Tyler Boyd: Joe Burrow looks good but is still “iffy on his knee”

Cincinnati Bengals Training Camp
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Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow has been cleared to practice after suffering having his rookie season ended by a torn ACL last year, but he may not be 100 percent.

Amid reports that Burrow hasn’t looked like himself in training camp, Bengals wide receiver Tyler Boyd suggested today that Burrow might not be completely confident that he can do everything.

“I think he looks good. Just watching him move around in the pocket, his pocket presence seems great. I think he’s kind of a little iffy on his knee, but it’s kind of hard to tell. I feel like he’s ready to go, but I also think he doesn’t want to do too much,” Boyd said.

Boyd caught 79 passes for 841 yards last season, but his production declined significantly late in the year when Burrow was lost for the season. Boyd would love to see Burrow return to 100 percent this year.

17 responses to “Tyler Boyd: Joe Burrow looks good but is still “iffy on his knee”

  1. Teams love it when players give medical assessments of other players on their team.


  2. Why tell the rest of the league that your Field General is a little skittish? Bonehead move, Tyler.

  3. Boyd is either ignorant, telling others about his QB’s weakness….OR, he’s helping Burrows to sandbag and get opponents to think that Burrow’s is still injured.

  4. Players do sometimes get misquoted. If not misquoted he’s entitled to his opinion, but I think I’ll go with Joe’s assessment.

  5. I hope he doesn’t rush back too quickly. I’d hate to see another Carson Wentz situation happen to such a bright young star.

  6. it takes one full year for an acl to be fully right again. might not hurt a pocket passer but mobility is an issue

  7. add that most teams coaches and players know how long it takes to fully recover from an acl

  8. It’s the side to side lateral movement that takes time to feel comfortable with after an ACL rupture. Speaking from experience. It really does take a full year before that natural phenomenon of wanting to over protect your surgically repaired knee leaves your subconscious.

  9. Smart. This is probably subterfuge by the Bengals. Feed into the rumors and ‘confirm’ they are true by getting some player to drop a hint that Burrow is not trusting his knee, when he is fine. Playing 3D chess here.

  10. i read a report one play in practice someone got too close and he lifted his leg in the air to prevent contact…that’s a bad sign he’s not over it mentally

  11. Which is why it’s great the bengals drafted a great offensive lineman in the first few picks instead of another toy he won’t have time to get the ball to.

    Oh wait…

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