Jason Garrett wants to be called “coach,” too (unless he’s kidding)

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Deion Sanders isn’t the only football coach who wants to be called “coach” by people he doesn’t coach.

Via Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News, Giants offensive coordinator Jason Garrett corrected reporters who said to him, “Good to see you, Jason.”

Good to see you, Coach,” Garrett said, “That’s how we do it around here.”

As told by Leonard, there’s no indication of joking or whatever. SNY has the video. Whether or not Garrett was kidding around arguably is in the eye of the beholder (or ear of the um behearer).

Jackson State coach Deion Sanders recently bristled at being called “Deion” and not “coach.” Again, it’s not clear whether Garrett was just joking. If he was, it wasn’t clear.

If he wasn’t, that’s not the kind of attitude that justifies repetitive clapping.

13 responses to “Jason Garrett wants to be called “coach,” too (unless he’s kidding)

  1. This is like… a weird thing for anyone to be talking about. Thank God football starts again tonight.

  2. I’m guessing (hoping?) he was kidding. Only a narcisstic toolbag like Deion would be serious about such a thing.

  3. I like the fact that he views his position as one deserving respect and that he views their interaction as a professional one rather (coach-reporter) than personal (Jason-whoever). I’d want this conduct from a coach on my non-existent staff.

    Guess people gonna get blamed if they too chummy AND if they not chummy enough (to reporters). Tough world to be doing relevant things in public right now.

  4. Not sure why its a big deal for the media. You don’t typically call doctors by their first names. Coaching is a similar profession, where you usually refer to them as “Coach _____”.

    If a specific coach is casual enough with the media where they can get away with calling the coach on a first name basis, so be it. But its definitely not the norm and definitely not worthy of making a big deal about.

  5. Anthony Vogt says:
    August 5, 2021 at 2:21 pm
    Good morning assistant coach.
    Problem solved.

    Thank you. Now can people stop saying Belichick got two rings as a coach without Brady? He was an ASSISTANT.

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