No “win-now mandate” for Jon Gruden

NFL: DEC 22 Raiders at Chargers
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Jon Gruden 2.0 has gone 0-3 when it comes to getting to the playoffs. Few if any other coaches could avoid being on the hot seat in year four.

Gruden nevertheless seems to be safe.

Reporting from Raiders training camp in Nevada, Peter King writes in his Football Morning in America column that Gruden isn’t under a “win-now mandate” from owner Mark Davis.

As to Gruden and Davis, it’s no surprise. Gruden is the coach Davis coveted from the moment he took over the team. Davis has him, and Davis isn’t letting him go — even if Gruden extends his non-playoff streak to four.

It also helps that Gruden has a way of selling the glass as 39.5 percent full, after King asked Gruden if he’s pissed at having only 19 wins in 48 games.

“I’m not pissed,” Gruden said. “I’m excited about the progress we’ve made. We weren’t very good. We had, I think, 20 new starters my first year. Our second year, we got off to a pretty good start. We lost our right tackle. We lost our right guard. We lost our featured back down the stretch. We struggled. And we lost games against Jacksonville and Denver late in the year. You gotta really see it to believe how we lost those games. Got off to a good start last year. Decimated at times because of the virus. We had a tough schedule. But we were in the playoff hunt last couple years until the latter part of the season. I think we are improving. But I don’t like to lose. I don’t like hearing 19-29. I do like the feeling of progress. We were 6-2 in the West. 6-2 on the road, that’s pretty good. We gotta continue to get better obviously at home.”

But it’s not like Gruden inherited a crap franchise. The year before he took the job, the team went 12-4 and made it to the playoffs. But he pushed out G.M. Reggie McKenzie, who’d built that team, and then brought in Mike Mayock to replace him.

Now, Mayock moves into the scapegoat splash zone. If the team fails to make the playoffs in 2021 — and given the top-heavy nature of the AFC, it’s hard not to think the Raiders won’t get one of the seven seats at the playoff table — Mayock probably needs to worry about Gruden blaming it all on him, just like Gruden blamed it all on defensive coordinator Paul Guenther during the 2020 season.

Indeed, there was chatter in the aftermath of last season that Mayock could be the next to go. The problem for Gruden is simple; if he gets rid of Mayock, how can Gruden know he’ll replace Mayock with someone as good or better?

At some point, the blame needs to come back to Gruden. But of all the Raiders fans in the world, only one gets a vote on whether Gruden remains. And Mark Davis doesn’t seem to be remotely close to thinking about making a change.

50 responses to “No “win-now mandate” for Jon Gruden

  1. Another wasted decade for da Raiderz. Chucky will fire Mayock after this season to buy himself at least 3 more years. Mark my words.

  2. Some franchises are allergic to success. When they fired McKenzie you had to know it wasn’t going to turn out well.

  3. Derek Carr 46-63 over 7 Seasons
    Jon Gruden 114-110 over 14 seasons

    Jon Gruden/Derek Carr are the mothers of mediocrity, and the Raiders invested 225 millions dollars in those two. And trade a generational talent like Khalil Mack…… Make that make sense!

  4. Gruden’s response of “20 new starters my first year” fails to cover the fact that he gutted the team and HAD to bring in all of those starters.

    Mayock may or may not be a good GM, but if the team fails again this year he will be the scapegoat. That will allow Gruden to hire a new GM and buy 3 more years before the blame starts to shift to him.

    Son of Al is the ultimate Gruden fanboy and refuses to see that Jon Gruden is an average coach and he was most successful when other people built the teams he coached.

  5. I would call Davis a clown, but that would be an insult to clowns since they would never have Davis’ haircut.

  6. Gruden is NEVER held accountable for anything negative with the organization.

    Most glorified 500 coach in NFL history!

  7. That’s what happens when you get a 10 year guaranteed contract at 10 million a year.

    Davis knows if he fires him even if he ends up not having to pay the entire remainder of the contract, that he’ll still be out 10s of millions that Gruden will get for the balance owed.

