Hall of Fame Game draws 7.3 million viewers

Dallas Cowboys v Pittsburgh Steelers
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The return of the NFL preseason drew a big audience on Thursday night.

The Hall of Fame Game, the NFL’s first preseason game of 2021 after the entire preseason was canceled in 2020, drew 7.326 million viewers, FOX announced.

That’s an outstanding number for a preseason game. It’s a 37 percent increase over the last Hall of Fame Game, in 2019, which drew 5.343 million viewers, and it marks the most-watched preseason game in the NFL in four years.

The two teams participating in last night’s game, the Cowboys and Steelers, have two of the league’s largest fan bases, which surely helped. This year’s extra-large Hall of Fame enshrinement class, which features popular players like Peyton Manning and Charles Woodson, also probably helped draw attention to this year’s Hall of Fame festivities.

The big number is a good sign for the NFL, which is continuing to generate big audiences at a time when network television viewership has declined significantly.

17 responses to “Hall of Fame Game draws 7.3 million viewers

  1. That’s amazing considering how many people swore off of watching football over the past couple of years.

  2. And despite all the offseason drama, they saw three backup QBs outplay their peers on the Cowboys. All the breathless nonsense around the Steelers failing to use a high draft pick on a rookie QB. The three that suited up last night, Rudolph, Haskins and Dobbs looked alright.

  3. That’s about 6.8 million more than Fox News. The difference is it took less than 2% of my brain power to come up with the more accurate numbers.

  4. How much do I care about the NFl these days? I had no idea the game was being played.

  5. Yeah well we’ll see once the season gets going. Be interesting to see what they blame this year. Should have never gotten into politics.

  6. “crush22 says:
    August 6, 2021 at 6:05 pm
    That’s about 7 mil more than CNN.”

    And what game was being broadcast on CNN?

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