Matt Barkley signs with Titans

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
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The Titans are adding a veteran backup behind Ryan Tannehill.

Matt Barkley, who spent the last three years with the Bills, announced on Twitter that he has signed with the Titans.

Barkley, who will turn 31 next month, has had a somewhat disappointing NFL career after starring at USC. In stops with the Eagles, Cardinals, Bears, 49ers, Cardinals again, Bengals and Bills, Barkley has started just seven games and thrown 11 touchdowns and 22 interceptions.

But in Tennessee Barkley will have a good chance of earning the No. 2 quarterback job, with Logan Woodside and DeShone Kizer the only other quarterbacks after Tannehill on the depth chart.

6 responses to “Matt Barkley signs with Titans

  1. How in the world are Deshone Kizer and Nathan Peterman still in the league even as camp arms? They were head to head in the “most interceptions in a single game/season in the history of the NFL category” (not an exaggeration) yet they still get signed. There has got to be some small school QB somewhere that deserves that spot more.

  2. It is amazing how long some of these quarterbacks who are just below good enough to start are able to hang around and make good money. I think more teams should gamble on the unproven rookie as a back up instead of keeping the vet who has proven they are not good enough in the long run.

  3. I know Kizer’s no good, but can you imagine being cut so they can sign Matt Barkley. That’s a good sign dude needs to just retire.

  4. I like Matt Barkley,and think he was a wise choice for a back-up or as a starter.
    He was never given a fair shot at proving himself in the leauge.
    When he was on the field with the first string line and backs he produced positive yards and showed
    poise in the pocket.
    Give him a chance.

  5. Barkley did everything the Bills asked of him and played well. This was a smart move by the Titans.

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