  8. The Vegas Raiders shock the world and make the Superbowl. They come up short to the Goat,Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. Final Score
    Packers 38 Raiders 31. The Goat throws a 51 yard TD with 30 seconds to go to Randall Cobb.

    Book it!

  9. Um, McKenzie went 36-60 (.375) in his 2012-2017 tenure. Not sure why he gets the benefit of doubt after 6 years of failure and didn’t deserve to get “pushed out”.

    Strange that you think Gruden/Mayock should be on the “hot seat” after 3 seasons at 39.5%, but someone after 6 seasons at a worse rate should not have been fired…

  10. And all the Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans are saying to themselves….”What’s happening to the Raiders is exactly what happened in Tampa from 2003 thru 2008.

  11. We think keeping Gruden as long as possible is a great idea.

    The rest of the AFC West

  12. There was a 6-10 season after the 12-4 season, then Gruden took over. The offense during the 12-4 season was the best Raiders offense since they lost the Super Bowl. The Raiders offense fell apart after the 12-4 year and it got Jack Del Rio fired. Gruden took over and the Raiders did get worse in his first season, mostly because he got rid of Mack and Cooper. The offense has continued to improve under Gruden to the point where last years team would be comparable to the 12-4 team and even scored more points than that team did. The problem is, the defense has only gotten worse over the Gruden years. That is the real question, can Gruden and Mayock fix an incompetent defense. To be fair to Gruden, the Raiders defense hasn’t really been good since 2006. I think it is fair to expect the Raiders to at least improve to have a winning record so anything less than 9-8 would probably be worthy of a firing.

  13. The Raiders are on the hook for $100 Million dollars, even if they fire Gruden. Insane contract given to Gruden by Davis.

  14. Gruden should be on the hot seat. The odds say that, on average, an NFL team should make the playoffs every 2-3 years. Gruden is going on year 4 with no playoffs yet.

  15. Give a 10 year contract, they’re not going to have a quick hook.

    Bad luck that Mahomes is in the West and worse if Rodgers comes that way next year.

    I’d say Gruden needs to start producing results.

  16. Gruden has gone 9 CONSECUTIVE SEASONS as an NFL Head Coach without a playoff win. Could that be a record?

  17. Not Mayock’s fault that Gruden is the final decision maker on the roster.

    Mayock should have quit the day he realized this. I mean, he could throw Gruden a bone once in a while like Gute did by giving Aaron Cobbie. But to build a sustained Super Bowl contending roster, you need the GM making all the final decisions in the football operations.

  18. This has played out exactly as expected. It’ll just take the Raiders another 3 years to realize it.

  19. Just like every team in the NFL, a break here, a break there, and you win, have them go against you, and you lose. The issue is having the right players in the right position to force those breaks go your way. If you watch the Raiders regularly you know that their defense has been beyond terrible, with some great individual efforts. There has been a piece missing. The offense needs to to get downfield and play like it’s 2016 and finish drives and keep the defense off the field. They should have beat KC twice last year. You have to extend drives to run clock to not give life to your opponent. Players need to remain healthy, reserves need to step up.

  20. The Raiders wasted all their draft capital from the “pivotal” Mack trade (that has yielded a 19-29 overall record since the trade) on guys like Maxx Crosby.

    Mayock and Gruden are in waaaaaaay over their heads! Gruden belongs in the MNF booth, he had his time with coaching. Mayock belongs managing a Pop Warner team.

  21. They should have hired Jeff Fisher. At least with his losing he would have drafted them some good players for the next coach. I don’t see any good player Gruden and his regime has drafted since they took over. Instead they reach on players and then smirk at everyone like they’re smarter than anyone else.

  22. As a Bostonian and obvious patriots fan, I have no dog in this fight. However, I always questioned whether or not gruden was the bird the Raiders needed. Look at his track record following the buccaneers super bowl title. They turned into a .500 team. The Raiders are in the same boat. Even if mark brought in gruden to bring revenue in the form of seats being filled. 2021 should be a year to question the coaching. If they finish at 8-8 AGAIN…he’s gotta go. You cant blame Mayock for the inept coaching

  23. Can’t win in the NFL without a good to very good QB especially when you have Mahomes and Herbert in your division. They need to draft a QB.

