Deshaun Watson talks between Eagles and Texans are not “heating up”

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
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Deshaun Watson continues to be a member of the Houston Texans. There’s a good chance that’s going to be the case for awhile.

Contrary to a report that trade talks between the Eagles and Texans regarding a potential Watson deal are “heating up,” a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that they are not.

The problem at this point is the looming possibility of prosecution. As previously mentioned, Watson’s camp believes that the evidence against him inevitably will be presented to a grand jury. If he’s indicted on felony charges, the NFL undoubtedly will place him on paid leave until the case is resolved. Until then, it’s possible he’ll be convicted and then incarcerated.

“Teams have to wait to make sure jail isn’t a possibility,” one source explained.

Although only a few of the women who have accused Watson of wrongdoing have alleged forcible sexual misconduct, it takes only one allegation to become an indictment and in turn a conviction. At this point, especially in light of the trade compensation the Texans expect, it’s not worth taking the risk until knowing more about when and if Watson will be available to play football.

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  1. Watson is toxic. No one should want him. 20 plus women cannot all be out to get Watson. He has obviously done something heinous here. The NFL finally has a chance to put football in its proper perspective here. Shame on the eagles for considering this.

  2. Thank God! The amount of rumored draft capital required to acquire a (sketchy) dude that will likely be sidelined for who knows how long (entirely possibly a full season minimum) would be a total waste compared to using those picks to rebuild the team with good young players. I know things somewhat unexpectedly worked out for the Eagles by giving Mike Vick a chance after his issues, but this isn’t the same.

  3. Not sure how talks with any team will be heating up when there are currently 20 plus people suing Watson in civil court, and 10 plus have filed criminal complaints. That the NFL has not put him on the exempt list shows how laughable the league’s policy is.

    This man is toxic until everything gets settled. Until then, unless the Texan cut him, he will be a Houston Texan.

  4. Watson can play football well. Howie doesn’t know what that is when he sees it… With that point in mind, it is easy to understand why the “Quarterback Factory” my not have interest.

  5. hahahaha, the “pundits” didn’t learn a damn thing from the Arron Rodger’s fiasco.

    While teams would have wanted Rodgers, GB wasn’t interested in trading him and held all the cards so it didn’t happen.

    Nobody (not even Houston) wants Watson because he is super toxic (PR wise), has a way overvalued contract and doesn’t really have a great record as a QB. Houston is holding a pair of 2s, Watson doesn’t even have a pair and NOBODY else is sitting at the table.

    Can we please talk about who looks good in camp and stop it with the inane rumors?

  6. Howie loves to wheel, deal, and tinker with the roster incessantly…”always looking to upgrade,” is his mantra.

    He loves roster moves almost more than he loves putting together a successful team, as we have seen of late.

    The idea that he’d be willing to give up a bounty of picks (and the control of the draft that comes with them), just to take on the inevitable headache and locker room troubles Watson will inevitably bring, pretty much says it all: the decline from 2017 to 2020 didn’t teach him a thing.

    Talent’s important, but it ain’t everything. And it doesn’t exist in a vacuum either, Howie.

    Keep the picks and give Hurts a chance.

  7. Imagine being the franchise who would trade FOR this scumbag. Their PR team gonna have to work overtime to explain that one away.

  8. The Texans are chumps. They act like Watson doesn’t have major legal issues ahead. They should be happy if a team would give up a 2nd & 5th and move on. He doesn’t want to be a texan, and (3 )1st rd picks is ridiculous. It’s not about his character so much, All teams have low character guys on them. It’s more about his contract and availability.

  9. The Eagles have made it clear they’re rolling with Hurts this season. If that goes poorly and Watson isn’t playing for the Mean Machine against the guards anything is possible. But even Howie knows better than to mortgage the farm for a guy who may not be…available.

  10. So how is Rusty Hardin helping Deshaun Watson’s legal liability. Hardin also put Roger Clemens in a lot of risk. However with Clemens he was ending a long career and had much deeper pockets than Watson.

  11. I’ve been saying it since all of this started – the Texans do NOT want to trade Watson, period. Despite his legal issues which won’t even be addressed until February after the season is over, they JUST signed him to an extension and they want him to be their QB of the future. You don’t give up on a 25 year old franchise QB, especially when your team has NEVER had one in their history (Carr, Schaub, Osweiler, Hoyer?). They don’t like what’s going on, but why do you think they put such a huge price tag on him? 3 firsts, 2 seconds, and a starter? No team is giving that up, and they know it. In addition, there have been criminal complaints but not one single charge or arrest? The NFL isn’t going to do anything until after he’s deposed which is after the season’s over – they’re not going to add him to the exempt list unless there are criminal charges, and everything so far have been civil complaints – no sexual assaults. He may be a perv and have a masseuse fetish, but as long as he’s not assaulting or committing actual crimes, he’ll be a Texans QB for this season.

  12. Imagine if the Texans hadn’t foolishly dug-in before the draft and refused to even discuss dealing Watson. They could have had their 3 firsts and a second, plus a little extra. Watson’s value was at its maximum at that point. Anyone with any sense knew the Texans’ front office would find a way to get much less than that for Watson. They always find a way to get less. In this case Watson’s disgusting behavior coming to light imploded his value. The Texans will never get anything near what they could have had before the draft.

  13. His body of work is not great from a wins and losses perspective. Any interested teams are going to have to massage this situation with their fans tenderly. In order for Houston to get a trade in lotion, I mean motion they are gonna have to be gentle, yet firm with what they want to get out of the session.

  14. He’s untradeable until his legal situation becomes clearer. Texans want to assume everything will blow over while the Eagles/whoever are worried he might end up suspended or in jail. No way to come to terms in that situation.

  15. As a father of 2 girls, I wouldn’t cheer for this guy on my team. I’m also not naïve enough to think that matters to NFL brass. If you can trade for him while his price is low, and obviously make the trade package hinge on snap counts related to non-injury issues (protecting against suspension and jail time), then the Eagles or many other teams would pull the trigger.

  16. If Watson was a stock, he hit his record high in January. The Texans missed the top of the market, and now they are waiting for it to rebound. He will never command the January price again, but the Texans’ decision maker is extremely delusional about this.

    Try this thought experiment. Tomorrow, the lawyers announce that all 22 cases have been settled and the criminal counts have been dismissed. In this best case scenario, what is his trade value? Keep in mind that he will still be looking at a significant suspension, and even after that he will permanently remain a PR nightmare in the Me Too era. I wouldn’t be surprised if Watson never plays again.

  17. I’m sorry but is Watson’s presence at Texans camp not the most awkward situation of all time. He should be on administrative leave! He’s like kind of just hanging out there. Not really practicing but sort of participating. EESH!

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