James Washington wants Steelers to trade him

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns
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One Steelers wide receiver would like to be playing for someone else when the 2021 season gets underway.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that James Washington has asked the team to trade him. Washington was a 2018 second-round pick in Pittsburgh.

A desire for more playing time than he saw last season and has been seeing in camp sparked the request for a move. Washington made seven starts last season and saw action on 44 percent of the offensive snaps while appearing in every game for the AFC North club. In 2019, Washington started 10 times and played 64 percent of the time in 2020.

With JuJu Smith-Schuster back along with Chase Claypool and Diontae Johnson, it seems Washington doesn’t think his lot will be improving in Pittsburgh.

He has 90 catches for 1,344 yards and nine touchdowns in three seasons. We’ll see if that’s enough production for a team to offer up a package that convinces the Steelers to part ways with the wideout.

16 responses to “James Washington wants Steelers to trade him

  1. He knows Ben’s arm is shot and he can’t deliver the ball further than 10 yards downfield

  2. Not many teams are better at finding/developing WRs than the Steelers. And while NE has owned them recently, the Steelers could certainly teach BB a thing or two about building a good WR corps.

  3. I think Washington is a good receiver. He probably is #4 in this group. Next year JuJu will be gone and he we ould have an opportunity to shine. But his prime years are being wasted. I don’t blame him. Good luck to him!

  4. They wouldn’t even get a 7th rounder for him. These scrubs like him and N’Keal Harry need to stop asking for trades and just put in the work.

  5. The grass isn’t always greener somewhere else. He’d be smart to think about that before asking for a trade. Maybe he could work harder to warrant more playing time and opportunities instead of whining about being traded.

  6. He would be a #2 or #3 on most teams. I don’t think there is a big market for him.

  7. I like his chances in New Orleans better than his chances in Detroit, there’s alot more “maybes” in Detroit than New Orleans right now. With Michael Thomas hurt, I really couldn’t name many other Saints WR’s than Tre’Quan Smith & Chris Hogan.

  8. He is valuable to the Steelers depth as a #4 receiver. WR depth in general is a strength for the team. I doubt they can get much more than a 6th rounder for him. The better value is to keep him this year. He can go somewhere else in free agency for 2022.

  9. Tough spot for Washington to be in. The top three are quality receivers (juju, dionte and Chase). I am a big Washington fan. I have seen him muscle for yards. Steeler ball.

    I watched the HOF game and there was another young guy, Anthony Johnson, thst looked like a great playmaker. An undrafted free agent.

    The Steelers are a wide receiver development machine.

    I hope he can be traded to a place where he gets his playing time. And the Steelers pick up a decent draft pick in exchange.

  10. Another disrespected athlete. Apparently COVID is not the only pandemic among the NFL these days.

  11. Media seeker Juju will be gone next yr so he could move up to 3 on the depth chart. Also all WRs never make it healthy thru a season, especially 17 gms, so we will get a chance. Steelers w/b stupid to dump him for a useless 4th or 5th round pick.

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