  24. Gruden didn’t have to gut the team. That was his choice to get “Gruden Grinders”.
    Del Rio and Gruden made the same mistake by sticking with their poor choice for Def Coordinator, Ken Norton and PG.
    If a coach cannot see those obvious errors, their judgement has to be questioned.
    Initially I thought the Mack and Cooper trades were good for the windfall of picks. But we wasted 4 of the 5 first rounders with the exemption of Jacobs. We had one good year since 2002. I do not see greatness in the near future. But will give this year to see how the defence comes along as we have spent a lot of draft capital on it.

  25. Gruden has improved his record every year all while revamping the terrible players he inherited. Now with Gus Bradley he finally has the missing piece to the puzzle

  26. His contract is supposedly fully guaranteed so getting rid of him would mean Davis paying him like $10 million per year to not coach while having to pay a second guy to be the coach. That’s not going to happen. He’s there until the contract ends unless he decides on his own to step down.

  27. Davis signed him to a 10 year contract.
    He’s not going anywhere anytime soon.
    They should take GM duties away from him.

  28. Yeah, Gruden is a loser? Then why can he buy and sell all of you 1000 times over??????

  29. bengal4573 says:
    August 2, 2021 at 2:02 pm
    Has he ever thanked Dungy for his ring? Overrated
    Has Dungy ever thanked Mora ? Talked about overrated

  30. Gruden has gone 9 CONSECUTIVE SEASONS as an NFL Head Coach without a playoff win. Could that be a record?


    Marvin Lewis went 15 years without a playoff win.

  31. It was Gruden who built the Raiders into the team that went to the SB in 2002, and Gruden himself SHOULD have been there with us when we were robbed by the Tuck Rule as well. I can tell you, Bill Callahan was not playing with his own guys in ’02, nor was he playing with his own playbook, as evidenced by the fact that Gruden knew every play we were running in the SB.

    So you can bash on a SB winning coach who also built a SB team from the ground up and would have won with it had he stayed. But he’s a great coach when he has the right DC.

    No, not great with personnel, not with the draft OR FA. He needs to turn that completely over to Mayock and stick with what he does best. HOWEVER, they’ve drafted some very solid guys. Kolton Miller is a great LT and will be with us for many years. Trayvon Mullen is a rock solid outside CB. Maxx Crosby has been our best pass rusher, until the Ngakoue signing.

    Verdict is still out on the younger guys but there’s a lot of talent on this team, particularly on D, that has simply been mis-used by our former DC Paul Guenther. Now that Gus Bradley is managing our defense, we expect much more out of guys like Ferrell, Abram, Arnette and our new FS stud-to-be Trevon Moehrig.

    And for those praising Reggie McKenzie here, don’t make me laugh. The man should never, ever have even gotten a whiff of a GM job. He was atrocious.

  32. kinda like that genius GM in Dallas who assembles laughable rosters but thinks they should win the SB every season

  33. Making mad faces on the sideline does not make a good NFL coach.

    Go back to the broadcast booth Chucky!

  34. “Gruden has improved his record every year all while revamping the terrible players he inherited.”

    Gruden inherited Khalil Mack, one of the best DEs in the game, but chose to trade him away for a handful of magic beans.

  35. Just do your best Jon. Your worth every dollar even if we never make the playoffs.

  36. you take a formerly 12-4 team to 3 straight years of no playoffs
    Maybe some bad luck, but…
    4 straight years and you are the problem
    Not like the Chargers or Broncos have been powerhouses so take the losses to KC and get a wildcard

  37. Raider fan, you realize you are Raider fan right? Gruden beat the Chiefs 1x, almost beat them a 2nd time. Not too shabby in my book. Split vs a very good Chargers team. Beat the Browns in Cleveland, a Playoff team. Beat a good Saints team, another Playoff team. You could always Hire Hue Jackson back LOLOLL

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