Aaron Rodgers: Relationship with Brian Gutekunst a work in progress

NFL: JUL 31 Green Bay Packers Training Camp
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When Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers‘ issues with the organization came to light this offseason, there was a particular focus on his feelings about General Manager Brian Gutekunst.

One report indicated that Rodgers wanted Gutekunst fired and another said he referred to Gutekunst as “Jerry Krause” in text messages. Krause was the G.M. of the Chicago Bulls when they won six NBA titles, although that didn’t stop him from being mocked by Michael Jordan and others throughout his tenure for the way he managed the team.

Rodgers didn’t confirm either report at a press conference last week, but he did make it clear that he doesn’t think his voice was being heard on personnel matters. Gutekunst did listen to Rodgers when it came to trading for wide receiver Randall Cobb last week, which may have been a step in the right direction in what Rodgers termed an ongoing process of building a better relationship on Wednesday.

“I think it’s a work in progress for sure,” Rodgers said, via Ryan Wood of the Green Bay Press-Gazette. “I think relationships aren’t formed in a matter of a couple days. There’s time where respect grows, and the communication follows.”

Reporting to camp and reworking his contract with the team left Rodgers committed to the Packers through next season. Whether he remains with the team will have a lot to do with his performance on the field and it will likely have something to do with how well that process plays out over the next few months.

18 responses to “Aaron Rodgers: Relationship with Brian Gutekunst a work in progress

  1. Phenomenal – sounds like their relationship is heading in the right direction. Go Pack Go!!!

  2. so what happens if he does listen to rodgers, but doesn’t do what rodgers wants? does that mean he didn’t listen cuz he didn’t do?

  3. Aaron Rodgers is a deserving first ballot HOF’R both as a football player AND douche.

  4. Jerry Krause built 6 World championship teams around Jordan. That’s impressive and Rodgers should be happy if he has anyone even close to that in the organization.

  5. “Meaningful consultation” — listening, considering, discussing, then making the decision that is Gute’s to make. Rodgers reserves the ability to change the play sent in once he is at the line of scrimmage — that’s his responsibility. Similarly, Gute needs to make decisions regarding the composition of the team — with consultation and consideration from key staff and voices.

  6. Rodgers says jump. Gute says how hi?
    Sounds like progress. At least they are speaking with each other

  7. bringing guys like cobb in to appease rodgers is great cause that’s gonna blow up in his face when he catches 15 balls this year, then front office can tell him to shut his mouth and play football

  8. Jerry Krause was a ‘bull in a china closet’ It was not what the GM Krause did to help the Chicago Bulls win. It was the greatness of Michael Jordan. A good analogy if in fact the report is accurate and Aaron Rodgers referred to Brian Gutekunst as a Jerry Krause GM type.

  9. We’ve seen a lot of attempts to whitewash history over the past few years. But attempting to classify legitimate criticism of Krause as based on his management style, is ridiculous. He was universally loathed, and it had very little to do with his management of the Bulls.

  10. Jerry Krause was hof personnel scout. The mopes running the packers just get lucky.

  11. ARodg has shown time after time he owns this franchise and city. Whatever he wants, he gets. This year it feels like he wants destruction of the Pack.

  12. We all know that Rodgers doesn’t hold grudges, so I think we can all agree that this relationship should evolve over time and grow nicely.

  13. I can only imagine how Gutekunst and Murphy describe Rodgers in private. “Complicated fella” is probably the most glowing assessment.

  14. How does it work if Cobb is playing poorly and Lafleur wants to bench him? Does he need to consult Rodgers? Does Rodgers resent him for it?

    There’s reasons Lombardi/Wolf say “players play.” Crossing the Streams rarely works out well.

  15. Hey, Rodgers. Take the snaps, throw, run or hand off, sit on the bench half the game and cash your checks. For one season. Then, get out.

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