Report: Carson Wentz undergoing surgery this afternoon in Indianapolis

Indianapolis Colts Training Camp
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Colts quarterback Carson Wentz is undergoing foot surgery this afternoon in Indianapolis, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports. Dr. David Porter, an orthopedic foot specialist who works with the Colts, will operate on Wentz.

Colts coach Frank Reich said Monday that Wentz injured his foot the second day of camp, but the injury is an old one. Wentz had an undiagnosed broken foot in high school.

The bone fragment was dislodged on a rollout, so Wentz will require surgery to repair the fifth metatarsal in his left foot.

“Knowing Carson, I’m optimistic,” Reich said, via George Bremer of CNHI Sports Indiana. “Knowing that this is the type of injury you don’t have to be pain free to play with – I know Carson’s level of toughness. I know he can play with pain. With this injury, listening to the doctors, you have to get to an acceptable level of pain, and then you can start playing.”

Reich gave a 5- to 12-week timeline for Wentz’s return.

“That’s a big range, and there’s no way to know where you’re going to fall in that continuum until you get into the rehab process,” Reich said. “Now, obviously, we’re optimistic and hopeful that we can be on the front end, somewhere toward the front end of that, but the reality is you can be anywhere in that spectrum.”

27 responses to “Report: Carson Wentz undergoing surgery this afternoon in Indianapolis

  1. get well soon kid, was looking forward to see if you would prove the doubters wrong or not

  2. I bet this is going to be a case study to dig further into high school injuries before making any investment into a draft pick.

  3. Mac Jones will be the definition of a bust like every other Alabama QB. Can’t wait to see that disaster unfold

  4. Why would anyone with any football IQ think a QB from a school like NDSU could have any chance of success in the NFL? Just ridiculous.

  5. If Wentz misses a lot of time and is ineffective, the Colts may draft a QB.
    Wentz may have to fight for his job.

  6. Playing with pain doesn’t sound like a great prognosis.Either he’s coming back too early or it will be a chronic problem throughout his career.

  7. Gotta get all the 1AA Qbs out of the NFL. They stink and their Mickey Mouse backgrounds are not good enough.

  8. And Dak Prescott just keeps getting better and better.

    Hail the mighty Cowboys!! Long live Jerry!

  9. Well this just might be the end of the line for Mr Glass. A twinge, a pop and its over.

  10. I only wish him well. Look how the wheels blew off the wagon in Philly when Frank walked out the door and went to the Colts. Players and coaches bond. If Indy wins another Super Bowl with these guys this will ALL blow over. If they don’t… at least they tried.

  11. After suffering all the years of Luck’s injuries why’d you bag a known fragile QB?

  12. Another team kicking themselves for not going harder after Tom Brady last year.

  13. Bad decisions always get punished. Its one thing to draft a player and think he has potential. Its truly a totally different thing to acquire a bad QB that you know is injury prone.

  14. “but the injury is an old one. Wentz had an undiagnosed broken foot in high school.”

    Was this ever reported on prior to now? I don’t see it in any of the draft articles or in any of the articles on his injury history. When exactly did this undiagnosed injury come to light?

  15. nyfootballgiants says:
    August 2, 2021 at 5:13 pm
    Maybe he could get a sponsorship gig with charmin
    Giants fan calling somebody soft.

  16. I thought Jacob Eason could easily have been a high first round pick. I don’t understand the criteria NFL teams use to evaluate QB’s, but it’s obviously very flawed. It looks like Eason might get an opportunity.

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