Derek Carr feeling “just so free” heading into eighth season

Las Vegas Raiders Training Camp
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After failing to make the playoffs under head coach Jon Gruden over the last three seasons, the Raiders would like to change their fortunes this season.

Quarterback Derek Carr will play a significant role in determining whether that happens and he outlined one difference about his approach to the game when he spoke to reporters on Wednesday. Carr said that he feels like he’s reached the right mental space for his play to flourish after years of feeling stress about his role.

“I remember the night before every practice, I’d be stressed out,” Carr said, via the team’s website. “In my head, I’m just hard on myself. I’m thinking about everything like, ‘I got to do that right.’ I’m checking my notes like, ‘I got to do that. I wrote this down, got to fix that.’ Now, it’s just so free. . . . Once I got away from trying to impress everybody else, I got comfortable with being me and honestly that’s when I’ve played my best.”

Carr looked comfortable for most of the 2020 season and posted the best passer rating of his NFL career. Increasing that comfort level is reason for optimism about the year to come, although it will be tempered by lingering questions on the other side of the ball.

10 responses to “Derek Carr feeling “just so free” heading into eighth season

  1. So he is comfortable not making the playoffs. People like to be in their comfort zone.

  2. And after his 8th season he will still have the same number of postseason wins as me

  3. Love it when all the trolls and haters come out of the woodwork just to prove their awe inspiring acumen of football.

  4. You kind of have to feel sorry for a guy that can hang 4k yards for 3 straight seasons…but it’s a bit easier to throw for 4K when you’re constantly playing from behind.

  5. Carr is probably stressed out by the defense. It’s frustrating. He can visualize doing great on offense but then he thinks, “no matter how good we are on offense, our defense sucks.”

  6. All reports indicate the talent the Raiders have drafted is showing out at the WR position. Ruggs and Bryan Edwards running great routes, showing great speed and making circus catches. If those two guys can put it together this season AND stay healthy, Gruden just might be tempted to get away from his old-school run-first mentality. Especially if the new OL isn’t great at run blocking, which I believe will likely be the case.

    Put them on the field with John Brown, Waller, Hunter “The Slot Machine” Renfrow, Josh Jacobs and Kenyan Drake, and there are just weapons ALL OVER the place. The biggest problem would be having enough balls to go around.

    Again, IF they can put it together. And with their rookie season under their belts plus an actual full offseason and starting completely healthy, it’s a distinct possibility for a couple guys who played big in the SEC against the best defenses in the nation.

  7. I do not understand the hate spewed at DC. He’ll get paid $19 mil this year and $19 mil next year. he is living up to his contract. Why all the hate?

  8. Nobody hates Derek Carr. Lots of people love the Raiders. It’s a QB league. Repeat, it’s a QB league. If anyone hasn’t figured that out, they must hate football. So easy to throw the word hate around, if someone doesn’t see things the same as you. Kind of lame, isn’t it?

  9. There is absolutely nothing showing from the past three drafts except the Raiders 19-29 three season record since getting a million picks from trading Mack.

    Raiders still suck!

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