Cam Newton not concerned about number of practice reps he’s receiving

New England Patriots Training Camp
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Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has said that Cam Newton is the team’s starting quarterback — at least until someone beats him out.

But based on the way the reps have been distributed during training camp practices, it certainly seems like New England is running a quarterback competition.

According to Mark Daniels of The Providence Journal, Newton had nine passing attempts during Thursday’s practice with six coming in team drills. Rookie Mac Jones had 17 passing attempts with 12 in team drills. On Wednesday, Newton had 13 total while Jones had 23.

Part of the reason for the discrepancy could be Jones’ need to learn the offense and adjust to the league, while Newton is entering his 11th season and second with New England.

Either way, Newton said he’s not concerned about it.

I don’t get involved in the reps. I just do what I’m asked and I just go from there,” Newton said, via Daniels. “As far as trying to maximize as much as I possibly can when I’m in there, that’s the only thing I can control and that’s what I will continue to do.”

Newton also noted that he wants to continue getting better through the rest of camp, working with his teammates in that process. Though there are a lot of factors — including rain at Thursday’s practice — you still have to play through them.

“[B]eing a signal-caller you just gotta be able to deliver and do your job,” Newton said. “That process will take time. It’s just a day-to-day thing. It’s going to take the repetitiveness from the side little work deals after practice, before practice that we can see what each other is seeing and talk about it more normal, rather than having a play happen and it not go to our liking, then we have to re-do it again. Hopefully those kinks will be ironed out, and that’s what I’m expecting.”

8 responses to “Cam Newton not concerned about number of practice reps he’s receiving

  1. Mac Jones 7, Cam Newton 1

    Jones has totally outperformed Newton so far, as easily projected. Newton did better on Tuesday and that’s been it.

    We get to see more of if on tv next Thursday.

    Thanks BB. Newton’s status as “qb1” is running out.

  2. Belichick replaced Bledsoe with Brady and traded Drew for a #1. He won 6 super bowls with Brady, going to nine of them in an18 year span, coaching the 6th round compensatory pick to GOAT status.

    He went 11-5 with Matt Cassel with Brady hurt and then traded him for a #2. He went 3-1 with Brady out on suspension before winning a super bowl that year. He traded Jimmy G for a #2 and Brissett for Dorsett.

    Now he has bridged the gap from Brady to the 15th pick in the draft with a former NFL MVP. Not even Walsh has a better QB track record than Belichick.

  3. coaching the 6th round compensatory pick to GOAT status.


    and he didn’t know why the offense worked under Brady.

  4. The logic of Belichick’s believers is like this : Brady is a 6th round pick. He couldn’t be that good without a great coach.

    But it makes sense to them that a defensive mind could invent such marvelous offense system that even after 20 years, no other coaches and QB could command.

    Given that Belichick almost never talked his QB and WR on sideline, the system must be quite simple. In other word, LOGICALLY, Belichick’s believers insist that any coaches and QB who were not directly under Belichick were idiots. Don’t know why they feel so happy about it.

  5. At this point, Mac makes prettier passes, but Cam is the better overall QB

  6. It’s hard to not like Cam and I think his head is in a good place, as it has been all along. He’s a freak of nature. He’s a huge athletic guy and does pose a challenge to defenses especially with a good oline and running backs. Jones will have to be very very very good to get the job as a rookie out of the chute. The pre-season games will tell but I wish there were 4 not 3. There may not be enough time and reps to do a proper eval. They have a ton of players to eval in game 1, and they want to be careful of injuries in week 3. They should each get 4-5 quarters of play, but it won’t always be with starters. It’s hard to see the rookie starting the season with a vet like Cam on the team. Were it Hoyer, Stidham, and Jones, he’s have a much better chance. My hope is Cam plays so well BB can’t switch, the Pat’s roll, and Jones plays next season if he is indeed good enough in live play. Even if Cam struggles he may not lose the job if BB thinks Jones isn’t ready. We were all excited about Stidham last year and that didn;t work out, so I’m cooling the jets on Jones for now.

  7. “The pre-season games will tell but I wish there were 4 not 3″…. when there were 4 preseason games the starters never played in the 4th game anyway…. teams will be practicing together with other teams. I believe the Pats are scheduled to have training camp practices with the Eagles, in Philly, and the Giants in Foxboro.

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