-19

Reese's Senior Bowl
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Raiders General Manager Mike Mayock has tested positive for COVID-19, he told Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Mayock is working from home as he isolates from the team.

Mayock, 62, was fully vaccinated and told Schefter he is grateful for that.

Mayock said he feels “very good.”

He is in his third season as the Raiders’ General Manager.

The Raiders placed kicker Daniel Carlson on the reserve/COVID-19 list Saturday. They removed running back Jalen Richard from the COVID-19 list Monday.

14 responses to “Mike Mayock diagnosed with COVID-19

  1. Are any of these guys testing positive unvaccinated? This whole thing is backfiring…

  2. Its not like it was heavily reported that the various vaccines didn’t have 100 percent complete protection, 95 percent effective still leaves 5 percent which is a lot of people when the country has many millions. But I know math, reading comprehension, and human decency is hard for a certain segment of this country.

  3. The Vaccine is not a cure, still need to mask up, sanitize hands, and stay 6ft apart

  4. I met Mr. Mayock at the SB in 2012- great guy and willing to talk sports with people he didn’t know. Wishing him a speedy recovery!

  5. Everybody should rush out and get a vaccine that doesn’t work ..

    It never had to work.. the death rate was super low as it was. They could be shooting you up with water and you wouldn’t even know the difference.

  6. safemoon says:
    August 2, 2021 at 8:40 pm
    Another example of the vaccination failing.

    Wrong ! Like the flu shot, doesn’t prevent you
    from getting it, it prevents you from getting severely sick.
    He’s not in the hospital, but at home.

  7. safemoon says:
    August 2, 2021 at 8:40 pm
    Another example of the vaccination failing.

    106 131 Rate This

    Well, since the actual benchmark for a Covid vaccine is to prevent hospitalization and/or death, and given that Mayock stated he was feeling “very good”, I think it’s safe to say he isn’t dead.

    So, yeah, the vaccine worked as described.

  8. I believe the NFL is going to alter their Covid protocols before the season starts. It will be just like last year with a bit more wiggle room. Even if the players, coaches, and fans are vaxxed someone is going to get it and spread it to others. Especially if the vaccinated are showing symptoms. Just take the same measures they did last year and we should be able to have a season. A few games moved here and there but everyone should still be able to play a full season. If it stays the same I’m guessing if there was an outbreak among vaccinated on a team they would have no problem postponing a game. This is exactly why SOME people are not getting the shot. It’s all about info people. They can push this vaccine all they want but honestly it’s new to everyone including the professionals. If this thing mutates anything like the flu then expect yearly vaccines and maybe even bi-yearly boosters. Viruses may not be “living” but they will find a way to stick around. There is a term called virus latency. Even if all of us are vaxxed it could potentially make a comeback. From you, from me, from animals. The chances are low (just like chances are low for death from Covid), but it’s still a chance. If people dont want a shot how about everyone self quarantine for 2 weeks at the same time? Shut down flights and borders for two weeks. It’s based on the same principles as being vaccinated, am I wrong? The flu hasn’t gone away with vaccinations. The cold doesnt seem to ever go away. Think of it as a house your building “well we got it done it 3 months!” What happens when the foundation starts to crack or the walls settle and your sheetrock starts to crack at the joints? Except construction is something we as a people know alot about. Yes there are variables, where are you living? How many square feet? Does it snow or rain alot? These are the sort of questions we should be asking about the virus and the vaccine. Do they have the answers? Of course they dont. It’s a new virus. Why not ask questions? The problem is we aren’t and then people take it and then blame others for not taking it. Now we know the vaccine isn’t 95%. Wasnt that what was said when it first came out? Now the number is dropping. Just think for yourself. Where a mask if you have to, take the shot if you want. Just remember when you do, that how much money/power is on the line. Everyone for the vax gets political points/money for talking about it it. And the same is true for the anti-vax side. Make up your own mind and don’t judge others. This is why we vote. There’s a left, right, and some people in the middle. Have a goodnight.

  9. Players get concussions even though they wear helmets. That must mean the helmets are useless.

    Add them to the list:

    Birth control – people still get pregnant
    Seat belts – people still get injured/die
    Eat healthy – people still have heart attacks

    Thinking a vaccine is failing don’t understand basic math, odds and how they actually help. Maybe we should just stop with the helmets, condoms, all safety devices and healthy foods because they only work 99% of the time….

  10. One problem is that we’re using the wrong terminology. This is not a true vaccine in the sense that it is eradicating the virus. It’s simply acting as a speed bump to slow it down somewhat. A true vaccine will take 5 to 10 years to develop like the polio and small pox vaccines that wiped out those 2 afflictions. In the meantime, don’t expect others to help keep you safe. Keep your hands washed, your mask on when around others in public, and keep your distance from strangers. Arguing with others about getting a shot is a waste of time.

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