Report: Packers have agreed to trade Aaron Rodgers if he still wants out in 2022

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The Packers and quarterback Aaron Rodgers have an agreement. But it’s not in writing. Which means it’s not worth the paper it’s not written on.

Jay Glazer of Fox Sports reports that the Packers have verbally agreed to trade Rodgers if he still wants out after the 2021 season.

That said, it’s not in writing; it’s a handshake deal. Both Paul Allen of KFAN and Chris Simms of NBC have said that Rodgers believed the Packers had agreed to trade Rodgers during the most recent offseason, and that the team reneged.

If accurate, why trust them again?

Throw in the fact that Rodgers’s reworked contract still allows them to pursue $11.5 million in unearned signing bonus money, and the Packers can dig in again, like they did this year.

38 responses to “Report: Packers have agreed to trade Aaron Rodgers if he still wants out in 2022

  1. They will be trading him because that is about the only way they can get under the cap for next season. This year is Super Bowl and/or bust. If they win it will be great if not they will have to trade him and get less for it then had they blown the thing up this year.

  2. You rarely see in-season trades. But imagine the absolute chaos a slow start by GB would have and the potential for him to be traded mid-season. Please let that happen.

  3. Gotta believe he is going to want out no matter the outcome of the season. If he would want to return he knows he still wouldnt get the long term security he wants in a new contract and keeping him would mean that Adams would be gone. Likely outcome is Rodgers is traded after the season, Love starts and Adams is franchise tagged when they cant reach agreement on a long term deal to keep a weapon for Loves 1st season.

  4. Bring him to the Washington with our defense and playmakers on offense super bowl will be ours

  5. No team should give up more than a third round pick + a 1st round pick in the 15-32 range for Rodgers. He’s too old to be worth more than that.

  6. the Packers already break that promise once? Other players in the NFL have already taken note of the packer’s character

  7. the Packers already broke that promise once. Other players in the NFL have already taken note of the packer’s character

  8. Suuure they have. Didn’t this whole thing start by The Packers not honoring an earlier promise to trade Rodgers?

  9. Don’t blame the Packers for not trading Rodgers. What isn’t said, who was interested and for how much. If it wasn’t what the Packers were looking for .. why trade him? For all we know, Rodgers will play lights out, decide it isn’t so bad and retire a Packer. All speculation until then.

  10. Let it go already….. save the drama for NEXT YEAR…. We are ALL tired of this soap opera!!!

  11. Packers miss the playoffs, Rodgers trade gets Pack a lot less than they think it will, and Green Bay back to the dark ages for 30 years. One thing Aaron was right about, the Packers don’t do things the right way. How delightful and well earned by the team and their fanbase.

  12. If he wanted out, he probably shouldn’t have made it public on draft day. This is how you do it if you really want out. You give the team some time to wait for the right offer, you don’t declare you want out, after free agency, when most teams have their budgets set. 1/4th to 1/3rd of teams fire their coaches every year, things change quickly in the NFL.

  13. Since he failed to get the Jeopardy hosting spot, he’s doomed to stay in Green Bay for the rest of his NFL career.

  14. This is Big Ben’s last year in Pittsburgh.
    I don’t know what kind of assets the Steelers have to trade, but it makes all kinds of sense for Rodgers to go to a team that has an established culture of winning. It would be a perfect fit.

  15. Rodgers cap hit for 2022 is $ 46.1 million. It is going to be very tough to get that under the cap and have room for other free agents, including their own. That being said trying to trade him and get anything of value will be next to impossible if other teams know you have to get rid of him. A real nightmare for GB is if AR gets hurt this year and Love has to play but shows he is not ready/can’t. Yikes!!!

  16. If the Packers win the SuperBowl, and they have the team for it, Rodgers will stay. He’ll want to do it two times in a row then retire.

  17. Green Bay actually did a good job with this. They have AR for this year’s SB run, then they can trade him and saddle some other team with a mountain of debt as they enjoy the draft picks they acquire in the trade.

  18. The Packers are more than $45 million OVER the cap for 2022. Rodgers hit if he’s on the roster next year is $42 million. If they trade him the hit is $17 million.
    There is no way he can be on the roster next year. The contract this year is a type of poison pill agreement, the pill is purposely designed to be too big to swallow. As it is a number of veterans will have to go even if he’s traded. Plus Adams wants to be the highest paid receiver in the league. Good luck with that.

    Folks continue to look at this year like it’s next year in Green Bay. It isn’t and it won’t be. All in this year, rebuilding next year.

  19. The Packer front office will rush to sign Rodgers to a long term contract once they see Jordan Love play in preseason.

  20. The packers don’t do things the right way? Or is it that they refuse to placate their qb’s ego and allow him to run the show? The guy wants say in personal decisions and coach hirings? Not to mention he wants to siphon off as much money as he can from the salary cap. He is a constant pain in the rear I can see why management likes to keep him at arms length. He’s never happy. That is probably why he has so many relationship issues with so many people in his life in that he is just a hard person to deal with.

  21. The Packers had the fifth youngest roster in the NFL last year. Rodgers is only leaving if they don’t win the SuperBowl. If they do, he’ll stick around to do it again before retiring. The Packers will not be in a “rebuilding” mode next year if Love ends up under center. They’ll be in median cap territory like most teams, and they’ll have a young quarterback getting his first sustained opportunity…..just like Favre…..just like Rodgers. Plus, Love will benefit from playing with a young and post-season experienced team, including an enviable three-year win-loss record. They’re going to be fine, no matter what. Win-win. Again.

  22. They gave him a year back on his contract, and he agreed to come in and play. A flat out agreement to trade him after next year makes him worth next to nothing, so the deal cannot be written in stone.

  23. If they don’t trade him after next season, I would fully expect him to sign with the Vikings sometime in March of 2023 when he is a free agent.

  24. timpiker says:
    August 6, 2021 at 9:53 am
    V E R B A L C O N T R A C T
    These contracts while not legal are just as good because it basically says, if you screw me I screw you when I get on the field or dont show up for work. No this is a good deal for both and both will honor this unless Rod changes his mind

  25. Rodgers is willing the trade 1 more year of his career to get his escape from a place he despises

  26. cheeseisfattening says:
    August 6, 2021 at 5:03 pm
    Rodgers is willing the trade 1 more year of his career to get his escape from a place he despises

    Sounds like you. We know how much you love living and working among Packer fans. Perfect place for you, I think.

  27. The packers did not agree to trade him in the 2021 offseason. This is just someone making up rumors because he has an ax to grind. Anyone who watched the press conference could tell you why he was upset.

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