Brian Flores: We don’t want to trade Xavien Howard

Miami Dolphins Training Camp
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Xavien Howard is unhappy with his contract and has made it known that he wants out of Miami.

The cornerback still reported to training camp, though. He’s dealing with an ankle injury that head coach Brian Flores has described as “day-to-day.” And on Friday, Flores complimented Howard for how he’s supported his teammates even though he’s not currently practicing.

But Howard’s contract situation — he feels he’s outperformed the team-friendly, five-year extension he signed two years ago — is still unresolved. So Flores was asked in his Friday press conference if he could see any scenario where the Dolphins give in and trade Howard.

We don’t want to trade X. You can write that down,” Flores said. “He’s a very good player. He’s a big part of the team. We don’t want to trade him.”

Flores didn’t confirm the report that two playoff teams called the Dolphins to inquire about Howard, saying he would keep any discussions with other teams in-house. But Flores did note that he talks with Howard “every day.”

“I think every conversation is productive,” Flores said. “We’ve gotten into specifics of Xs and Os, contract, things of that nature and I think they’ve been productive. Like I said last week, I think we’re moving in the right direction. And we’ll just continue to keep talking to him and his representation. And, again, I think we want these things to happen quickly — we want them to happen right now. But some things take time and we’ll work through it and hopefully come to the best resolution for all sides.”

While it doesn’t appear that any resolution is imminent, things between the Dolphins and Howard also don’t seem to be at a standstill.

“Last week I stood up here and I’ll say it again — talks are progressing,” Flores said. “I’m not going to get into the details of those conversations, but talks are progressing. You take [from] that what you want. And, again, these things, they take time. But as long as the lines of communication are open, as long as everyone’s willing to compromise, then we can get something done.”

There’s still over a month before the regular season begins for Miami to find a solution with Howard. But until the two parties figure something out, the situation will continue to hang like a cloud over their heads.

10 responses to “Brian Flores: We don’t want to trade Xavien Howard

  1. Brian Flores may be the only ex-New England Patriots assistant coach to actually have success as a head coach for another NFL team. There seems to be a lot of broken branches on the Bill Belichick coaching tree.

  2. Lifelong Dolphins fan here. I would say we made the mistake 2 years ago when “Oakland” had 3 First Round picks, and offered Miami one of them for Xavien Howard. I thought at the time we should’ve found a way to keep Minkah & send Howard to Oakland. Looks like the team wish they took that offer two years ago, because he’s not budging & the Dolphins are playing the PR game right now. Notice he said “we don’t want to trade him”… For the right price this time they definitely will.

  3. So 2 years ago he signed a 4 year $76 mil deal and now is unhappy with it and wants to change it? Go look in the mirror, pal.

  4. The Dolphins owe X an apology and a new contract.
    The GM paid a fortune to Bryon Jones who isn’t even close to X talent wise.
    They drafted a CB in the first round in 2020 who cannot start.
    Keep X fire the GM!

  5. Flores needs to keep Howard this year and maybe even next year. Letting Howard get away now would hurt this team in a big way. The only way he can justify letting him go is if he gets the deal of the century.

  6. It would take a 1st and 2nd round pick just to start the discussions, he’s that critical, good for him for knowing his value.

    The second he’s not worth his contract he gets released and the self righteous droid disappears. You know the ones who think players have to honor their contract regardless of the circumstances. While the team can cut you and “it’s just business.

    Get that guaranteed coin X. Your worth it.

  7. This guy will be a malcontent all years. Giving your corners 35 mil combined during a season has to be one of the dumbest salary allocation moves in cap history.

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