Someone in Michigan really believes in the Lions as a Super Bowl contender

Detroit Lions Training Camp
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Maybe kneecap-biting will take the Lions where they’ve been trying to go for decades.

At least one person in Michigan believes that the Lions will make one of the most stunning turnarounds in league history. Via David Payne Purdum of, BetMGM in Michigan has taken two big bets based on the Lions’ chances in 2021.

One bet entails $500 at 250-1 odds for Detroit to win the Super Bowl. Another bet puts $1,000 on the Lions, at 100-1, to win the NFC Championship.

That’s $125,000 if the Lions win the Super Bowl, and $100,000 if they get there.

Maybe the bettor (I figure it’s the same person making both wagers) knows something we don’t. Maybe the bettor is just a rabid fan. Maybe the bettor got really drunk or really high, and opted for this in lieu of a face tattoo.

Regardless, someone believes in the Lions. Which is one person more than the number that believed in the Lions in recent years.

4 responses to “Someone in Michigan really believes in the Lions as a Super Bowl contender

  1. * Well, the Lions have finally acquired a QB that has a history of taking a team to a Super Bowl.
    So, Yeah, there’s that.

    * Sarcasm On.
    # Sarcasm Off.

  2. I wouldn’t consider those amounts particularly large but…. maybe someone decided to spend their stimulus money…

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