Vikings’ Jeff Gladney indicted for assaulting a woman

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Vikings cornerback Jeff Gladney is facing serious legal charges in Texas.

Gladney was indicted by a grand jury in Dallas on a charge of assaulting a woman, according to Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

A woman accused Gladney of shoving her face and pulling her toward her phone as he attempted to force her to use her phone’s face ID feature so that he could see text messages on her phone. She also claims that Gladney punched and choked her.

The Vikings selected Gladney with the 31st overall pick in the 2020 NFL draft and he started 15 games as a rookie. Now his future in football is in doubt as he faces serious charges.

13 responses to “Vikings’ Jeff Gladney indicted for assaulting a woman

  1. I suppose I could make a Viking joke here, as our dear friend Ariani would do if this were a Packer player, but I won’t. Instead – and maybe there are more details than we know from this post – and if so, fine … but it’s a little frightening to think that someone can make a complaint and just like that – this guy’s world collapses. Again, if there’s additional information available that’s not printed here, that’s good … but if not – if it’s simply a complaint – wow!

  2. arnoldziffel

    If I remember correctly there were pictures of her injuries and possibly even witnesses. That’s more than enough.
    Personally, as a die hard Vikings fan who thought Gladney was coming along very well, get rid of him yesterday and don’t think twice. This wasn’t some drunken misunderstanding that got a little out of hand (which also isn’t ok but doesn’t exactly make anyone evil). This was cold, calculated and fueled by rage. Garbage human being.

  3. Who gets the worse punishment. The NFL player or Mr. Mayor in NY?

    My mistake obviously, should read Mr. Governor.

  4. The same NFL that is so worried about everyones health and how much leverage they can place on players and employees to get vaccinated against their will…is the same NFL that has continually turned its eye over and over and over again when its players beat women. What about their health Roger? what about the players mental health? Your silence is always deafening.

  5. As crazy as it sounds in this case we are still innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The Viking ownership can make their statements and moves after the court/jury makes theirs.

  6. I bet he wishes he had those two hours back. If its his first time, they may settle before trial. If not, he made a mistake that will affect the rest of his life.

  7. The NFL needs to do the right thing and send a message to all the players out there and give this guy a lifetime ban. The players union needs to also do the right thing and support it and not act as an enabler so there are no consequences for these guys.

    If he’s allowed back in the NFL it just send the same message that if you’re talented enough you can get away with anything short of murder in the NFL.

  8. Clearly the Vikings have reason to believe he did it. Either his every day behavior is indicative of the kind of person who would beat a woman, or the Vikings have additional information we’re not privy to. Either way, they wouldn’t toss away a first-rounder unless they were sure it was in their best interests.

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