Peyton Manning says his MNF simulcast will be like watching game at bar with Peyton and Eli


Peyton Manning finally will make his long-awaited debut as a broadcaster, with a different type of broadcast.

Peyton and Eli will handle an ESPN2 simulcast of Monday Night Football. Appearing in the booth during Thursday night’s Hall of Fame game on Fox, Peyton discussed the project with Joe Buck and Troy Aikman.

“It is kind of like you are watching the game at a bar and me and Eli show up and watch the game with you,” Manning said, via quotes distributed by ESPN. “[That] is kind of the theme. We are not going to be in a booth. With my forehead and my neck, I couldn’t fit in a booth. I can fit on my couch at home and Eli can be on his couch. But we are going to watch football. It was just too good of an opportunity — to watch football with your brother, to tell stories, to talk a little football, I am looking forward to it. It is going to be a lot of fun.”

A lot of people are looking forward to it, with the exception perhaps of the folks who handle the main ESPN Monday Night Football broadcast. For the 10 times per year that the Peyton and Eli show is televised, many will at least sample the alternative broadcast. Many will probably like it. Many will stay put. Many will make it their sole Monday night destination.

Peyton also said that they’ll have guests on the broadcast. He informed Aikman that the fellow Hall of Famer will be one of them.

“Troy, you are already signed up for the third quarter of Week Three,” Peyton said. “You don’t know it yet. I talked to your agent. We are going to have all kind of guests that love football, like to talk ball, like to have fun. I am looking forward to it.”

I’m looking forward to it as well. As are many others.

6 responses to “Peyton Manning says his MNF simulcast will be like watching game at bar with Peyton and Eli

  1. This is great. I usually have turned the sound of by mid way through the fourth quarter.

  2. With two major channels on standard cable it makes sense to try to shake things up. ESPN’s Monday night product has been horrendous to say the least. They’ve had some really limp hosts over the years and having the Manning’s on sounds like a heck of a good time.

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