Tua Tagovailoa “very comfortable” with Dolphins’ offense

Miami Dolphins Training Camp
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Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa has, by all accounts, had a strong training camp. And he credits a strong offseason for that.

Although many questions were raised about the Dolphins’ offense early this offseason, when Chan Gailey exited as offensive coordinator and was replaced by co-coordinators Eric Studesville and George Godsey, Tagovailoa says the offseason was a good one.

Tagovailoa pronounced himself “very comfortable” with the offense and added that “being able to get with the guys throughout the offseason has helped me tremendously,” according to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald.

Still, Tagovailoa isn’t celebrating his strong training camp performance.

“I’m not looking at the things I do right, but most of the things I don’t do right. It will keep coming back to that,” he said.

The Dolphins are all-in on Tagovailoa as their franchise quarterback for both the present and the future. They have to be pleased with what they’re seeing right now.

17 responses to “Tua Tagovailoa “very comfortable” with Dolphins’ offense

  1. So you’re saying there’s a chance that we might actually have a qb this millennia??

  2. Yeah ok – hope so for his sake. But go read the Palm Beach Post from August last year. All these words from just one gushingly positive report on 25th Aug 2020:

    Tua “looks like a completely different quarterback in his second week of padded practice. …more arm strength, accuracy and swagger, fitting passes into tight windows. …rose to the occasion and went throw-for-throw with veteran Fitzpatrick.”

    Tua “threw a well-timed and placed 20-yard out to Chester Rogers. Then the rookie threw an absolute dart over the middle to Ricardo Louis for about 15 yards.”

    Tua “carrying himself differently than he did in his first week of. …firing on all cylinders.”

    Tua “rolled out and found running back Gaskin for a score. …mobility of no concern.”

  3. Training camp is the worst. It’s awesome being in an environment where EVERYONE wants you to succeed. Things seem to go quite differently when you’re lined up against 11 really mean guys who’s job it is to make you fail.

  4. Lots of pressure on Tua. With the early success that Herbert has had, it looks like Miami blew this pick.

  5. Dolphins roster is pretty loaded top to bottom.

    Tua looks like a stud. You can tell his body is healed and he’s ready to roll.

    One of the reporters last week said he wasn’t just throwing dimes, he was throwing dots, aka pin point precision.

    He hadn’t thrown an INT in practice for a week until yesterday and even that was a 50/50 ball in the end zone.

    The haters want to pray Tua is the QB from Week 17 against Buffalo last year and not the guy strutting around the Dolphins practice facility lately.

    Tua won’t have a league leading 21 dropped ints in a season like Josh Allen.

  6. Yeah, well, I’m not saying that I heavily discount all preseason hype about all quarterbacks who were total flops as rookies, but let’s put it this way–I’m not giving up my dynasty shares of Jacoby Brissett anytime soon.

  7. Total flop as a rookie?? Seriously? How many games did he win compared to Herbert and Burrow. On top of that think about how much pressure was on this guy considering his team actually had a chance at the post season when he was inserted. I’ll take check down charlie and a low int % compared to big stats and losses. I dunno maybe I’m just old school but wins actually matter in this sport. Ask Matt Stafford.

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