Logan Ryan says he and Evan Engram are “great” after hit that set off Giants practice brawl

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Giants defensive back Logan Ryan leveled tight end Evan Engram in practice yesterday, leading to a team-wide brawl that had head coach Joe Judge furious. But Ryan said he and Engram were over it as soon as practice ended.

Ryan said after practice that he went up to Engram in the team facility afterward with a friendly, “What do you want to eat for lunch?”

We’re great, man,” Ryan said, via Ralph Vacchiano of SNY. “It’s football. It’s a physical sport. If you’re not tough or chippy I don’t know if you can play this game. Me, Evan, we’re locker buddies. We’ll be fine. This is a football team. Practice gets physical and chippy, but everything gets left between the lines.”

Ryan said he and his teammates are tired of losing and that he thinks it’s a positive that there was so much passion on the practice field.

“There’s going to be some chippiness. There’s going to be some griminess. But we’re leaving it within the lines,” Ryan said. “And I’ll take a team like that. I’ll take a team like that every single day.”

Judge didn’t like it, but Ryan thinks the Giants are playing a brand of football that Giants fans will like.

7 responses to “Logan Ryan says he and Evan Engram are “great” after hit that set off Giants practice brawl

  1. There is no classier player than Logan Ryan. People in New England know it, people here in Tennessee know it, and people in New Jersey are learning it. Great locker room guy, very mature, terrific in the community.

    We loved the intensity and intelligence he brought to the Titans. Wishing him all the best as a member of the Giants.

  2. It wasn’t really a fight. These guys have been working out since last season. They have a lot of pent-up energy. It was their first day in pads. For the defense, it’s their job to hit people….so they did.

    I actually think that this is a good sign for the Giants defense.

  3. Oh we’re great – he’d tell you himself but they had to wire his jaw shut for now.

  4. The thing that stands out to me is that they actually have time to go and eat lunch.

  5. This isn’t really how it works, though. The guy who delivered the hit saying everything’s okay doesn’t count. It’s the guy who received it that gets to say it’s okay.

  6. Yeah I know what the guy who laid the hit on the defenseless receiver is going to say. The question is, what does the guy who got laid out think?

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