Zach Wilson thinks it’s “pretty dang cool” to share a birthday with Tom Brady

New York Jets Training Camp
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Tom Brady turns 44 today.

Also today, the presumptive starting quarterback of the New York Jets turns half that age.

It’s Zach Wilson‘s 22nd birthday on Tuesday and the quarterback called it “pretty dang cool” to share a birthday with the seven-time Super Bowl champion.

“I’d say one of the craziest parts is I think I was one in his first year in the NFL,” Wilson said, via Al Iannazzone of Newsday. “It’s crazy to think about it.”

Wilson was born in 1999, just before Brady’s final season at Michigan. That year, Brady threw for 2,217 yards with 16 touchdowns and six interceptions in 11 games.

Twenty-two years later, Brady’s still in the league and has a decent chance at winning a second consecutive Super Bowl with the Buccaneers. But growing up, Wilson apparently preferred to watch Aaron Rodgers with the Packers instead of Brady with the Patriots.

“Brady, in my opinion, is the greatest of all time,” Wilson said. “I don’t think you can argue that. Wherever he’s at, he’s winning. I’ve always been a Rodgers guy because of the flashiness, but the thing that’s important in the game is winning.

“This is a team sport, it’s all about winning. It’s not about how cool a throw looks or anything like that. He’s definitely been a favorite to watch growing up. That’s just because of the way he does it, the way he’s found a system, a process that works for him as far as his offseason conditioning.”

That relentless work ethic is a big part of why Brady is about to embark on his 22nd season at the age of 44. Time will tell if Wilson can get to a point where he and the Jets become consistent winners in the AFC East — let alone if Wilson can reach Brady’s level of skill and longevity.