Another Raiders executive makes abrupt exit

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First, it was team president Marc Badain. Now, it’s V.P. of strategy and business development Brandon Doll.

Via Ben Fischer of Sports Business Journal, Doll left the team last week. Doll declined comment as to the reason for the move.

Doll had spent eight years with the team, with his first position being finance intern.

As Fischer explains it, Doll served as Badain’s right-hand man during the stadium effort that began with a failed attempt to get a stadium built in Oakland and ended with a new venue in Las Vegas.

Peter King, who recently visited Raiders camp, wrote in Football Morning in America that no one with the team is saying why Badain left.

“I heard lots of theories about why he left,” King added. “That he didn’t approve of some of the spending by owner Mark Davis in the midst of a disastrous first financial season in Las Vegas (including Davis’ decision to buy the WNBA’s Las Vegas Aces), that he was just tired of the nonstop pace of running a franchise in a new city, that he and Davis were having significant disagreements on the direction of the franchise at a time when money was tight.”

Regardless, Badain is out. Doll is out. And it makes sense to wonder whether who will be out next.

15 responses to “Another Raiders executive makes abrupt exit

  1. I don’t know….maybe it was Mike Mayock’s/Jon Gruden’s completely over reaching head scratching 1st round picks in the last 3 drafts.

  2. curtismhardy says:
    August 3, 2021 at 8:09 pm
    Seems like “Da Raiders” are becoming the next
    3 Mile Island–TOXIC !
    Are they carrying around a full-auto uzi, chocking out their girlfriends, trying to break in to their in-laws house, sexually assaulting massage therapists, or having indecent acts with a child?

  3. Possibly neither could continue to look at Davis’s haircut any longer without risking some sort of serious medical reaction?

  4. People leave jobs for a variety of reasons. But with some of the collateral noise we’ve heard out of the Raiders it does make you wonder if people are starting to see the direction the ship is headed and decided they want off. Particularly if you are close to the decision maker, having a disagreement about direction might make you literally implementing what you think is a mistake every day. And to me frankly Davis does not seem a maverick for good or bad like his father.

  5. Meanwhile Gruden could pull a Costanza and TRY to get fired and the cover boy for MADD comics, AKA their owner, wouldn’t let him go.

  6. funny people are commenting on guys they never heard of in their life, it’s really sad how pathetic these raiders haters are.

  7. What teams are trying to build a new stadium…my guess is that’s where they’ll both land.

  8. Raider hate is alive and well. BTW, we LOVE it. Riddick wanted to retire last year, but was talked into playing. Sam Young has played 12 years and battled leg injuries last season, he may have had enough. The LBer wouldnt have made the team. Kirby’s (RB Coach) has personal family reasons that caused him to leave the team. Marc Badain has something in the works, and Doll being his right hand man, decided to join him.
    Keep hating though, its funny !

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